Darryn Lyons' Abdominal Etching: How About Those "Abs"?

K. Mathews on 26 Aug 2011 at 9:00am

Check out the abs on notorious paparazzo Darryn Lyons. If you’re not accustomed to seeing such defined abdominal muscles on that thick of a build, you’re not alone. The UK is abuzz about Lyons’ unlikely six-pack after he revealed his new plastic surgery-enhanced look on Celebrity Big Brother this week.

Lyons, also known around London as “Mr. Paparazzi”, is famous for getting exclusive photos of celebrities like Princess Diana, as well as capturing visual evidence of David Beckham’s alleged affair. Recently, however, the public gaze is on Lyons himself, specifically on his atypical washboard stomach. Lyons, who is no stranger to exposing other celebrities’ secrets, isn’t coy about his own secrets either, admitting on television to having abdominal etching.

As Dr. S. Sean Younai of Beverly Hills explains, ab etching “carves area of fat under the skin to create what appears to be muscle definition.” Most RealSelf doctors are hesitant to recommend it, as the results can look funny. Adds Dr. Barry Eppley of Carmel, “It is best done on someone who is relatively lean with only a minimal to moderate amount of abdominal fat. It is not a technique for the patient who has large abdomen or is significantly overweight.”

As Lyons is discovering, putting abs on a beer belly attracts some attention. The Daily Mail says it looks like “abs stenciled on a barrel”, and quotes fans as calling his chiseled stomach “bizarre” and reminiscent of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Meanwhile, Lyons, who calls the procedure “the male version of a boob job”, is so confident that this look will catch on that he’s invested in Body Contour, the company that provided him with this muscular appearance. It’ll be interesting to see whether other heftier men will go under the knife to bring out their "inner" Abercrombie model, too.

Considering that Lyons says he is “over the moon” with his procedure, it must make him happy, which is great. But much like the pink mohawk on his head, it probably won’t be for everyone. 

ab etching before and after

Photo credit: screen cap from Channel 5; Dr. Daniel Markmann

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All he needs is some green paint and he would look exactly like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. At least the doctors seemed to get the angles right.  Crooked abs would not be a good look on a stocky build.  

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I'm not sure how I would react if I saw that in person... The picture definitely doesn't do the look any favors. 

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It's just silly looking haha! I mean, the guy is still fat, but with awkward abs CARVED into it. I'd be embarrassed if that actually fooled anyone.
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