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Whether you want that mole gone because it’s cancerous or just annoying, these medical procedures safely remove the pesky thing. A dermatologist will typically either cut the mole out and stitch the skin close, or shave it off with a surgical blade. LEARN MORE ›
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I had a wart on my lower lip. Met with Dr. Zannis and he seemed very confident it was nothing to remove, no scar would be there. Well, was I shown differently. After numbing the lip and removing the wart/stitches in, I was driving home (20 minute ride) when I started swelling. By the time I... READ MORE

Motivation was mainly for health and also didnt like the lump on the side of my head. Procedure was 20 mins, short and quite simple. Dr Pirani was very professional making sure that everything was frozen. There was some pressure felt during the procedure but no pain. Incision size was... READ MORE

As a physician at a major medical center on the Upper East Side, I come in contact with many plastic surgeons on a regular basis. I therefore had various options when recently choosing a surgeon to remove a potentially cancerous mole from my forearm. I chose Dr. E given his reputation for... READ MORE

I had a mole on my back I believed to be cancerous. Dr. Newkirk and his staff got me scheduled for the procedure fast. The procedure itself was quick and painless. The pathology report came back negative. Either way it was well worth the trip. I would recommend visiting Dr. Newkirk for cosmetic... READ MORE

She removed a mole she said was cancerous. I never saw the actual results . Now I have a HUGE scar on my back bc her work was so awful. I tried to get treatment for my excema but was conned into buying a retinal cream (im 29!) she just pushes more work on you. She pushed a microabrasion on me..... READ MORE

I had a small mole on my arm. It had always bothered me but I didn't want to have a scar. After injecting the area to numb it, the doctor cut the mole out and stitched it up. Came back the next week to have the stitches removed. It healed so well you can barely see the scar. He recommend a scar... READ MORE

The doctor and his staff seem nice. Unfortunately, I'm extremely unhappy with my scar. He left a big-sized, thick , dark scar for little mole removal. He can not blame for my physical healing because I had the mole removal on my face in Alabama 2 years ago. The scar was invisible. Specially,... READ MORE

Doctor Kenneth Gilbert is great doctor. I have had 2 facial moles removed by him over the years. Quick scheduling of office appointments & quick scheduling for the procedure. It was 2 weeks total from making an appointment to see him and the actual mole removal. Pain free & just great work all... READ MORE

I watched my grandparents' generation, as they struggled with "the gifts of the sun." They didn't have sunblock. I know that all skin cancer starts with a mole, and it ends with radiation, or even death, as has occurred in my family. Because of this, I've been super diligent in having my moles... READ MORE

I removed some moles on my face neck and back for cosmetic reasons. Dr. Swanson did a beautiful job. I am very pleased with the result. Soon after stitches were removed, I had very little scarring and the areas already looked great! I was reluctant to do this procedure, but I am glad I did! ... READ MORE

I would just like to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Shortt and his staff. A few years ago I had a couple of miles spring up on my face and after clearing them of anything cancerous I wanted them removed. My family doctor referred me to a dermatologist who said he would be able to remove... READ MORE

Dr. Forsberg is a professional who has not lost his bedside manner. He was very knowledgeable, with excellent follow up. I recommend him highly. It was very easy to schedule an appointment. Waiting time for seeing Dr. Forsberg was only about 10-15 minutes. The Staff was very friendly and the... READ MORE

Dr. Aguiar was very patient and precise. He made 3 layers of stitches not even noticeable. I was so nervous that having cancer removed on my back would hurt, but I didn't feel a thing. Dr. Aguiar talked to me about his family during the surgery and made me feel very very comfortable. Two hours... READ MORE

I've had moles removed by dermatologists over the years and I was sick of all the unsightly scars. I decided to visit Dr. Marcus after a friend recommended him. He knew exactly how to remove all of the mole without any stitches - AND NO SCAR! And not only was he great, his entire staff was so... READ MORE

Here is the results of my huge mole removal - placed some space behind the year yet a visible spot. Thank you to the mcommunity members answering my question about the procedure. I actually decide to to do it again at the same place, with the same laser doctor (Dr. Julian Penev in Varna,... READ MORE

I got a mole removed and during my follow up, I had to wait for an hour before he even saw me. The scar was suppose to be a single line but I ended up with an arrow-like scar. The only response I got from him was "I can open it up and see what happened inside." Its has been almost 3 years since... READ MORE

As most people who are aging, I am taking a greater interest in my appearance. I wanted to have five moles removed by a doctor that I knew would do a pristine job…leaving me with as little signs of a scar as possible. I have had several other skin related procedures done by Dr Fontana and... READ MORE

I developed a flesh colored mole on my face about 8 years ago and was scared to remove it due to possible scarring. Through my dermatologist I was referred to Dr. Capone. I am blown away by the results. You cannot even tell I had a mole. Not only is his work outstanding, but the office staff is... READ MORE

I am amazed!!! since i was born 56 years ago i have lived with what dr. joseph terms a 'ulm' ugly looking mole on my eyelid. over the years it just grew bigger and uglier. Most doctors wouldn,t even touch it and the few that would told me it requireda special surgery. So-- I just learned to live... READ MORE

Last year I had saw Dr George C. Peck Jr for consultation on getting a large mole removed from my right temple. My first positive impression was of his office staff. Everyone was very cordial, treated me with respect and the wait was minimal. The facility was clean warm and welcoming. On the... READ MORE

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