Sex After Plastic Surgery

Amy Spagnola on 9 May 2011 at 9:00am

How long do you have to wait to have sex after surgery?

It’s a taboo topic. There’s lots of anxiety about the surgery, especially the procedure and healing…but what about after the stitches, tucks and pulls? When can you jump back on the sex saddle?  Since it may be uncomfortable to ask your doctor in person, this is a popular question on RealSelf.

Most physicians point out that sex is a vigorous activity, so you should wait anywhere from 3-8 weeks just as you would with any other exercise.

Breast augmentation can be especially enticing for post-op petting, but it requires one of the longer wait times: Up to six weeks for direct sexual breast contact after augmentation.

 “The main problem would be potential bleeding which would require further surgery, but fortunately this happens infrequently," warns Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Dr. Edward Domanskis.

The wait is worth it

Sex can be better after plastic surgery

A study from the Aesthetic Surgery Journal called “Better Sex from the Knife? An Intimate Look at the Effects of Cosmetic Surgery on Sexual Practices,” found that cosmetic procedures improved sex life and the ability to achieve orgasm. In the study, 70 women completed a survey and more than 95% reported improvements in body image regardless of the type of cosmetic surgery they had undergone. What’s more, after surgery, 81% of the 26 breast surgery respondents and 68% of the 25 body surgery patients said they experienced improvements in sexual satisfaction.

A few reminders before revving the engines for a lover’s tryst:

  • Gentle is best. 
  • If it hurts, stop. Don’t try and push yourself. Ask your surgeon about anything that feels unusual or uncomfortable.
  • The tongue and other body parts should stay far away from open wounds. Bacteria can lead to serious infections.
  • With re-operative surgery wait twice as long before being intimate.

And if you're really hoping surgery results amp up your sex life -- ask your plastic surgeon about the G-Shot to enhance the action. 

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Kimmers, I LOLed at that. I can only imagine! We all have urges, but I can't imagine feeling all that sexy within 2-3 weeks after having that kind of surgery!

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Let's just put it this are about as sexy as a dirty stinky dish is not pretty.  Whew thank god I am done with that phase. 
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Good blog Amy. 

Ladies here is the totally pretty picture after a tummy tuck.  You will be swollen, sore, oozing, have very attractive drains in place, hunched over, sore back, and a suture line that is not so pretty to start.  I can promise you from personal experience that sex will be the last thing on your mind the first month post op. 

So relax, listen to your doctors orders and rest.  There will be plenty of time for "Fun" activities later on.

Just focus on taking care of yourself and healing.

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Thanks for the article. But actually ten days post op I was pretty sexy..drain and an fyi when you have a stomach full of lose skin you learn the art of camoflouge real quick..slide that bag somewhere and a back view actually looks pretty good to a sex deprived
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Good information. Everyone should ask their plastic surgeon, but generally 2 weeks is minimum.
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Nice blog amy!

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