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Improving your facial skin tone and repairing skin damaged by aging, sun damage, or injury often involves skin rejuvenation. LEARN MORE ›
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I did thiis procedue not to look like I am 20, but to not look like I am 70. Wanted to have less wrinkle and lines. Just at day 7 now. Skin certainly looks "wrinkle free" but still very red and swollen. Not too painful. Uncomfortable but tolerable recover time. Took pain medication for about... READ MORE

I tried retinol and could not tolerate it. My skin never got out of the red, flaky phase. My dermatologist suggested Avene Retrinal and, at almost 50, I still get tons of compliments on my skin. Its a magic pill! It also helps with dry skin. The only thing is that you actually need to use a pea... READ MORE

I am a 37-year-old woman with good quality genes. I was interested in a preventative noninvasive treatment to help maintain my skin tone and laxity. I chose Eprime therapy due to its safety record and efficacy. Based on my research and my consultantion with my dermatologist, one Eprime procedure... READ MORE

Dramatic results for fine lines, firmness, hyper pigmentation, pores. Excellent skin care line. The products work synergistically so best to use them together and not omit steps. When used consistently I can truly say I look about 10 years younger. READ MORE

I'm 45 years woman and just had 1 RF treatment facial. Immediately after I felt dizzy, warm inside the head like having fever, headache and pain in my teeth. I got dental crowns(ceramic-metal) and amalgam there any connection?! It's been 6 days since my treatment and I... READ MORE

This is a good general retrinal cream that gives your skin a fresh glow without that redness and burning from stronger acid based products I've seen amazing results with this product in just 2 weeks of using the 0.05% and moved to the higher 0.1% cream for the last week. The lines... READ MORE

Wanted better looking skin READ MORE

Wanted to look better, without looking 'overtreated', I got very natural results READ MORE

I tried Perfector Arasys for first time skin rejuvenation. I am 36 years old and have young skin, but due to too much sun exposure i have little brown spots & some slight dark circles under eyes due to hyperpigmentation. Well, i did not see any change in these despite the fact that Perfector... READ MORE

Not worried about red skin, nothing can be as bad as Aldera, the treatment for pre skin cancer. That I had to apply for three weeks and my face looked like a fell off a motorcycle. READ MORE

After a few years of doing microdermabrasion on and off, I finally decided to try the new Vibraderm after my regular physician mentioned it as an alternative to the messy, noisy microdermabrasion treatments. I waited for a sale and went in on a Monday morning after a busy weekend, ready to relax... READ MORE

She gave me the strongest Obagi regime and my skin soon started peeling like a snake. I asked about weaker levels of retin A and was told that the .1% was the weakest. I now use .25% and there is also .50 % available.She talked to me like I was a mutant and needed lots of work. I felt like... READ MORE

Pros im using regenerate and black head detox and exfoliation plus my prescription hyperpigmention cream CONS: I been using all three items for over 5 months and dont see any differentshow come my hyperpigmention or skin spots arent going away? READ MORE

I am an MD who is very careful about who I allow to work on my face and what procedures are safe and actually work. For the money, the most natural and cost-effective treatments are these.There is some slight discomfort with the Pixel treatments, but if one considers that this is an elective... READ MORE

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