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Mohs surgery removes skin cancer by systematically working through the layers of skin until all trace of cancer is gone. It’s most effectively used on basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $3,050

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I am 58 and just had mohs 16 Feb 2015 on my nose left sidewall and was so terrified and worried not knowing how much cutting they had to do! I will be three weeks on Monday. Most of the wound is closed. I can cover the red, bumpiness with makeup and will soon have to return to work. I have an... READ MORE

Went to the dermatologist June 27 for a first-time evaluation. I realized that being a mom and getting older required me to take time out for my own well being and health. In my younger years, I admit that I used the tanning beds and laid out every summer to achieve that golden tan. Always... READ MORE

I had MOHS on my nose recently -I have had MOHS on my shoulder in the past, as well ( along with quite a few other skin cancers) and I thought the nose turned out much better.... As time goes by, the scar- which is minimum as it is, will only decrease..... MOHS takes a bit more time but is worth... READ MORE

Hi all i had my mohs procedure just over 3 weeks ago ' i guess it felt a lot more traumtic than what id expected ' bring awake in small threatre with consultant & 4 other members of staff ' i just didnt expect b so busy one holdong my head pulling my nose & hearing them talking about the cancer... READ MORE

I recently had MOHS surgery and I am very pleased with the results. Was very worried I was going to have to have a forehead flap but Dr Bordeaux was able to use skin from the bridge of my nose to repair the damage. I had 4 layers of skin removed and was left was a hole 10mmx12mm. He and his... READ MORE

Hello My skin had a lot of sun damage. When I was young, I did not use sunscreen and I have a fair complexion, so I got burned a lot. I have been going to a dermatologist regularly for the past 25 years. About 18 years ago, I went through a course of treatment with Efudex. About a year ago, my... READ MORE

At age 26, I went to see a dermatologist about another issue, but I figured, Hey! While I'm here, can you get this tiny little, flesh colored wart like bump out of the groove of my nose, that's been hanging out for a year or 2? I was surprised that they wanted to biopsy it. I was even more... READ MORE

I had MOHS surgery 10 days ago because I was told it was my only option. The whole procedure was downgraded to a tiny little cut that I wouldn't feel because of the lidocaine. Well, the cut was huge and deep and the stitches long and ugly, the mental and physical pain were much more than expected. READ MORE

When I was told I may have skin cancer, I was beside myself. I considered ignoring it, hoping it would just go away. Reluctantly, I scheduled the appointment for surgery, without doing any of my own research. The dermatologist reassured me that the ocular plastic surgeon was the best in... READ MORE

I just to make sure every one is aware of this the first time I had a spot on my nose in 2010. The odds of it coming back in the same spot is odd. Well I first saw the spot on my nose change colors so I went back to my Mohs surgeon and she did a biopsy right away . The results came back yes... READ MORE

I had a virtually invisible area on my nose that would become dry and flaky and then bleed slightly . This was a BCC right on the tip of my nose. Removed with MOHS surgery 4 days ago. Never again the injections to numb the nose were the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I had a... READ MORE

The $80 was my co-pay. $40 for each procedure. I've had this done twice but will put it all in one review. The first time was in March of 2012 on my left shoulder. The second lesion was found on my left eyebrow on a scar when I went in for suture removal of the first lesion (talk about being... READ MORE

Dr. Andrea Hui informed me of my SCC and at 34 I was very concerned. Not to mention that it was in the middle of my face! Dr. Hui eased my concerns and performed my procedure the next day. She did such an amazing job and a week later you could hardly tell I had cancer the size of my finger... READ MORE

As I write this review, I am 4 days post-op (surgery date: 8/19/14) following MOHs surgery to remove a small spot on my nose, that was found to be cancerous - basal cell carcinoma (BCC). I've had this spot for about 2 years before I did anything about it. Before the procedure, it could be... READ MORE

I was in denial about this changing freckle. It was a brown spot I'd had for 8 years since my last child was born. It was lasered, but came back with a vengeance. My vanity had caused me to ignore common sense, I didn't want it biopsied. I didn't want a scar on my face. Funny, when I finally... READ MORE

I was so scared. I had a basal cell on my face and went to a MOHs surgeon and thought I would share my recovery and help stop fears others may have as I did. So far it's been three weeks. There was some discomfort after surgery but not that much. I was more fearful than in pain . I was awake... READ MORE

I had an aggressive tumor on my face. The surgery went fine, no pain and the results are phenomenal. The work Dr. Halem did was incredible and I only have a very small scar. Since surgery I follow up with Dr. Halem on a monthly basis to make sure my face is healing properly and if any... READ MORE

In Sept 2013 I found a small squamous cell carcinoma in my left ear. I talk to my Mohs surgeon Dr Andrea Hui she set up a biopsy and did surgery within 2 weeks. The tumor was much bigger then Andrea expected she calmly did 7 stages of Mohs layers little by little, then instead of a graft she did... READ MORE

Dr. Khorasani saved my face! I had a tiny mole next to my nose and after a routine skin scan and biopsy, was diagnosed with basil cell carcinoma. I needed to have Moh's surgery and was extremely nervous about what this was going to entail and how my face would look afterwards. I met with... READ MORE

Hi my name is mandie 2 yrs ago I woke with a little scratch on tip of nose. It would never heal I kept going to the doctors and he kept giving me cream in May this yr I changed doctors who refered me straight away to my local hospital who done a biopsy it came bk as skin cancer. The scratch on... READ MORE

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