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This CO2 laser resurfacing device was created to treat skin discoloration, sun damage, wrinkles, and acne scarsLEARN MORE ›
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I am 39 with fair and oily skin. I got the procedure 4 weeks ago and the only changes I can see, so far, are negative. I went for enlarged pores, few sun spots, acne scars around the mouth, and fine lines around the eyes. As my skin is over-reactive (my whole body is in fact), I started... READ MORE

I am a 40 y/o female who had some minor sun damage exacerbated by pregnancy as well as some minor acne scars from over the years. I was also starting to notice the wrinkles settling in more so I wanted to tackle it all in one fell swoop with the DOT laser treatment. I wish I could go back in... READ MORE

I had this procdure done on Monday Feb 14th yes Valentines Day. on my face, chest and neck. I am 47 yrs old and had severe scarring from acne in my early twenties and uneven pigmentation. I was all set to have a full face Co2 laser resurfacing done with another doctor when my girlfriend said let... READ MORE

I had a smartxide treatment done on me last May. I was offered a thick layer of numbing cream for 40 minutes prior the treatment. During the treatment, it was not the pain that bothered me, but the heat from the laser. The heat stayed with me for over 6 hours. For the first six days, I was so... READ MORE

I just had this procedure yesterday but wanted to share my experience (will try to add updates on a regular basis). First off, the doctor phoned in 3 prescriptions for me: an anti-viral (to suppress possible cold sores), a steroid, and a pain killer. You need to have these filled prior to... READ MORE

I had the procedure Wednesday night(face and neck). Numbing cream for 45 min. This hurt so bad I cannot begin to describe it! It went by pretty fast and I got through it. Cried when I got home but had a glass of wine and got over it. Slept pretty good but woke up a few times and re applied the... READ MORE

I tired of my aged skin. I needed something to rejuvenate and make me feel better without undergoing surgery. I looked at several CO2 lasers and did decided to go with the DOT CO2. Dr. Truong numb my skin with topical medication and did nerve block for comfort. The procedure was pretty much... READ MORE

Hey Everyone, I had Smart Dot lazer done on Monday. I had my lower face done with emphasis on my upper lip for fine lines/wrinkles. Somewhat uncomfortable but tolerable and the procedure lasted maybe 5 minutes. Worse part was that I could easily smell skin burning, I was covered with the... READ MORE

I am in my early 40's & had a Smartxide treatment to my face a couple weeks ago. Droopy eyelids, wrinkles, general laxity to the skin, & sun damage are what motivated me to consider this procedure. The price, downtime & after photos I saw clenched the deal. The treatment was... READ MORE

I had the SmartXide dot laser done on 7-6-10. I was given 1 Demerol and 2 Xanax before the procedure and a numbing cream was put on my face. I had the face and neck done. I could feel it but the pain was not that bad. My doctor said I was the best patient he has EVER had. I did not move at all.... READ MORE

I did it for my deep scars all over my face. I'm 40 years old. I've tried non-ablative Fraxels before with minimum results and finally did some research and decided this was the best bet for my scars. I take a package deal for 6 sessions including aftercare lotions. The pain was... READ MORE

I am SO happy I did this. I got it done about a month ago and have seen a huge improvement in my scars and tightness of the skin. I do not even wear foundation anymore....just lotion. I am NOT NOT NOT one to spend this kind of money at a med spa....but it was worth it. SO happy. If you have any... READ MORE

I just turne 59 and had been thinkng about this for a long time. I canceled two appointsments in the past year out of fear. I have always had really good skin except for dynamic wrinkles .But for two years I have been grieving the loss of two loved ones. Nothing in this world ages you like grief... READ MORE

Had Dot Laser Therapy done two days ago(Wed. May 5-2010). A little disappointed with the way things are going, but I'll post more after more time has passed. I will tell you how the first three days have gone so far. Wednesday (5/5/10): Skin was very red and felt like a bad sunburn. Usd... READ MORE

I had the SmartXide DOT Laser done on my face, neck and chest area. It has definitely resulted in an improvement in the tone of my skin. I have light skin, so old acne outbreaks had left red marks on my face, especially along my chin line. Those are now gone. My crow's feet, while not gone,... READ MORE

Very painful, a loooong recovery and no result...Could have had a lot more fun with the money. DOT Laser for texture, large pores and wrinkles.After almost 4 months I see NO change, but I have a lot of lovely outbreaks and deep zits at age 51.... READ MORE

I had the smartxide therapy done on my face almost a month ago for moderate acne scars. I am 37 yrs old, fair skinned. I was told that I would not be satisfied with my treatment, that my scars would most likely require 2-3.After my first treatment, I would have to agree. Although I see... READ MORE

My Experience: I’m 41 Croatian/English heritage with pretty good sun damage, some brown spots, acne scars and broken blood vessels on my cheeks and pretty deep frown lines between the eyes, deep crows feet, and lines around my mouth and starting to get a crêpe neck. Day 1, Wednesday: READ MORE

I'm 41 and my skin is starting to sag and I also used to pick my face a lot so I had big pores and some dark spots and of course wrinkles starting to creep out.I had my treatment done last Thursday evening, I had my face and neck done. First numbing cream and then some eyedrops that were... READ MORE

I am 48 hours into DOT laser resurfacing and the redness is scary. I was told that I would be able to wear makeup about 3 days after, but my skin has not started peeling yet and doesn't feel ready to. It's still really tight (like a mask) and the redness is almost neon in color. I am using... READ MORE

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