5 Crazy Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Dogs

Amy Spagnola on 13 Feb 2014 at 1:00pm

Timed to the recent Westminster Dog Show, we wanted to take a look at some crazy cosmetic procedures for your pooch!

Pursuing personal perfection often leads people to the office of a plastic surgeon, but now people are visiting the doctor with leashes and cages in tow. The reason? They want to give their pets a more natural and comely appearance. Pets are considered part of the family, as important as children, and pet parents want their kiddos to look good.

5 Craziest Cosmetic Surgeries for Dogs:

1. Testicular Implants:

Real or Fake? Many women receive comments about their lovely lady lumps but could you believe that more and more people are asking dog owners who this same question. Testicular implants  (or neuticles) for male dogs are considered a way to neutralize any negative neutering effects. Dog owners insist that it affects their pups psychologically and it also gives Fido the appearance of never having been fixed.
Dog plastic surgery testicle implants

2. Canine Rhinoplasty:

Pugs, bulldogs and terriers are often ideal candidates for rhinoplasty as many breeds suffer breathing problems.

3. Canine Breast Reduction:

A floppy bosom after pregnancy or saggy skin can create a doggone difficult situation. Surgeries can be performed to restore the undercarriage of a barking beauty or even reduce breast size as a result of weight gain and loss.

4. Doggy Facelift:

Crinkly faces and those where eyes are covered by droopy skin can be given a “new leash on life” with a wrinkle reducing facelift.
Dog facelift pet plastic surgery

5. Eye Replacement:

Injury and disease can damage eyes and create empty sockets. If owners want to avoid eye patches and the look of a Jack Sparrow, they can opt to give pooches a terminator eye replacement.
Sometimes these procedures improve the dog's health. But there are those who simply want an aesthetically pleasing pooch. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Toby Mayer shared once that "Beverly Hills is home to many very wealthy residents. A request I’ve had from such individuals is to remove things on their pets! This could be anything from removing a fatty tumor on their dog, or even a scar."
Would you ever consider aesthetic surgery for your pet or know someone who has? Would you judge those that do? 
Photo credit: Stefanomas on MorgueFile.com, Glass and Mirror on flickr.com, plasticsurgerycelebrity.blogspot.com.

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Dogs are getting liposuction for weight loss. Doggyplasty and Kittyplasty are carried out in several major US cities. It's been reported that after liposuction, the animals have become uncontrollably aggressive or have bitten open stitches or scars, sometimes leading to their death. PETA opposed the trend, and liposuction for dogs, viewed as a form of animal torture and mutilation, was banned in West Hollywood. So, if liposuction is seen as torture and mutilation not good enough for dogs, why is it okay for people?
I found the code against animal torture in West Hollywood: 597 PC, but I haven't found the specific legislation that references liposuction on pets. I really can't imagine who would think that doing liposuction on a pet would be a good idea. Wouldn't feeding them a healthy diet and letting them get sufficient exercise be the way to go?
My father, who introduced liposuction to the USA in 1982, taught veterinarians how to do liposuction on dogs to help remove lipomas, which are fat tumors.
Removing a lipoma is not really the liposuction Patient Awareness is talking about. I don't see it at all similar to liposuction remove stores of fat.