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Whether you want a mole gone because it’s cancerous or just annoying, these medical procedures safely remove it. A dermatologist will typically either cut the mole out and stitch the skin closed or shave it off with a surgical blade. LEARN MORE ›
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I had 4 moles removed. I had two on my stomach that have bothered me my entire life. I had bought some red stuff on ebay for like $20 on my aesthetician saw some chemical burns on me and said I had probably bought compound w and said it would take forever and hurt (it did) she said I could get... READ MORE

I have a raised mole, about 1/4 inch wide and 1/8th raised. It is flesh color - above my lip and just next to my nostril. Been there for 20 years so not cancerous. Been getting sooo many different opinions from doctors - some say shave, some say excise. Has anyone out there had something... READ MORE

MOLE REMOVAL – dissatisfied with results She charged me $450 dollars to remove 4 moles no larger than a BB pellet. I had a mole removed from the side of my nose, my chest and two were on my knee. I am unhappy with the results, especially considering how expensive she is. I was... READ MORE

Mole Shave Pros - I was told the chance of scarring was lower, they did it quickly (within five minutes) and I was able to drive out with the mole removed that afternoon. It was relatively inexpensive ($300, covered by insurance).Cons - I may have scarring but I am unsure.I had a facial mole... READ MORE

I was looking for a plastic surgeon to remove my mole and since it is sitting above the tear duct, i need a good plastic surgen who is careful and expert enough not to hit my tear duct. On the day of my procedure I was little bit nervous but Dr. Ahn reassured me and make me feel relaxed. The... READ MORE

I had a severely atypical mole that needed a complete removal from a trickier spot on my shin. I was scared of the severely atypical mole, then had been seriously rattled by another brash plastic surgeon at a different practice, all of which left me even more scared about surgery. My... READ MORE

Dr. Abeles has been my dermatologist for over 10 years. The doctor and her staff are courteous and professional. Prior to my exam, her staff will perform intake and note any concerns that I have. During the exam, Dr. Abeles takes my concerns into consideration and performs a thorough exam. ... READ MORE

I was advised by a third party to obtain a skin check and this led to the removal of several abnormal moles. Dr Michalak gave a detailed explanation as to the pros and cons of removal and why it was important to act on the results obtained and the best timeframe in which to do so. I followed up... READ MORE

I had a big mole between my lip and nose (a bit to the right). It has been changing during recent years so I decide to get it removed at Dr. Wali. He is an awesome doctor who really cared about the outcome and called off the first procedure due to the possible danger about taking Humira. The... READ MORE

Beautiful office across from Village of Merrick Park/Nordstrom, well-staffed, with no wait-time to be taken in to exam room. Dr. O'Connell is calm, relaxed and a good listener. He did complete body scan, and then treated by freezing, cutting w/anesthesia with no pain...just momentary discomfort.... READ MORE

My wife suggested I see a surgeon that specializes in facial plastic surgery since she herself works in the medical field. I thought something so minor could easily be performed by my regular doctor but I'm glad I took her advice. From start to finish I was treated like the most important... READ MORE

I have been going to Meadows Surgical Arts on and off for about 2 years to help with weight loss/control. While I was in the office for a routine Vitamin D injection, my technician noticed a dark mole on one of my "cheeks" that looked abnormal. She pointed it out and asked me if I had ever... READ MORE

There are not enough words of praise for Dr. MIchelle Zweifler and her staff. Dr Zweifler did a phenomenal job removing a VERY large and deep mole on my breast. The removal required a few appointments. She was readily available for me either on the phone or in her office. Her staff is also... READ MORE

I initially visited the doctor for my girlfriends visit, and I was impressed by his consultation. I then asked him about a few moles that I wanted cosmetically removed-a week later I had the procedure done. The practice itself is flexible with their schedule and friendly when I needed to come in... READ MORE

I have been seeing Dr. Michalak for over 10 years due to numerous squamous, basal cell and atypical nevi (moles). I continue to see him annually for a number of reasons: 1) His surgical skills are to the highest standards. With as many as 10 facial skin cancer removals in one year, others can... READ MORE

Okay I had a very tiny basal cell cancer on my nose near my nostril. That involves taking a larger area around the now which included part of my nostril. Dr Tim explained a couple of ways to remove this. I am very happy with results. I saw two doctors before Dr Tim and they described rather... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr.Wali by my dermatologist. I was very nervous about having my mole removed from nose. Dr.Wali reassured me by telling me that he has done many of these operations with very good results. I am very pleased with my results he did an amazing job. I have no scarring on my nose.... READ MORE

I went in after being recommended by my doctors, to have some abnormal skin removed. Biggest mistake ever. Not only was Dr. Albertoli less then responsive to my concerns, he didn't hardly even speak t o me directly. After surgery, it occurred to me that the wound looked strange and something... READ MORE

I sought a private dermatology opinion for a highly suspicious looking mole on the sole of my foot. I come from a medical background and knew that its position and recent changes could indicate a melanoma. Mr Ross was recommended by the Dermatologist as the position of the mole meant it would... READ MORE

Just awful. You get the heebee geebies just sitting in the office where the receptionist/money shakedown artist hassles you for your payment before you even sit down in the office. The office itself looks like some kind of creepy, futuristic asylum with bland colors, no TV, and it's so small... READ MORE

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