Can Egg Whites Tighten Your Skin? and More Eggy Doctor Q&As — Happy Easter!

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Meet Our RealFriend of the Week: Blonde in the bluffton and Her Amazing Mommy Makeover

Introducing RealSelf’s first ever #RFoW: Blonde in bluffton! She was hand-picked from our huge active community as a superstar member, supportive friend, and contributor. She’s posted over a whopping 3,700 times, but what stood out to us is her honesty and vulnerability. We were especially touched by this post, which is a conversation she had with her daughter about her then impending procedure... READ MORE

​Human Ken Justin Jedlica Spent How Much on Plastic Surgery?, Unretouched Lady Gaga Photos, and More Hollywood Beauty Links

We’ve rounded up need-to-know health and beauty links from around Hollywood, so you can stay on top of all those “hard-hitting” celebrity stories. Consider this the donut-with-extra-sprinkles-on-top to go with your morning coffee. Happy dunking!

If you wanted to get to know Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica a little bit better, US Weekly’s got five facts about him that you probably didn’t know (and maybe didn’t want to know). For starters, he’s spent over... READ MORE

No, Kate Upton Does NOT Hate Her Boobs

It’s been all over the media: “Kate Upton Hates Her Big Beautiful Breasts” (TMZ). Could it be true that the breasts that made Kate a multi-millionaire and an international sex symbol were also the thing she despised most? READ MORE

You Got Your Tax Refund, Now Treat Yourself to Some Cosmetic Procedures

Now that your 2013 taxes are filed and behind you, were you fortunate enough to get a refund? If it just so happens that the government will be returning some of your hard-earned cash, what will you be using it for? Electronic gadgets, appliances, a new wardrobe... or plastic surgery?

We polled our community and found that... READ MORE

Beyond Brotox: Are More Men Getting Cosmetic Surgery?

Here’s a dose of #realtalk: More years do not necessarily get you more respect in the office. At least that’s what The New Republic is positing in its article exploring male cosmetic surgery and ageism in hyper-competitive workplace environments... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Client Database Hacked, Reality TV Stars Speak Out

British celebrities Amy Childs and Lauren Pope, who star in scripted reality show The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE), have spoken out about the recent security breach to the UK’s Harley Medical Group’s client database. Though they did not get their own work done at The Harley Medical Group, the actresses have deep sympathy for those whose data was stolen... READ MORE

Tax Returns Are Due Today, But Can I Write Off My Plastic Surgery?

Are you down to the wire and wondering if there’s anything additional you can write-off to maximize your tax refund? Well, don’t discount any plastic surgeries you might have had this year just yet. You may be able to deduct them if they fall under certain stipulations. READ MORE

RealNews Roundup: The ”Human Barbie” Without Makeup, Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, Triple Nipple

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MTV Movie Awards 2014: Best Celebrity Beauty Selfies From Behind the Scenes (PHOTOS)

We culled Instagram and Twitter to find the most inspiring celebrity beauty looks from the 2014 MTV Movie Awards on April 13, 2014.We're still trying to get over the fact that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire won for Movie of the Year, but we'll save that gripe for another time! Without further ado, here are our favorite celebrity selfies... READ MORE