African American Rhinoplasty

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Every nose job is different. Learn the specific characteristics of an African American rhinoplasty.
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I am so depress right now. I feel all alone. I wish I could go back in time and never had this procedure done. I am 31 years old, and I always wanted my nose done since the age of 17 years old. The surgery it self went smoothly, I'm not in any pain, and the staff was really nice. I was told by... READ MORE

Ever since i was 16 years old i always had a problem with my nose i didn't like the big bubble in front of it, it wasn't like i was trying to change myself i just wanted to boost up my confident. When i found Dr.Hughes and went for my consultation it was as if he knew what i wanted to achieve i... READ MORE

I had my rhinoplasty performed by dr lefkoff in Atlanta. He came highly recommended by one of my celebrity clients that wishes to remain 100% anonymous. He had no pictures of his work on black women do I went to him just based on her review and results. I'm faithful he delivered- we will see!... READ MORE

This is my second nose job. The first one was a calamitous experience. Went back years later to try it again. My nose looked more like a snout. The tip had no projection. The bridge was too wide, I had wide, flaring nostrils, and a lot of alar fat. At first I liked this revision, because the... READ MORE

I've had rhinoplasty back in 2001 but due to the lack of experience with african noses, my surgeon recommended a one size fits all silicone implant which I rejected, and ended up with just my bridge being reshaped and the tip was left undone. I figured maybe that could work and was somewhat... READ MORE

I used to have a huge nose with a bull-like flare. I was always teased about it, which affected my self esteem. I finally got an isolated nostril reduction and it looks amazing. That simple change has reverted the size of my entire nose back to my adolescent years. I love it! Next, I want to get... READ MORE

Went in for consultation with Dr. Davison, brought my sister along. Staff very nice and welcoming. The wait between check in and seeing him wasn't too long. When he came in, I got nervous, but he talked thru what I didn't like about my nose and answered my question whether I needed grafts... READ MORE

Hi Everyone! So I've been wanting rhinoplasty for as long as I could remember. After doing plenty of research, I've decided to get my procedure done in Tijuana, Mexico in exactly a month. The doctor I've chosen is Dr. Manuel Gutierrez. Is anyone planning on getting their rhinoplasty in Mexico or... READ MORE

You know that moment when it hits you that you actually have the power to change something you don't like? I'm 33 years old, and I've never liked my nose, but it didn't occur to me that I could get it fixed with rhinoplasty until last year. I've never met anyone who has had plastic surgery, so... READ MORE

Ok, so... There are obviously few reviews with Aftican Americans and Rhinoplasty. I have been researching for years on which doctor I would like to go to. I don't think rushing into this is a good idea. This is the focal point of your face we are talking about!!! Had an appointment with Dr. Paul... READ MORE

I'm looking for a doctor to do my rhinoplasty but I don't know who or where to look. Where do the African American celebrities get their nose jobs done they look so pretty! I like my nose but for the most part only when I do the duck face in my pictures to make it look good. Please let me know... READ MORE

Im a young black male that is planning on getting a nose job in the near future. My ideal nose is one that looks natural to my face/ethnic background and retains its masculine feature. I desire the removal of my hump, and narrowing of the bridge and base of my nose as I feel that they are both... READ MORE

I have always wanted to change my flat bulbous Nose since i was 15. things kept getting in the way: job, Fear etc i finally decided to get it done and I'm glad i did! i had it done Feb 06 2014 outcome was great what i like about the procedure is that its very subtle my friends didn't even... READ MORE

I went in not knowing what to expect. Dr. Ahmad was very attentive, listening to my concerns, and after his assessment, provided me with an option that was less invasive and less painful than what I was expecting. The day of the surgery, he was on time and outlined everything that he was going... READ MORE

I recently set up an appointment with Dr. Ashkan Ghavami after having a Skype consultation with him . I put down a deposit of 2000 before I made my real self account . After making my real self account I'm beginning to doubt my decision because k realized that I didn't even ask him the questions... READ MORE

I want to start off by saying i battled back and forth with myself on weather i should write this review because i would open myself up up criticism and judgment from others but i figured if i had someone who i could have learned from their mistakes it would have helped me. This is my honest and... READ MORE

I've always felt like my nose was out of balance with my face. When the opportunity presented itself to get rhinoplasty, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to make sure that I went to an ENT, which Dr. Malhotra is. I am extremely happy with the results. I'm still a little swollen but I know that... READ MORE

I have always wanted a nose job since the 8th grade of high school. It has been something that I have constantly thought about since and has been something I noticed whenever I look in the mirror or take a photo. WHAT I DISLIKE ABOUT MY NOSE: Okay, I don’t have an issue with my side profile... READ MORE

Hi! Im New to the RS site but already lovingit!! Anyway, I have been wanting rhinoplasty since I was a kid, always felt my 'Daddy's' nose was too big for my face. And believe me I heard the something from folks around me! Your family and friends can be so cruel, lol. So fast forward to now, I... READ MORE

I have wanted a nose job for about 10years. I dislike the overall size of my nose and my wide nostrils. My nostrils are my main concern. If I could change the absolute minimum it would the nostrils. I do love my profile though and wouldn’t change that. I don’t find myself generally... READ MORE

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