Lower Face Lift

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As the name suggests, a lower face lift tightens the skin of the lower face and jowls; often combined with a neck lift or full face lift.
Average Price: $9,350

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I'm 48 and for as long as I can remember I have hated my "fat face." That has only gotten worse with age and weight and, sadly, I have inherited my mom's neck waddle and jowls. Yes, I could stand to lose weight but even when I was 40lbs lighter, that waddle was there and so were the jowls... READ MORE

I have been following others on this site and have found it most helpful. I appreciate all of the advise and shared experiences of those who have and are going through this too. I have posted most of this before but will repeat some of it here. I am 61 and will celebrate my 62nd... READ MORE

I hated the jowls and turkey neck I had developed over the last few years. Although I was 55 years old I found clerks giving me the senior discount and co-workers asking me when I was going to retire. I carefully chose my doctor and the results from my lower facelift and neck lift have exceeded... READ MORE

I had jowles, my neck was sagging, eye lids dropping over my eyes and bags underneath my lower lids. I was looking years older than 49. It has given my self-confidence back and I feel more attractive and accepted. I have posted before and after pictures of my surgery and it has been 19months.... READ MORE

I had a lower facelift, neck lift, and neck liposuction done 5 weeks ago. I must say, the healing process has gone quite well! I am an active, healthy 60 year old who had some jowling going on and my neck and chin were aging. Decided after years of pulling my skin back and thinking "wow,... READ MORE

I feel so much better about the way I look. In retrospect, I believe I felt old and tired because I looked that way, despite the fact that I'm active and live a healthy lifestyle. I've never colored my hair, although it's been turning white since I was 30, and surprisingly that has... READ MORE

Went to Turkey to tighten my turkey neck. Neck looks better, but still have jowls, don't look any younger per say and have to huge scar underneath chin and behind ears after 8 months. So disappointed. So much pain, so much money, so little satisfaction. READ MORE

10 years ago, I had a mini face lift with Dr. Moscoe. I was 42 years old and was going through divorce and had a slightly sagging neck that I wanted lifted. I had heard that Dr. Moscoe was a decent plastic surgeon, he wasn't the best but at the time I had conflicts and could not wait for the... READ MORE

Right now I am still in the healing process. I had a lower face and neck lift done. The feeling is still coming back in my ears and lower part of my face. I read reviews about face lifts that say a person can go back to work in a week after surgery or go to the gym. I disagree... I suppose... READ MORE

Lower face and neck lift with Coleman fat transfer. Initially I was cautious about fat transfer because I was opting for a subtle natural result. I was afraid I would look "over corrected". However the results are subtle and natural. I look fresh and feel like the clock has been turned back at... READ MORE

Totally terrified, but have a great surgeon. Doing this under twilight sedation. I have thought about this for over a year, actually since 2007. Just scared. Hoping not to regret this decision. Have virtually no support, but moving ahead. Feeling like it is now or never. Looking at this... READ MORE

Thank you Dr. Slupchynskyj for my lower facelift. My jowls have gone and I look years younger. For me, the most surprising fact is how easy my recouperation has been. Everything flowed extremely smoothly from my initial consultation, to my surgery and after care. I can report that there... READ MORE

As a 53 year old woman I had started to see the signs of aging around my jowl area. I had always had loose skin in that area but now it was wrinkling! I just couldn't look into the mirror without focusing on that area. I consulted a few clinics that focused on fillers. After hearing the cost... READ MORE

Disappointed with results... Then had a revision and saw no difference other than my incision line but neater... .. Dr. M is very nice and the office staff is Great but he promised me results that he wasn't able to obtain and I would never have gone thru this procedure had I known this....,I... READ MORE

I had grown an unkempt beard during my wife's long battle with cancer and pretty much let myself go. Following her death and after a period of shock and mourning,I decided to shave my face clean and survey the damage...I was not pleased. Sagging jowls and turkey neck were the dominant features... READ MORE

I want to work another 10 years - love my job, but average age at my company is mid-30's. I didn't want major changes; I just wanted to look my best. We decided on a lower facelift (everything but eyes and forehead). Dr. Kasden didn't try to talk me into anything or out of anything. He answered... READ MORE

After thinking about it for > 1 year-I decided to go for a consultation first, then several more visits with Dr Seal for questions/clarifications etc.. The surgery date was booked. I was very nervous in the weeks leading to the surgery ( first time under a general anesthetic) but was re-assured... READ MORE

I just had a lower facelift on February 19. I had a problem with the lower face sag (I turn 50 tomorrow and I am sure it had to do with periomenopause). I had the surgery done with local. I did quite a bit of research beforehand, and heard both good and bad about the surgery/recovery. It really... READ MORE

I had a lower face/neck lift, with fat transfer, as an outpatient without general anesthesia. The procedure went well, and after 2 weeks I had no pain. After 2 months this was supplemented with some Botox and Juvederm for a "touch up" to my forehead and crows feet. It is now 3 months later and... READ MORE

I have always been a person that's younger than my chronological age and up until a few years ago I felt that my skin looked pretty good. In the last few years since going through menopause and now in my mi-fifties I just felt my outside was not matching how I felt on the inside or how I wanted... READ MORE

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