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Retin-A, a vitamin A derivative, is a topical prescription medication used to combat acne by increasing cell turnover. Newer skin means fewer blocked pores, and thus fewer pimples. LEARN MORE ›
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To improve my tone and texture I was given tons of sample of Retin-A (purple tube). I have sensitive skin, but could tolerate it 2x daily. I thought: this is going to be GREAT. WRONG. Living in southeast Texas, our weather is pretty humid. I was drying out around my nose and mouth (I usually... READ MORE

Started using retin A micro march 2011. I had a lot of white heads and blackheads and occasional cysts. The first 8 month was hell for me as everything came to the surface, my skin was inflamed, red and I had shockingly deep cysts that would come on over and over again. Then about 8-9months... READ MORE

I've been on .05% Retin A for about two weeks. I requested it from my dermatologist in order to try and fade my hyper-pigmentation and smooth out fine lines. I tried it for two days back to back the first week and started peeling pretty badly. I took a break for a week and will probably start... READ MORE

Ok, I am on 0.1% retin-a every night, I have used retin-a before so I had this left over. I tried the 0.025 before too and it really is not as effective as the 0.1%, trust me. Anyhow, I took like a year break from retin-a and holy cow my skin looked like crap without it. Trust me all women need... READ MORE

I tried Retinol A as per my derm's recommendation - I did it at night off and on for about two weeks. I went for a run (about 8K) at around 6pm - it was sunny but not hot and although my run lasted only 40 minutes I am now living a nightmare with my face! I have aged myself about 20 yrs as my... READ MORE

I use the generic tretinoin. It took a long time to notice results (months), so get comfortable with the idea of using it for a while. It made my skin peel quite a bit with some redness when I first started, but once my skin adjusted to it after 8 weeks or so, those symptoms subsided. After... READ MORE

Im not sure if retin a is working. I have used it for the past 3 weeks and havent seen that much improvement. It made me break out more and made my skin turn red. some parts of my skin r a little bit more smoother though, others dry. Im going to keep going with the treatment for one more month,... READ MORE

I must have the worst luck in the world when it comes to cosmetic devices (as you can see by my reviews). There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to Retin-A and whether it thins or thickens the skin. In my opinion, it comes down to how thin your skin is already, how old you are,... READ MORE

I just started using Retin-A last night. I actually have the generic one, but my dermatologist said it works the same. Today, I don't see any difference, but I wouldn't expect to this quickly. I'm only suppose to apply it every third night at first. It's hard not to rush it. I'm tempted to just... READ MORE

Me first: oilish skin, with the “at least twice a month” huge pimple and many black heads, age spots and a few wrinkles. Mainly using Retin A to fight age spots and pimples. Started Retin A at the beginning of October. Every night , gel 0.025. Was looking like a teenager with acne for... READ MORE

ObAgi and Retin-a Day 1 Microdermabrasion in the am Night  Started ObAgi system with Retin-a Day 2 Looked sun-kissed No pain no itchiness no sting Applied a little to eye area where entire face was indicated Chin area is peeling Day 3 Woke up... READ MORE

Retin A starts out harsh. I had 3 weeks of redness and peeling and my dermatologist had me switch to applying every other night. If you can stand the redness and peeling, it's absolutely worth it. I used Retin A and tetracycline for 4 years but after awhile I just needed the Retin A. I no... READ MORE

Trying this out to improve skin tone and prevent wrinkles. I'm 31 with some sun damage and old acne scars. I know it's going to get worst before it gets better. I've been using it for 2 days now and my skin is tender. It's a little red and starting to peel. I'm def NOT going to use it tonight. I... READ MORE

My doctors recommended Retin A since the first time (2009) i visited them. for the first they said it Acne Vulgaris then they tried me the Retin A 0,005 for several months. at first it felt inconvenience because it turned my face skin into reddish and little bit itchy and hot. but its OK... READ MORE

Okay -- so I convinced my friend to use ourselves as human guinea pigs and try this tretinoin .1 percent I got from an online pharmacy for like six bucks (yeah, yeah, I know all the docs say not to trust overseas pharmacies but I can't stand the three hundred dollar price tag for the stuff here,... READ MORE

I have fair, sensitive skin, and I have had a great experience with Retin-A, which I wanted to share. This stuff is amazing - I see an immediate and lasting effect on the quality of my skin. I never got redness, irritation, or much flaking (just a touch in the creases on either side of my nose)... READ MORE

I have been using retin a for 3 weeks. Im not sure if its working though. My acne clears up somewhat and then comes back few days after. I don't know if that's part of the process, but im going to keep going with the treatment for few more weeks. I hope it works. some parts of my face get dry... READ MORE

I am 34 years old. I am white, skin tone- fair/ medium, type: mixed. I never had teenage acne, but I had acne in my early adult years - 20- 22. Back then, in Poland,cosmetics from " Avene"- Eau Thermale were very popular, and my dermatologist recommended them. I was using all 6 products from... READ MORE

What I used: Atralin .05% How often I used it: A pea size amount once a week.  Took a couple of breaks when the adverse effects were too intense and unbearable. How I used it: Toner first, followed by moisturizer, 4% hydroquinone, then Atralin, and sunblock SPF30 (19% zinc oxide)... READ MORE

I have been faithfully using Retin-a 0.1% every day for 8 months now. I cannot see any visible change. Very disappointed. Perhaps the change is so gradual I do not notice. Skin still red and uneven. I did not have acne so nothing to report there. Wrinkles look the same. Nothing earth shattering... READ MORE

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