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WORTH IT RATING based on 636 reviews
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This mini facelift is designed to smooth wrinkles, firm skin and enhance the jawline with shorter incisions and less invasive surgery. LEARN MORE ›
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I couldn't be more satisfied. Wonderful results. I do suggest you choose Dr. W. He's fabulous!!! I feel like a new person and I now have big eyelids again!! I had my upper and lower lids done. READ MORE

I got the Lifestyle Lift, had my eye lids that were droopy fixed, neck support, and had laser treatment for lines and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. I am 53 years old and had these procedures done in June. I could see a difference immediately but the laser takes longer to see results. By... READ MORE

After having lost 120 lbs. my neck skin was sagging . After a consultation I was assured the Lifestyle Lift would correct the problem. It hasn't . If anything it looks worse. After the surgery , which was EXTREMELY PAINFUL , I returned the next day to learn the incisions were infected and... READ MORE

On 8/5/10 I had my upper lids; neck; and LSL done. My lids went fine and I haven't experienced any problems other than itching (healing). On 8/6 during my re-check I had stated that I had difficulty swallowing because the wrap was too tight, although I hadn't veiwed my neck. When I... READ MORE

I read the reveiws, good and bad. The bad ones sound like they are either perfectionist or whiners. It's surgery folks. Yes it's uncomfortable, but no lasting pain here. Recovery was quick too. I was back to work on the 13th day after surgery. Happy smiles on my face, especially when... READ MORE

I had eyelid and neck procedure with the eyebrow lift on January 4,2010. As a man having this procedure done, I was somewhat reluctant, however,my experience was exceptional in that the doctors and staff were all extremely professional and the results, I must say,I am totally happy with. My... READ MORE

I didn't like looking in the mirror and seeing a woman who looked older than I felt. I had seen the infomercials on TV, and talked my husband into going in to a consultation at LSL and we both signed up. I signed up for upper and lower eyelids in addition to the neck with the LSL. I agree... READ MORE

Got rid of my turkey neck - I am 62 and tired of everyone commenting on how tired I looked. The inconvenience was minimal - 3 days of discomfort- sleeping on pillows and wrapped tightly. The feeling of numbness on one ear for about 5 weeks was bothersome but it did go away. I work in a large... READ MORE

I Wanted to get rid of my "turkey neck". Drank the Kook Aid in their promotions. Took much longer than expected to heal and they messed up my earlobes. After just 6 MONTHS, my turkey neck is coming back. Not worth it . . . doesn't last. READ MORE

I have never had so much discomfort in my neck area as I have now. It's been two years and I feel like someone has their hands around my neck and chocking me at all times. VANITY is not worth it. People have died from this procedure. I wish I would have reviewed my facts more carefully... READ MORE

I am a few months from 70 and it has been six weeks since surgery and I am pleased as punch. I went into this just to have my turkey neck removed as it had been hanging there for a few years, but didn't realize how much the procedure would change my life. I am so happy with the results that... READ MORE

I would say hell yes go for it I love mine. I am a stylist, all of My clients say wow you. Look great what Happen, I tell everyone , I could not believe how you see the results right away. I love the way I look natural ,younger I even got my dimples back my sister is going to get one pain... READ MORE

I went in somewhat clueless, signed up, had the surgery and LOVE the results. Recovery was slow but worth it. There was more pain than I expected. Recovery took longer. I do have scars and numbness and it's been 2 months. There were minor issues, but the Dallas staff took great care of me -... READ MORE

Pros: I love the fact that my turkey neck is gone. Jowls were made smaller and my face is contoured more, with less roundness. I'm glad I didn't read this website before my procedure, because I may have not had it. I really like my new look and it isn't something that is drastically... READ MORE

I had lost weight, there were months of stress prior to my decision, my neck, smile lines were really showing the burden I had been going through. I always had deep smile lines compared to others my age and I always wanted to do something about them. This 'lift' seems to be just what I... READ MORE

Everything went very well, professional, down time was minimal,really the pain was not that bad, the results are great, i only had the life style lift 9/19/2010. Here is my story i will show a picture of before i got sick, what the medication did to me, how it aged me, then what the life... READ MORE

I had the LL in 2008 and am very satisfied with the results and my follow-up patient treatment. Even now the incisions behind my ears are still sensitive (I had to get steroid inj. for keloid scars)and it took about 6 months to really see the final results of my "family jowls, puppet-mouth... READ MORE

I wasn't really prepared for what I going to experience the first two weeks. However, now four weeks later and I can honestly say that I would recommend LifeStyle Lift. I no longer have a turkey neck and the gowls are gone! However, if you had asked me a couple of weeks ago, I could not have... READ MORE

I had a lifestyle life neck and face and a laser treatment. No way was I prepared for the pain that would be involved and the recovery time. They gave me about 30 painful Novocain shots in my face and sliced me all around my ears. Hearing them cut off skin was disgusting! It took almost two... READ MORE

I normally heal fairly well,they falsely tell you that you can go back to work in as little as a week,maybe if your in a closet. I needed to looker a bit younger mostly under my chin area, aat age 59. I could not and would not tell anyone to do this procedure the doctor and the customer... READ MORE

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