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Moles that protrude can usually be removed safely by your dermatologist in various ways. LEARN MORE ›
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I was very pleased with Dr. Hilinksi's suggestions at my consultation. He suggested electrocautery for a small burst blood vessel on my upper chest, and the "shave" technique for two moles under my eye. The end results are great and I will be coming back for more mole removals in the future. ... READ MORE

I have moles on my face that I am embarrassed about. I feel like that is the first thing that people see. I had a few removed a few years ago, and you have to be careful, especially on the face, that the scar will be minimal. I have had about 4 more take the place of the 2 that were removed. I... READ MORE

Dermatologist recommended removal of mole in hairline of forehead after biopsy revealed cancerous cells. Done under local anesthetic, Dr. Capone had to go down to the bone to be certain of getting clear margins, but he included me in discussion of procedure while it was being done, and made... READ MORE

I had a mole growing in my eyebrow. I decided to have it removed and decided to approach three surgeons for opinions. The first two explained that removing the mole would be very tricky and could leave a scar. They quoted me prices in the $2,500 to $3,800 range if I remember correctly. I... READ MORE

Topical numbing application was applied about 10 minutes before the procedure. The doctor used a laser to "zap" about 40 tags (20 on each side of my neck). Each zap was about as intense as a bee sting, so it's tolerable. My neck was spotted with tiny scabs at each zap point, but absolutely not... READ MORE

I have always had moles but every year I notice more were beginning to pop up so I decided to go and get them removed. A friend recommended Dr. Henry because she also used her to remove her moles. The procedure was very quick, and almost painless, you injected a numbing agent and then she used a... READ MORE

I had a biopsy of a mole done in May '13. Which turned out to be atypical. I haven't been back to the Derm to have a complete excision due to my work hours. My appt. is this month. I also have a immune compromised disease so I hope that won't effect a possible progression to malignant... READ MORE

I had a few large moles on my face that needed to be removed. One of them was very large and I wasn't sure how I would be able to have it removed without an ugly scar. It's only been a week after surgery and the mark on my face is so minimal, I hardly notice it already. I was also worried about... READ MORE

I had a mole shaved off the side of my nose about 5 weeks ago. The mole was biopsied and it came back negative. The mole was raised (3-5mm), light brown and about the diameter of a pencil eraser. I was not informed by the Dr. that the mole has a possibility of growing back by this method. I... READ MORE

I was recommended to Dr. Kulbresh from a colleague for removing several moles on my face and I am extremely happy with the results. He was very thorough and straightforward in the initial consultation. There was no pressure whatsoever. He made me feel very comfortable with such procedure. ... READ MORE

I went in to get a simple raised mole removed in the middle of my cheek. As a precaution I had a mole in not as visible place removed by him which is near my ear. He removed this and it turned out fine. A month later I had him remove the mole right in the middle of my cheek and left a really... READ MORE

I wanted to get some moles/sun burn scars from my back removed. I am turning 50 this year and I wanted to be proactive about my health. I have had the usual colonoscopy, heart check and full physical. I am so glad I made this proactive choice to ensure my skin is healthy too. I never... READ MORE

Don't waste your time or money! Go somewhere else- anywhere else. This is the worst place to go if you want something done- like a simple mole removal. I went there in March 2013 to have two small moles on my face removed. Dr. DeLorenzi did the shaving technique, rather than the surgery with... READ MORE

My moles have been bothering me for years. I have like 48 on my face and were growing. I have been shopping around and most dermatologists charge R600 to remove one mole. They cut it out or freeze it and it leaves a scar. When I heard Dr Jakoet's advert on the radio and thought I would give... READ MORE

I had some sun spots that my dermatologist thought looked questionable. A long time ago, I had a freckle-like spot removed for skin cancer screening by a different dermatologist in CO: the scar was huge and ugly. This time around, my derm recommended I see a plastic surgeon to take off the spots... READ MORE

I had a mole on the "heart" of my upper lip. It never really bothered me until about a year ago (I'm 29 years old) when it started getting a recurring zit on it every 3-5 months. It also seemed like it was bigger. I contacted this office and they had me see Maria, who does the dermatology at the... READ MORE

I have had three skin cancers removed by Dr Kim. Two were in the center of my chest and one was on my shoulder. It was done in two separate surgeries - one in Sept 2012 and one February 2013. My scars are looking very good considering how big the incisions had to be. It is healing nice and I... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Ransom a few weeks ago about mole removal and Botox for crow's feet. I was nervous because the mole was right by my eye, but Dr. Ransom's calm manner and easy smile made me comfortable right away. He answered all my questions and explained my options. I never felt pressured or... READ MORE

I had a mole removed from the tip of my nose roughly 3 months ago yet some redness still remains....basically it keeps changing colour 1 minute all is fine where you can hardly see anything and the next minute it goes bright red, usually the bright redness appears whenever i do anything which... READ MORE

I came to Laser and Dermatologic Surgery Center to get my skin looked at considering my history with sun exposure. I have quite a bit of moles all over my body but a couple in particular were worrying me because they were getting larger over time. Once I met with Dr Behshad and she looked over... READ MORE

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