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Wrinkles can’t be helped but they can be treated. Dermatologists may employ everything from injectable fillers to laser resurfacing to leave you fresh-faced. LEARN MORE ›
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I feel it is hightime someone highlighted this man's negligence. I had uma jeunesse put in my nasal labial lines in feb 2013, two yrs ago, for some reason he put the right up next to my nose too, making me look like im sneering. My face blew up for one mth, and when I went back, he said he... READ MORE

I am a 39-year-old woman who is just starting to see wrinkles around my eyes especially when I smile. I was searching for something that would help diminish those wrinkles and the parentheses around my mouth. I found a deal for $270 for three sessions of Viora Reaction. While they tell me six... READ MORE

In september I came accross an offer for a dermal filler treatment. It was on wowcher which is a website kind of like Groupon. I've already bought some treatments through their website but I used juvederm before. I was actually certain I bought a juvederm dermal treatment too. But I feel like... READ MORE

Extremely painful, swelling began immediately and continued for 2 weeks. Bruising, fever, hot throbbing at the temples and brow area. $2200 down the drain. The face is deformed and after injecting another substance to melt the former my face is no longer recognizable. I will never do this again... READ MORE

I am posting pics to show that face exercises work . I have posted these pics especially for nadiahoney (as she wanted to see them). I wont leave them up for long and intend to take them down in 2 weeks. I didn't buy any face exercise program. Instead I scoured the internet looking for free... READ MORE

Hi, I'm going to do a review on some generic Retinol, I wasn't sure it was real stuff or not but I am on day 4 for my face (not neck yet) and the flakes and redness and peeling are so bad that I had to not use it for day3 and day 5 (today). I'm doing this for wrinkles, and will put it on my... READ MORE

I purchased a wowcher for 1ml derma filler for £99 at Andrew Carr at Harleystreet. I do not understand the problems some people had to be honest. I called for an appointment and he picked the phone up him self so could ask direct some things i wanted to know before i buy the wowcher. I had to... READ MORE

I have fillers done on regular basis. This one I purchases on on of the voucher sites, tempted by the price. I had my nasal lin es treated. To be honest I do not believe the doctor injected any legitimate fillers into my face! Once the swelling subsided, there was NO effect whatsoever after the... READ MORE

I found a new customer deal for 3 sessions for $299. The spa was gorgeous and the technician was extremely nice and professional. Buuuutttt, after the initial swelling subsided, there was absolutely no change in my skin's condition or contour. The technician advised that usually 6 treatments... READ MORE

I am a wife and mom of three kids who i love dearly, but as some of you may know being a mom you tend to stop remembering to take care of your physical appearance. At the beginning of 2014 I promised myself that i would not only make the time to exercise but I would start taking better care of... READ MORE

I tried this out since I've always been concerned about wrinkles, so thermafirm does work I am not wrinkly I'm 29 but this product works as wrinkle filler noticeable right away. My review is more about me using it on my stretch marks near my arm pits and close to my boob area, well after a... READ MORE

I have been using Bello Moi product line since January. It has helped my skin greatly. I have a few dark spots but they seem to be fading lightly with their non hydroquinone skin lightening cream. I was thinking about doing laser resurfacing before I invested in the product line. I am happy I... READ MORE

So, just started a facial exercise programme after a year or so researching. I've seen some good before and afters but can't help being a little anxious about some negative comments I've read. Two days in an nothing to see but then it is only two days and I'm only doing basic exercises as advised... READ MORE

I have received facial fillers for a few years now and have been pleased with the results, except for the way I felt physically. I always felt as if I were swollen or had visible lumpiness. I knew no one could see anything unusual, but I could feel it . The results look natural and I feel... READ MORE

I am 57 years old and starting to get self-conscious about my wrinkles. I didn't want any intensive plastic surgery, so my doctor recommended Fractora wrinkle treatment. It is actually a really high-tech procedure that doesn't take very long and doesn't hurt as much as you'd think. It works by... READ MORE

I am a 53 year old woman who was tired of looking tired! I wanted my face to match what energy I had from within. My budget didnt allow for me to get a surgical face lift, so Dr. Pober was kind enough to show me how I can achieve the look I wanted with Botox and fillers that are within my budget... READ MORE

I wish there was a "So Far, So Good" option for the "Was it worth it?" question. I am reviewing the SkinDream-Titanium Cosmetic Ultrasound purchased and received yesterday from Sunstarorganics.com. This would be a scaled-down at home version of Ultherapy whereby it uses "ultrasonic waves to heat... READ MORE

I have deep vertical lines above my lip -- thanks, Mom! My doctor took fat from my stomach and injected it into the area between the lip and nose. He also pulled up that part of the mouth to expose more of my teeth. As we get older, the lips drop, covering our teeth. On youthful-looking people,... READ MORE

Have been doing this for 3 years, injections along the brow line to minimally lift the brow. Did procedure 4 times in first year, now every 6 months or so. Even when the Botox starts to wear off, There are no perceptible lines on forehead or frown lines. I highly recommend this procedure,... READ MORE

All I could see when I looked in the mirror was wrinkles and was so bothered by what I saw... I heard some things about these at home devices that use red light to stimulate collagen and reduce the wrinkles. I thought it sounded much more affordable and convenient then going for surgery or even... READ MORE

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