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What’s the “A” in Retin-A stand for? That'd be vitamin A. Retin-A is one of many topical prescription medications that uses tretinoin, an FDA-approved drug derived from vitamin A which stimulates skin cell turnover. Retin-A is often used to combat acne. Prepare to use sunscreen, though. Tretinoin-based drugs can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. LEARN MORE ›
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I am in LOVE with retin a!! After years of trying every product I could get my hands on for acne treatment, wrinkles, age spots, etc....I finally have an all-in-one that works. Read the science behind it - it's one of the only product that is scientifically proven to work. It's the ONLY... READ MORE

Hi has anybody been to mediconsult poland how was your experience?i am yhinkin about going not dure what to do nearly have it booked just wpukd like to hear other experiences before i book if you have had any contact or have been there could u please reply i cant seem to find many review on th... READ MORE

Dr Sheila Nazarian did an online photo consultation for me to recommend a skincare regimen. She was courteous and very knowledgeable! She recommended a complete skincare routine for me to do twice daily and I am loving it so far after a few weeks. I am using mostly Revision products with a... READ MORE

Unfortunately I do not have any before or after photos because Taking photos of my horrible cystic acne outbreak was too painful to look at. BUT FIRSTLY, I have always struggled with mild acne; Enlarged pores, black heads and occasional white heads. When I was 21 (May 2012) I had my first... READ MORE

This is my second night on Retin-A. I'm 25 years old and have been dealing with acne for the last five years. I've had clear days and some not so clear. I tried so many things to combat my acne and now I'm turning to Retin-A as it was recommended from more than one esthetician. I'm already going... READ MORE

YOU ARE WELCOME TO EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT MY STORY RETIN A changed my life, I started getting acne at about 18 yrs old, my Dr prescribed Oxytetracycline antibiotics but these did nothing, when I told him he prescribed Retin A 0.05 to use in conjunction it changed my skin and... READ MORE

I started using A Ret about 3 weeks ago and have experienced scarring and redness and peeling of skin. i also use sAstid soap which contains salicylic acid. i read that using this combination can irritate skin more . i have sensitive skin. can somebody suggest a milder soap and a good... READ MORE

I have been going to and trusting the opinion of Dr O since the early 80's. From my children to me, he has been spot on on every diagnosis and has seen us through all the years and different situations from acne to aging (that I now must sadly admit). Lol, His honesty is second to none.... READ MORE

Hi there, so it's only been a couple weeks, but I am seeing a difference in my skin. My skin is extremely oily, sensitive, acne-prone, etc. I originally saw a dermatologist about Accutane, but she quickly made a case talking me out of that. Instead she said to give topicals a fighting chance... READ MORE

I started using Retin A in 1988 to keep the wrinkles at bay after reading the book "Retin A and Other Youth Miracles". I've used it every single day. I wouldn't do without it. I'm 59 years old and everyone guesses my age at 39-40 (even the guy at the fair -- won a nice prize that day. lol). ... READ MORE

28 yr. Old biracial with mild-moderate hormonal type acne. Had to really be patient and give this product time. Things got worse before they got better but now are consistently better. My tips: Less is more- apply that to everything. Makeup with less ingredients and non-comodogenic. I Use Shea... READ MORE

Finally finally finally i got one and only thing to get rid of my acne or i can say pus pimples white heads.well let me reval to you my previous experience and history of my skin.i am blessed with crystal fair and clean complexion. In my teenage around 18 i started getting big pimples mainly... READ MORE

So upon my upcoming 26th birthday, I decided it was time to begin a Rentin A regimen. On my 25th birthday I gifted myself Juvederm to treat nasalabial folds and to add a bit to my already plump pout. Anyways, I have experienced Severe peeling and flaking skin. Although I purchased tretinoin over... READ MORE

After consulting with a skin center representative after having a facial, it was recommended that I try using .5% retin-A. My skin has aged more than my years due to a love of the sun, tanning beds, and not washing my face or using moisturizers for most of my 20s & 30s and very inconsistently... READ MORE

I once started retin-a last year because of a few dermatologists saying I had clogged pores. I stopped within a month because my skin was so red, itchy, uncomfortable and I had broken out like crazy. My skin went back to normal but I still had hundreds of clogged pores. Months later I was tired... READ MORE

Okay, first of all, it was so worth it. If you don't have patience then retin a (tretinoin) is not for you. Another thing, im sorry but I don't think retin a is for people with severe acne, it's more for moderate. I started off with the 0.1% strength. The initial breakout happened for about two... READ MORE

I developed light adult acne on my cheeks that looked sorta like a rash that got worse when I wore foundation. I started my treatment with an oral antibiotic along with .025 strength Retin A. I used it every day. After the first six weeks, I was able to stop taking the oral antibiotic. I use... READ MORE

I'm 22, male. I started using Retin-A in October 2013 to help with acne and some acne scarring. I used less than a pea sized amount every other night for the first 2 months, then every night. In December I noticed my face looked a little thinner, but assumed I was losing weight due to... READ MORE

I am really beginning to question and wonder about Dermatologists. Why is it that 99% of derms out there tell you that Retin A can't harm or damage the skin? Why do they insist that that it ONLY makes skin beautiful as long as you "keep at it!"? Before trying Retin A I read all the reviews. I... READ MORE

I've been using Retin A for about 4 years. It brightens the look of my skin, lightens my freckles, reduces lines and improves my skin texture. I used to spend over $500 a year on department store facial serums and moisturizers. Now I just use the Retin A and spend less than $170 a year. Since... READ MORE

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