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Whether you want that mole gone because it’s cancerous or just annoying, these medical procedures safely remove the pesky thing. A dermatologist will typically either cut the mole out and stitch the skin close, or shave it off with a surgical blade. LEARN MORE ›
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I have a mole removal in middle of march. The method was shaving. After a month and half, it grew back completely as it has been before. It is even darker now. it has flatten a little bit because i have been using scar zone product. i I was so disappointed about the result. At the day of... READ MORE

I had 4 moles removed. I had two on my stomach that have bothered me my entire life. I had bought some red stuff on ebay for like $20 on my aesthetician saw some chemical burns on me and said I had probably bought compound w and said it would take forever and hurt (it did) she said I could get... READ MORE

I have a raised mole, about 1/4 inch wide and 1/8th raised. It is flesh color - above my lip and just next to my nostril. Been there for 20 years so not cancerous. Been getting sooo many different opinions from doctors - some say shave, some say excise. Has anyone out there had something... READ MORE

MOLE REMOVAL – dissatisfied with results She charged me $450 dollars to remove 4 moles no larger than a BB pellet. I had a mole removed from the side of my nose, my chest and two were on my knee. I am unhappy with the results, especially considering how expensive she is. I was... READ MORE

Mole Shave Pros - I was told the chance of scarring was lower, they did it quickly (within five minutes) and I was able to drive out with the mole removed that afternoon. It was relatively inexpensive ($300, covered by insurance).Cons - I may have scarring but I am unsure.I had a facial mole... READ MORE

I went to Dr Chaboki to get a mole on my head removed. He did a decent job in the surgery. But he sent the skin sample for cancer testing to a lab of his choice without informing/consulting me. Since this lab is not in my health care network (UnitedHealthcare), I got a high bill. Although... READ MORE

Dr Streu removed a mole from just above my upper lip that had plagued and embarrassed me for years. I had been told by previous physicians that removal would leave a large scar and distort my upper lip. Dr Streu examined the mole and proposed an approach that would avoid these problems and... READ MORE

Dr Hodgkinson removed 14 moles off my face and body. The result is fantastic. It is very difficult to see where it was that the moles were before the surgery. He has done a tremendous job! I now feel a lot more confident and beautiful and now do not have the need to wear makeup. I chose to... READ MORE

Hi so I had 9 moles removed on my face 2 excised and 7 shaves so it's day 2 after the surgery and the bandaids were like glued on. So far 2 of them came off one looks really good but the other shaved r still healing and still alittle bloody and crusty under the bandaid I will post pics soon... READ MORE

I am a 26 year old woman with a family history of skin cancer. I have had many precancerous/suspect lesions removed over the last decade; however, it was not until I met Dr. Hsu that I knew how smooth and painless the process could be. Dr. Hsu listened to all my concerns, explaied the process... READ MORE

Doctor Sobanko apparently does not provide cosmetic mole removal. I wish the info is up to date on this site. Also consultation is not free when you mention Realself, they never heard of it. It's $100.00. I'm pretty confused cause I'm trying to find the best doctor in Philly area to get my mole... READ MORE

I have had these 2 moles for my whole life. They were big and ugly and I did not like them. They caused embarrassment and self-consciousness. I have wanted to get them removed for quite a few years, but was always afraid. I didn't want something bad to happen, skin cancer, because of these... READ MORE

Living in the Houston area for the past 15 years, I have been treated by many dermatologists for a variety of issues. Dr. Tricia Brown’s compassionate approach and outstanding skills have made me a loyal patient. Unlike other dermatology offices where I refuse to return, the entire staff is... READ MORE

I do not recommend this doctor to absolutely anyone for absolutely anything. My experience began as a recommendation from my dermatologist. As far as I could remember I had a mole on my face, I did not have an issue with this whatsoever but my dermatologist advised me to get rid of it at once... READ MORE

For my first visit with her, I had the most painless biopsy I've ever had (and I've had a pretty decent amount). I'm usually prone to bad scarring, but there is barely a trace of where the mole was. I was so happy! She has recommended a few treatments for my acne, and each one has worked... READ MORE

I wanted to get some ugly moles removed from my upper lip and chin. They were quite large and in places that meant I needed a plastic surgeon to remove them rather than simply a dermatologist. I got a referral to Dr. Reinstadler and honestly was afraid to go to a plastic surgeon. I was afraid... READ MORE

Expirience was great! Dr. Ibrahimi is a very nice person and caring. He took the time to explain the process, and it went well. Didn't even feel anything. The staff was very nice and friendly. The office was very clean and well presented. I would definitely recommend him to all my family and... READ MORE

I had two small moles removed years apart with 2 totally different experiences from 2 different doctors. One was a plastic surgeon the other was a dermatologist (the derm retired since it's been years). Unfortunately I don't have any pics to share nor do I remember the prices or the dates they... READ MORE

The procedure was short and painless. Dr. Hui was very polite and professional. She asked questions and provide answers to my questions. She also let me know why I should have the mole removed and a biopsy be done. I left her office with instructions on how to take care of the scar and... READ MORE

Dr. Mussat is a professional and an honest surgeon, qualities that are reflected in her art. I had two moles that appeared out the nowhere in my body and I had no idea why, but, Dr.Mussat exquisitely explained the reason of my problem and why moles like the ones I had tend to appeared on... READ MORE

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