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WORTH IT RATING based on 611 reviews
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This mini facelift is designed to smooth wrinkles, firm skin and enhance the jawline with shorter incisions and less invasive surgery. LEARN MORE ›
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All in all I'm post surgery 8 months and after many call ins and run a rounds I'm totally back to square one. I was told I was a great candidate and now my neck is a mess. I've posted my photo here, I have some other scarier photos, but can't get them on my computer to share with you. When... READ MORE

I had my lifestyle lift in dallas on feb 19th 09.  YES, I went back to work on day 5.  But, I'm one tough cookie and if I had benefits at work I would have taken at least a couple of more days off. :) I know some people have had bad resuts, for that, I am truly sorry!  But, I... READ MORE

I did Lifestyle lift in the Beverly Hills office about three months ago. The procedure was very painful. I ended up with terrible scarring. And on top of that, I do not see any major change. I did not see the doctor after surgery. Some one who was not a doctor took my stitches out. I felt I... READ MORE

My storey starts 10 months ago. I was a big man at 393 pounds. I had gastric bypass on June 20, 2007. By April 17, 2008 I 210 pounds at 6'1" tall. I had a tremendous amount of excess skin that hung under my chin and jowls. I decided to make an investment in myself and consulted Lifestyles in... READ MORE

It has left me with deformed earlobes, pain and ropey visible scarring. It did not work on me and I am young, in my early 40's. I had a little bit of loose skin on my neck. I was completely lied to at the consult that was performed by an untrained person. This person also told me that they had... READ MORE

Not only was the surgery done and feeling every moment of the scapel, I came out looking like Scissorhands had done the surgery. The scar behind one ear is pleated, that is right, pleated, and oh so obvious. I am humiliated in public, embarrassed to be around anyone. If you are in an intimate... READ MORE

Thanks for hearing my story: I've not been able to air my disappointments because I cannot hurt my husband after the hard-earned money we put into my selfish dream did not pan out (although I'm certain he has noticed but is too kind to mention). Just like all of you reading this, I used to look... READ MORE

I had the lifestyle lift in Jan 2006 and I am still suffering from numbness in both of my jaws, and severe scarring around both ears, front and back. I have had to grow my hair out much longer than I normally wear it and am self-conscious whenever the hair moves from over my ears. I am... READ MORE

At first I was praising LSL because the results were so good. After 6 mo I started seeing sagging in my neck again. My eyes still look good, but now after a year (11/29/06 was my procedure date) I am trying to hide my neck again. I have sagging, wrinkly skin, not as bad as when I had the... READ MORE

Painless, Quick Recovery, Great Results in a short time Frame, Cost-effective Need I say More? I am 54 and have good skin and happy with my basic features. I just had too much lower face skin and fat. My Doctor exuded confidence regarding the outcomes. I was very determined to have... READ MORE

I will add my photos soon as I figure out how to get them off my LG phone. I must say I'm 46 years old and weight gain and loss as well as my age has done a toll on my face. I had watched the Lifestyle Lift infomercials dozens of times and did lots of reading on the procedure. I made an... READ MORE

The surgery was terrible, the pain and scars that I continue to encounter is unbelievable and I continue to struggle daily. The odd thing is that no doctor can figure out what's wrong with me. Even if I mention to them that I had this surgery and ask if there's a possibility that this could... READ MORE

I am a single 55 year old professional woman who felt much younger then my appearance. I went to LifeStyle Lift in Tampa. My surgeon was Dr Karolak. He is the most caring, talented doctor that I have ever dealt with. His staff was wonderful also. I look like I was when I was 40. It is absolutely... READ MORE

My Motivation was watching myself looking older than I felt and realizing that the only way to correct it was going to be cosmetic surgery not creams serums. Everything turned out just as the Doctor explained, it was painless due to the doctor and staff. It was one of the smartest decision I... READ MORE

On 12-28-13 I went for my first consultation to the LSL Center in Downers Grove Illinois . I was so excited because this was after all going to be what they call " A life changing experience " and indeed it was but in a horrible way . The assistant Monica Alexander convinced me that this... READ MORE

I had a gastric bypass over 12 years ago and had excess skin and because of it I felt old. I keep to my diet and exercise and felt I should look as good as I felt. I have lost over 260 pounds and have started the process of making my self over inside and out. The staff and Dr. Gus A. Diaz made... READ MORE

After reading all of the reviews on here, I decided to post about my Positive experience with LSL.Very pleased after 1month. Today I had my month post op visit with Dr. Standefer, I want to say to anyone that has been considering the LSL in the Dallas area to go for it! My initial concern was... READ MORE

I am 58 years old,and looking really tired and worn. I am an actress and I wanted to have a fresher look on stage and off. I am really pleased with my face and neck lift. I feel more confident and feel pretty again. I will tell you that doing this operation,is no walk in the park. You are not... READ MORE

Lifestyle letter May 4, 2014 Lifestyle Lift gets 2 thumbs up plus. I had my upper lids done because they were very droopy. I was beginning to feel like I could not see well, especially from my left eye. Making this decision was a no brainer for me, although was my eye doctor had said... READ MORE

I had some sagging skin under my chin and was starting to get jowls . when I went for the appointment they made it seem like this procedure was not as serious as it was. I was totally not prepared for the way i looked after the procedure I was shocked my face was so swollen and i had 2 black... READ MORE

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