African American Rhinoplasty

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Every nose job is different. Learn the specific characteristics of an African American rhinoplasty.

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I've always had a huge nose and got named called alot because of it. So before I hit puberty I wanted a nose job. I'm 26 yrs old now and can finally afford it. I did alot of research and read reviews of Dr Stephen Metzinger of Merairie, LA. It's been 3 days so far since surgery, still have... READ MORE

Ok, so... There are obviously few reviews with Aftican Americans and Rhinoplasty. I have been researching for years on which doctor I would like to go to. I don't think rushing into this is a good idea. This is the focal point of your face we are talking about!!! Had an appointment with Dr. Paul... READ MORE

I have my rhino tomorrow at 6am! I don't want anyone to be able to tell that I'm getting a nose job so I told Dr. Lam that I wanted him to be conservative and only make minor adjustments because I still want to look like myself. He is going to reduce the flare of my nostrils, remove my bump on... READ MORE

I've been wanting to get a nose job since...I honestly don't know how long it's been since I wanted one. I've always had a large "Arab" nose as the kids at school would call me. I've been called all kinds of names and I was always told that as I grew eventually my nose would fit into my face.... READ MORE

I am mixed race with Afro-brazilian and European, From my mother, i inherited her high cheekbones, crazy freckles and also her narrow width mouth. from my father, a bulbous flat nose and high forehead. The timing was right financially to go ahead and have the tip size reduced and narrowed.... READ MORE

I decided I would document my journey on realself, because honestly, I checked it everyday before surgery to see reviews, photos, and testimonies. I will be having rhinoplasty, turbinoplasty, septoplasty, and a chin implant in Newport Beach, tomorrow! I am a 25 yo, AA, female looking to reduce... READ MORE

I am a 44 year-old, African-American professional female who is 10 days post-op of having a septo-rhinoplasty procedure, which was to repair a deviated septum and cosmetic surgery to reduce nostril flare and elevate the tip of my nose. I've always wanted to have rhinoplasty since my teens, but... READ MORE

Hey all, I've been reading a lot of reviews and doing a lot of research on African American rhinoplasty. I have wanted to refine the look of my nose for quite some time now, and I am finally ready and have the time to do it. I feel comfortable with my face, but feel my nose is disproportionately... READ MORE

I'm a 23 year old woman of Afro-Caribbean descent interested in rhinoplasty. I love the ethnic shape of my nose, but I dislike the size/width of my nostrils & hope to have them reduced. Growing up, it was always nice to have something that nodded towards my ancestry and visibly linked me to my... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm looking to have a rhinoplasty but I'm so nervous about it. I've spoken with four surgeons and I think Dr. Grigoryants is the right choice. I'm looking to narrow my bridge and narrow my nostrils (they flare horribly sometimes). I'm looking for something more feminine, especially... READ MORE

I am 5 weeks after septo-rhinoplasty. No words can describe the regrets I have for going under the knife as it was so very unnecessary. I should have done more homework and not have taken this procedure lightly. I have always been called pretty (and hilarious girl) even though I have what most... READ MORE

I had my rhinoplasty performed by dr lefkoff in Atlanta. He came highly recommended by one of my celebrity clients that wishes to remain 100% anonymous. He had no pictures of his work on black women do I went to him just based on her review and results. I'm faithful he delivered- we will see!... READ MORE

Went in for consultation with Dr. Davison, brought my sister along. Staff very nice and welcoming. The wait between check in and seeing him wasn't too long. When he came in, I got nervous, but he talked thru what I didn't like about my nose and answered my question whether I needed grafts... READ MORE

I was quite scared about going through plastic surgery. My faith and my fear of general anesthesia kept me from committing to go under the knife for years. However, I went to Dr. Kwan and I just felt that I was in good hands. After talking with his amazing and courteous staff and seeing how... READ MORE

I live in the UK and i am british caribbean. I want to get my nose done in the US by most likely dr.ghavami. Are there any doctors you would recommend? I am 100% sure i want to do this, i dont hate my nose but i want to change it. I have small lips, big eyes, cheekbones and i just feel like a... READ MORE

You know that moment when it hits you that you actually have the power to change something you don't like? I'm 33 years old, and I've never liked my nose, but it didn't occur to me that I could get it fixed with rhinoplasty until last year. I've never met anyone who has had plastic surgery, so... READ MORE

It has been a revelation finding this forum. Reading the various experiences of people on this site is not only encouraging but reminds me that there are others with similar decisions, and that has help me seriously consider reducing the size of my nose. I have wanted a proportional size nose... READ MORE

I am so depress right now. I feel all alone. I wish I could go back in time and never had this procedure done. I am 31 years old, and I always wanted my nose done since the age of 17 years old. The surgery it self went smoothly, I'm not in any pain, and the staff was really nice. I was told by... READ MORE

I've had rhinoplasty back in 2001 but due to the lack of experience with african noses, my surgeon recommended a one size fits all silicone implant which I rejected, and ended up with just my bridge being reshaped and the tip was left undone. I figured maybe that could work and was somewhat... READ MORE

Ever since i was 16 years old i always had a problem with my nose i didn't like the big bubble in front of it, it wasn't like i was trying to change myself i just wanted to boost up my confident. When i found Dr.Hughes and went for my consultation it was as if he knew what i wanted to achieve i... READ MORE

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