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Improving your facial skin tone and repairing skin damaged by aging, sun damage, or injury often involves skin rejuvenation. LEARN MORE ›
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Forget having lasers, etc. done for acne! I have cystic acne, boils, white heads, black heads and scaring. I started taking grapefruit seed extract (500Mg) a day and omg, I am a new person! I have yet to have even one pimple. Grapefruit seed extract balances your ph levels and hormones and... READ MORE

For over 10 years I have been suffering from a skin condition that Doctors have told me is called "Tinea Versicolor." I have tried everything in the book (medications, shampoos, lotions, diets, photo therapy etc.) and I currently only see my condition getting worse. My discoloration first began... READ MORE

Bad job! I had an ingrown hair issue. So instead of cutting a thin line in my skin and cleaning whatever was on my knee, the doctor "punched" my skin out and to close the piece of my missing skin she put 3 stitches that came off within a week. Her poor job left me with nothing but deep scars.... READ MORE

Hopeless08 December 21, 2014 I had 2 radio frequency treatments done with a machine called Endymed 3 deep.I had them done one week apart from each other over my buttocks hips and thighs and lost all the fat I had. So much fat loss that it looks deformed. I have dents on buttocks, uneven... READ MORE

I was interested in the concept of Infini Radio frequency and micro needling as it provides the benefits of two procedures in one. The treatment is superior to Fraxel laser as it also provides skin tightening benefits from the radio frequency and well and micro needling skin rejuvenation. One... READ MORE

I've had thermage which only slightly tightened my skin.No pros.Cons: Very painful, very expensive, lousy results.I've had 5 microdermabrasions (the 'scratchy' kind).Pros: It got rid of acne that was deeper under my skin.Cons: It literally scratched my face and left new lines.I've had 4 IPL's... READ MORE

As the youngest of four sisters, I've been hearing my sisters complain about the signs of aging for years. I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. LeBeau to see what I could do to slow down the aging process. Among a few other treatments, he recommended that I start using his skin care... READ MORE

Very happy. I have had several skin treatments filler and Botox with Dr. Koo. I do not want Big Lips. I do not want Fish Lips. My husband says that my face looks great and that the skin products have done an amazing job. My husband has no idea that Dr. Koo has given me Botox. He thinks these... READ MORE

I had another prp treatment at Synergi MedSpa. I have had this treatment before a few years ago. A few years ago I had my lips injected to help with fullness. They still look amazing. This time I did not need to have my lips done because they still look so good. This procedure helps with... READ MORE

Soy de Argentina y mientras disfrutaba de unos días de vacaciones en Miami Beach, decidí en lo posible, darle unos mimos a mi piel. Desde mi país, había visitado las páginas de Miami Beach Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa y tuve conocimiento de la calidad de los trabajos del Dr.... READ MORE

I purchased the special 6 face/ neck peels and complete line of Skin Medica products. The price was very reasonable at the discounted rate. I just completed my 3rd peel yesterday and am so amazed at the incredible results that I want to spread the word so others can experience the same! The... READ MORE

I purchased the Obagi Product from Dr. Rosen's office. After the first application of the product including the sunblock and face wash (which generally are benign) I developed a severe allergic reaction to the product. I called the office and made my problem known to the receptionist who was... READ MORE

I had some issues with the skin on my face looking a bit lax & felt it needed a lift I had a problem area around my lower face I looked tired & wanted my skin to be tight & firm. I felt I needed some fine tuning I need my face to be plumped up & smooth but didn't want to get Botox or fillers .My... READ MORE

The staff is always so friendly and knowledgable! I love the OMG cream! It's one easy step at night and I'm seeing great results. I love that I can buy all their Real Medical products online now so when I'm in between treatments I don't have to worry about running out. I'd recommend Dr. Reath... READ MORE

Went into the office first thing in the morning and was greeted with very friendly staff. Everyone was very informative. My procedure was done and I was home resting by noon. The outcome is amazing! I couldn't be happier and I will use Dr. Capizzi for all future procedures. Great staff and... READ MORE

I am hooked on this treatment!. Finally i have found a treatment that gives me glowing skin from the inside out and with NO DOWNTIME ! i am so pleased with the results from just from one 45 minute treatment. i have booked myself in every month for 2014. i wish i had it done for my wedding... READ MORE

Turning 35 and moving to Orange County from the Midwest, made me take a close look at my maintenance for good skin care. I began my derma sweep treatments at Dr Grover's office and within 3mos people began asking me what I had done to my face! I use the entire skin care line they recommend and... READ MORE

I went to see Dr Prashant about a small amount of hyperpigmentation on my face and because I wanted a general overhaul to improve the condition of my skin. I went on a course of obagi nuderm for about 7 months. My skin definitely improved ftom using higher quality products my favourite being the... READ MORE

I am a woman in my late 50’s that was noticing laxity in my facial and neck skin and definite loss of volume and tone. I wanted a natural, younger look without surgery. Based on research and consultation with my dermatologist, Dr. Becker, I decided to try ePrime, a minimally invasive treatment... READ MORE

I did thiis procedue not to look like I am 20, but to not look like I am 70. Wanted to have less wrinkle and lines. Just at day 7 now. Skin certainly looks "wrinkle free" but still very red and swollen. Not too painful. Uncomfortable but tolerable recover time. Took pain medication for about... READ MORE

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