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Improving your facial skin tone and repairing skin damaged by aging, sun damage, or injury often involves skin rejuvenation. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm 46, got a little device after reading positive reviews (not here). Used the device 3 times for seconds. the first day I noticed pore reduction so I was happy. used again on the lowest setting for seconds and by the next day I started seeing changes I don't like. My cheeks appear to be... READ MORE

I have avoided looking at my hands for years. When I thought about aging, it was all about my face. After several procedures (Voluma to the temples, Radiesse to the cheeks, Perlane to the chin, Restylane Silk to the lips, and some Botox and Dysport for fine lines and wrinkles), I felt good... READ MORE

I had pro fractional laser treatment in 2011 to smooth scars and keloids post facial plastics due to a car accident. The original surgery included a skin graft to my left eyelid & brow reconstruction. I was extremely happy with the results, however I had residual scarring. My first Rejuvapen had... READ MORE

Forget having lasers, etc. done for acne! I have cystic acne, boils, white heads, black heads and scaring. I started taking grapefruit seed extract (500Mg) a day and omg, I am a new person! I have yet to have even one pimple. Grapefruit seed extract balances your ph levels and hormones and... READ MORE

Born in Santa Monica, raised in Redondo Beach, California. You become extremely spoiled having top notch everything at your disposal whenever you want or need anything. It took me 4- years to discover Columbus's best kept secret, The Sullivan Center! Dina Maynard could work anywhere in the world... READ MORE

For over 10 years I have been suffering from a skin condition that Doctors have told me is called "Tinea Versicolor." I have tried everything in the book (medications, shampoos, lotions, diets, photo therapy etc.) and I currently only see my condition getting worse. My discoloration first began... READ MORE

Michelle McDonald was very knowledgeable and professional with my peels and has given me good advice and the results have been amazing She answers all of my questions kindly and seems very caring. I highly recommend going to her for skin care at Defiance Regional Hospital. The peel was very... READ MORE

I heard about DLK on Avenue through a referral who introduced me to the Kellett skin line ‘Reflect’ a few months ago; she saw great results so I thought I would give them a try. I’ve used many other brands of anti-aging product over the years and I have to say this is one of the best that... READ MORE

I have quarterly HydroFacials with Rachel Hanus and I feel it is helping to prevent wrinkles from really establishing themselves on my face. I have also had my eyeliner and eyebrows permanently done and love the results. The ZO products that have been recommended to me are wonderful and I am... READ MORE

Dr. Farkas is an excellent physician. I am still in his care and have been lucky to have such a talented and caring doctor. He has given confidence to me and my family ever since we first met with him. Always pleasant, he address all our concerns and gladly answers all our questions. His office... READ MORE

I underwent two sessions of Scarlet RF and was told there were no known side effects however after my first treatment I noticed my face sallowing and sagging. I went back to my Doctor who said that couldn't happen, so went into my second treatment. within the next few days I could see my face... READ MORE

Had a consultation with Dr Sanjay Parashar lately. He is a wonderful Doctor besides being the an extremely gentle , empathetic, patient and graceful human being. A must have quality to be a great Doctor. He has an amazing eye for details esp required for facial procedures .Look forward to... READ MORE

There is nothing more reassuring than competence coupled with expertise and compassion. Cheryl Hazen is all that and much more. I have had the good fortune to work with her for years now and my gratitude for her calm demeanor and intelligence have only increased as time has gone by. She is... READ MORE

I highly recommend getting Selphyl if, like me, you were looking to to treat unwanted wrinkles, restore skin volume, and rejuvenate your face, all using your own blood platelets as the "dermal filler." I was drawn to it because the filler was created from my own blood. When injected, it... READ MORE

Dr. Ridenour is exceptional. I would not go anywhere else. I have recently been working with Cheryl. She is wonderful in every way, Extremely knowledgable, understanding, concerned about my comfort level, kind and honest. I trust Cheryl to do what is in my best interest. I appreciate her... READ MORE

I am very impressed with Ridenour Plastic Surgery. Dr. Ridenour is very talented and has a gentle touch. The staff (all of them) are friendly and talented--the staff definitely have an excellent understanding of the procedures (Botox, fillers, Clear and Brilliant, Forma) and I feel completely... READ MORE

Dr. Emer is truly an AMAZING Doctor, he is caring, kind and gets results. When I first met Dr. Emer I had the worst skin condition imaginable. I had Hypopigmention from previous laser treatments (Not by Dr. Emer) I had horrible sun damage from lack of sunscreen and not protecting my skin which... READ MORE

My motivation for pursuing BodyFX treatments for my chest is for TV work and for my general appearance. My initial observation of Dr. Ridenour's office is how genuine, accomodating, and helpful the staff (including office) was in my procedure. They were VERY interested in my satisfaction. I was... READ MORE

I just went for my third treatment for BodyFX at Ridenour Plastic Surgery and I can already see my skin tightening. I completely trust my nurse, Cheryl, and she does an amazing job. The procedure does not cause pain and I look forward to the final result. I highly recommend this procedure and... READ MORE

Bad job! I had an ingrown hair issue. So instead of cutting a thin line in my skin and cleaning whatever was on my knee, the doctor "punched" my skin out and to close the piece of my missing skin she put 3 stitches that came off within a week. Her poor job left me with nothing but deep scars.... READ MORE

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