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Whether you want that mole gone because it’s cancerous or just annoying, these medical procedures safely remove the pesky thing. A dermatologist will typically either cut the mole out and stitch the skin close, or shave it off with a surgical blade. LEARN MORE ›

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I went in to have the doctor remove some questionable moles and a rash. It was done quickly with no pain. The doctor looked at the rash carefully and recommended some medicines with alternatives so I wouldn't have to pay out of pocket with the insurance. Dr. Gascon took care of everything... READ MORE

Dr. Christman is the consummate professional. His skill and experience is obvious. You will find yourself in the best hands possible. He is kind, gentle, caring, and competent. His surgical wounds have left minimal scarring, and I have seen the results of his work on other patients and can... READ MORE

Dr Aycock was really great during the initial consultation and also during the procedure. She has a friendly, calm and unhurried bedside manner and explained everything. She offered her opinion on the pros and cons of the revision procedure (I had previously undergone removal of skin lesion by... READ MORE

I finally had about ten moles taken off my face, neck, and the rest of my body. Dr Imani made the whole process so easy! I was kicking myself for not finding him earlier. It was remarkably pain free (the only sting is the initial local anesthetic for about two seconds) and Dr Imani was extremely... READ MORE

I have had cherry angiomas on my chest for the last several years. While not dangerous they are not attractive. I have been covering them for years with necklaces but decided to do something about it. Dr. Green made the process practically painless. She used numbing cream and made sure I... READ MORE

Although scars can never be completed erased, I have received optimal results from scar removal procedures performed by Dr. Philip Young. I selected Dr. Young after researching many local cosmetic surgeons because I have found his skills as a surgeon to be first-rate. Dr. Young is very... READ MORE

Miss Jemec is a highly experienced professional who instils total confidence. Her empathy and understanding are exceptional as was her care and that of her office. This was a worrying time but made less so by Miss Jemec. She took the time to explain the different options available and the... READ MORE

A chronically nervous patient I was introduced to Barbara by a Consultant Dermatologist who said that if he was to undergo the required treatment then there was nobody else other than Barbara that he would wish to operate. That was good enough for me. Barbara had to contend with me as well as... READ MORE

I needed wide excision biopsy of the abdominal area where my malignant melanoma was found and sentinel lymph node biopsy. The sentinel node biopsy was done in the same hospital as the operation. I received excellent care, explanation, surgery and follow up. I was delighted with my treatment... READ MORE

I needed a couple of moles removed from my face that had been causing me some concern. I did my research on the internet, read reviews, and then asked for a referral to see Dr Imani as I had heard great things. Dr Imani was absolutely lovely to deal with. He made me feel at ease, answered all my... READ MORE

I have an annual check up with my Dermatologist to check for any sign of skin cancers. In the past I have had approx 5 BCC's removed from various parts of my body. At my recent check up Dr Bekhor performed a biopsy on what looked like a harmless freckle-like lesion which was diagnosed as a ... READ MORE

Necessary to insure no major problems later! Sharon did a great job, her diagnosis was spot-on, and she is an excellent care-giver. I recommend her to anyone with a skin issue (as I am male, I am not familiar with beauty-related skin treatments, but I can assure everyone she is an excellent... READ MORE

I went to visit Dr Kahn to check my skin and ask for some advice on dermatologic products. She decided to deeply check all my moles. Thanks to that, she discovered an unusual mole, which had to be removed asap. She did a great job, always with a smile and the best professionalism. I loved her. READ MORE

I hate to complain, as it can often be time lost in negativity. Also, I am very busy. However, I am willing to take the time to post this review because I am a man of principles and really get upset with unethical people. If I can save many people from what I went through, it is worth my time.... READ MORE

Dr Tim removed a melanoma from my lower back as well as a basal cell carcinoma from my nose. Due to the nature of my procedures Dr Tim thankfully squeezed me into his schedule and treated my condition as a matter of urgency. In doing so he has in all likelihood saved my life. I am pleased to... READ MORE

I had 2 moles removed from my face. I was told that for facial plastic surgery, it is recommended you see an ENT who specializes in plastic surgery because they concentrate on that region -unlike a regular plastic surgeon who can do the whole body. Dr. Pawar did an excellent job. I had 2... READ MORE

Had this ugly mole with hair growing out of it. And it was at collar line of my neck and often irritated by chaffing .All it took was one visit and the usual follow up..It was an in office procedure. The office and surgery were spotless and the atmosphere calm and relaxing. I saw the doctor... READ MORE

Dr. Maguire is an excellent surgeon. His office is clean and extremely and inviting; more like a fine spa in an elegant hotel. His staff are courteous and friendly. Dr. Maguire has excellent people skills. He explains procedures thoroughly and in way that makes patients feel comfortable. I would... READ MORE

I have been going here for a while and am never disappointed, Everyone from check in to check out are friendly. I was a bit nervous as I had a much needed mole removed from under my eye. Dr Rios and his nurse made me feel comfortable and relaxed and they talked to me the whole time and we were... READ MORE

Dr. Jason Cooper was one of my surgeons and doctors I consulted with after learning I was diagnosed with Melanoma at 32 years old. Dr. Cooper was always explaining everything about the process, surgery, results in thorough detail as well as superb follow up with any reports and also after my... READ MORE

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