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This CO2 laser resurfacing device was created to treat skin discoloration, sun damage, wrinkles, and acne scarsLEARN MORE ›
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I am only 37 years old, do not have wrinkles but the doctor said i am a very good candidate to do it, my face looks very good but he say i will look eaven better, and i belive him, is been almost three days and i still look like a monster very burn and swollen, i am very worry about i made a... READ MORE

I am 49 years old and was starting to see wrinkles and lax skin around my eye area, I had a complimentary consultation with Dr. Horton to discuss this. He recommended Botox and the Smart Dot resurfacing laser for the area to lift and tighten the skin. The procedure was well explained for me and... READ MORE

Only 5 days downtime - awesome result. Great to combine with blood plasma treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma). Use silicon for a day or two on skin - works so well. Skin is hot and red and swollen for a few days but then peels leaving your skin so soft and fresh. Have ice packs plenty of... READ MORE

I got the SmartXide DOT laser resurfacing for acne scars I've suffered with my entire adult life. My scars are not terribly deep but are dispersed over a large portion of my face. I'm also a fair-skinned freckle-face. I had the procedure on Monday, December 22 and today is Thursday... READ MORE

I've had acne scarring since I was about 17 or 18. I'm 22 now. I can't remember if the scars got worse with time, or worse with previous procedures. I've had: microdermabrasion (did nothing) chemical peels (I think scarred my face) silicone injections (was... READ MORE

I have been to a few plastic surgeons offices in Indianapolis over the last 10 years. I found the price for the Dot Laser to be much lower (it was offered on a Christmas special) and so I took my chances on a new experience with Dr. Chernoff's office. This office is a busy one, but a few of... READ MORE

The process was fast, it didn't hurt :). I have acne scars deep ones . This will be my 3rd session he doesn't go to deep because I have a high risk of pigmentation . My skin does look somewhat better then it did before I had nothing done. He knows what works best for your skin. I'm Hispanic/ Latino READ MORE

Day 1- Application of numbing cream comes first. During the procedure, I am kept comfortable under a blanket and warming pad. This feels great as there is a hose with cold air being blown on me during the treatment.The treatment is not unbearable. There is a slight amount of discomfort... READ MORE

After reading reviews I was a little nervous about this treatment to the point I rescheduled it twice. My dr reassured me I would love the results and it wasn't very painful. The downtime was supposed gj be 3 days. I still had the track marks in day 6! That part was true. I thought the... READ MORE

I was so excited to get this procedure done. I had erbium two years ago and LOVED and my new doctor in Chicago area said it would work better with less recovery time. I actually look older, horribly pasty and none of my fine lines are gone. Waste of money and depressing. I would strongly suggest... READ MORE

I went in to have the Co2 laser DOT treatment yesterday. It started out pretty well, they applied numbing cream immediately after I showed up for my appointment... then they left me in an exam room for nearly two hours but didn't really explain it to me. I thought they forgot about me, so I... READ MORE

I had this done this afternoon at 11am. I had it done on the full face and my doctor went a little more aggressive on my cheeks where I have acne scars. I am 32 years old and have acne scars that I wanted to try and diminish. I still have mild adult acne and hoping this laser doesn't make it... READ MORE

Feb. 4th 2013 arrived an hour and a half early to get the nummbing cream on. 2:30pm I head upstairs to get procedure going. I have to admit that although this is my 2nd Dot experience because my first experience was amazing and knew I would be back for more. The pain was intense. Swelling... READ MORE

I'm scheduled to have the procedure done in a week. For the past two days I've been reading blogs & now I'm scared to death. The Dr. I am going to told me he has done tons of these & I felt very comfortable with him during my consult. He spent about an hour talking to me. I have a... READ MORE

Had Fraxel, not pleased. 6 months ago, I got DOT - worst pain of my life. Looked like a burn victim. Downtimemuch longer than I was told - nausea, too. After all the pain, NO improvement seen. Complete waste of money. Where do celebs go for EFFECTIVE treatments? Can't Dallas drs. Help a 50+?... READ MORE

I am 53 but look 30's. I had very good, light skin. Was starting to see a little sagging and wanted to remove fine lines around eyes and on forhead. I am entering my third day post treatment.  All is going as described by P.A. that administered treatment. She was excellent, by the... READ MORE

I had Smartside DOT laser done on my face, neck and chest areas for $3,800 in Dallas. At Innovations Medical Spa you don't meet with the doctor for the consultation - only his techs (I call them sales people.) It took a full 8 days before I could return to work due to peeling and redness. There... READ MORE

I had this done one year ago and never in my life I had so many issues with my skin. I had it done 2 times because the first one didn't do much for me, actually nothing at all, well big mistake because the second one just really mess up my skin. My skin feels rough, all the dots really make my... READ MORE

I had Smartxide DOT laser resurfacing on July 26 at a local medical spa. I sought out a professional who had performed many laser procedures in the past with good success. I am 58 years old with very fair skin. My areas of primary concern were the crepiness of my upper and lower eyelids and the... READ MORE

I did the Smartxide Dot laser to my face and neck, I am postop day 4. It has been very very burned and painful, I cannot sleep at nite unless sitting up. I also feel they burned my corneas, my eyes tear and i have slight redness and burning on my eyeballs! my face is weeping with yellow crust... READ MORE

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