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Vbeam is a laser designed to treat rosacea and birthmarks. It uses a cooling spray to help decrease the discomfort associated with treatment. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $350

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I have had a flat mole on my face for 8 yrs. I have tried getting it froze off several different times, it helped some but I finally decided to get the v- beam. I hope it works this is what it looks like now. I wish I had a before, but I always made sure it was covered. If it works ill update so... READ MORE

I get this specifically to treat red spots - angiomas, broken capillaries, etc. The charge is by the number of laser pulses. 50 pulses is $175. If you get more pulses it will be less expensive per pulse. You will have your eyes covered for this laser procedure. No painkiller is used.... READ MORE

I had it done 3 days ago Friday April 5th 2012.. They didnt explain the after part much , just to stay out of sun and that my moinday I would fell better.. I had it done to get rid of broken blood vessels and 2 red marks on my face.. The first to days I was super swollen, red and deep purple... READ MORE

I have had a total of five V-beam treatments over the past seven years for rosacea and diffuse redness. When I started the treatments in my early 30s, I was having acute, severe flushing that had resulted in persistent diffuse redness and permanently dilated capillaries. I looked at LEAST 10... READ MORE

I had a V beam treatment about a week ago. Surprisingly, I had very little downtime, only a few hours! I was red when I went to bed, like a sunburn. When I woke up the next day I could see improvement in the range of about 15-20% I had a few veins which were reduced about 50% which was very nice... READ MORE

I do not see any results after three treatments. I had this done for redness and uneven skin tone and do not see any changes. READ MORE

I had Vbeam (candela laser) on my cheeks and nose and around the sides of my nose. I look like a dark purple marker was applied to my face. I can't go out in public. I pray this goes away. One side of my nose is so swollen where the laser was applied a great deal in that area. There are very... READ MORE

I had numerous broken and dilated capillaries on my face from an unknown cause - possibly just crummy genetics. They made me feel as if I always had to wear make-up. I sought treatment for them from various **other** doctors and had very poor results. One experience even left me with scarring... READ MORE

I was surprised at how easy it was. I think the only surprise was at the "Scatter" laser for the veins. The pulse took me by surprise but was not painful. It made me look like I had a clearer complexion without really noticing what was different. Am doing it again in a few weeks to get... READ MORE

I was burned due to a V-Beam laser treatment around my mouth and nose. The laser also "splashed" on my face in areas where I was not treated. A burn specialist used this term to describe how the laser traveled to other areas of my face. One example: I was treated for a broken cap on my nose and... READ MORE

My dermatologist noticed the bright red mark on my left cheek. He said he could get rid of it with a zap of his v-beam laser for $150. He zapped it two times, and said it would be gone within 4 weeks. He said he didn't want to treat my red cheeks until he saw how I reacted to the zap he did.... READ MORE

To improve my looks and build self confidence. I was referred to Dr. F's office by a family friend who's been a patient of his for the past 10 years. I had just turned 50, and was in the processes of getting a divorce and was feeling depressed about my aging looks. Dr. F examined me... READ MORE

I had been told be a couple of dermatologists that said there was not much that could be done for the venous lake on my lower lip, se other than removal (cut). Went to another dermatologist that utilizes VBEAM for broken capilliaries on my face and asked him about teh venous lake. He used the... READ MORE

I have Rosacea and broken blood vessels on cheeks, chin and chest. Very red areas that make up would no longer cover. The procedure was yesterday. I had the Vbeam laser procedure yesterday. My face is purle and very swollen. I am taking Prednisone for the extreme swelling. Can you tell... READ MORE

I had V-beam treatment a week ago for broken blood vessels on face and had significant swelling that subsided after a few days, but still have lingering redness.I am just wondering approximately how long does redness last post treatment? Does redness mean blood vessels are trying to coagulate? ... READ MORE

Pros: Quick, no medication needed, and nearly pain freeCons: scabbing, redness, unsightly after treatment I did it to get rid of the veins on my face so I wouldn't have to constantly wear makeup.I had V Beam treatment for small facial veins on my face four weeks ago. I instantly had scabs in... READ MORE

I had V-beam laser to my legs for small veins. It has been 3 weeks and each area that was zapped is still very dark and bruising. I am caucasian and light skinned, but I do tan easily. My doctor says that the marks will go away with time, but I am worried. READ MORE

I did the V Beam to treat rosascea on my nose and inner cheek area as well as a few broken caps. Pros: Not very painful Cons: Major bruising, actually look worse right now.I have very obvious bruising from the V Beam treatment I had on 5/8/09- looks like chicken pox on my nose & inner... READ MORE

V-Beam / Laser Genesis for Rosacea I have tried three total sessions with three different doctors. The price above is for the Candela V-Beam laser in Singapore. Please advise that Singapore pricing is a bit cheaper than US pricing. This dollar amount covered my lower neck and upper chest... READ MORE

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