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The Lifestyle Lift is a branded version of a mini lift that tightens skin and addresses facial wrinkles and fat. Unlike a traditional facelift, it's performed under local anesthesia, usually takes less than an hour, and has a shorter recovery time. Update: Lifestyle Lift shuttered the majority of its operations in March 2015. LEARN MORE ›
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BEWARE !  I was very disappointed in what was advertised versus what I wound up with. I wanted to freshen my eyes and they talked me into a mini-lift. (The consultant indicated that I could save this much $$$1200 if I signed today.) Both eyelids were cut differently, one was not... READ MORE

I had the Lifestyle lift with a Laeet resurfacing at the Lifestyle Lift center in Virginia. With a little trepidation I decided to go forward with the procedure and I have not one regret. Dr Dahiya performed my procedure. He is kind caring considerate and an artist. The results of my lift are... READ MORE

I had the Lifestyle lift + Chin implant + Laser. I did a lot of research to determine what I wanted to have done and read many reviews here about the procedures and different doctors. In the end I decided my desire to change my chin area outweighed my fear of the risk. I am not sold on the... READ MORE

This is a huge rip off. I had it all done that they offered and they said if I did this within e month they would give me a huge discount. They also told me i would be healed in a month... You don't even start to look normal before 6 months. The quality of work is less than average. I am sure... READ MORE

My involvement with St Louis MO Life Style Lift center began on June 18. I went to the Clayton center and was met there by a very nice receptionist. She introduced me to my consultant. Her name is Tammy. I will not reveal her last name for her security. If you go to the office for the... READ MORE

I had the procedure on 1/26/12, the lifestyle lift, lower eyes fatty bags removed, lazor treatment at the lower eyes and lipo for my double chin. So far everything looks very good, I am very satisfied and can't wait for all the swelling,bruising to be gone. I am 65 yrs. old and thought it... READ MORE

I had a wonderful experience and I'm two days post-op and having no problems. Yes it hurts, but it's going to be wonderful when the swelling goes down. I wanted to be rid of my turkey neck and my deep naso-labial folds. I'm healing incredibly well (because I am doing EXACTLY what Dr. Scheu... READ MORE

I have been looking at theirs videos with happy patients! So I have problems with swollen eyes due to allergy and of course age. I did make appointment to have procedure done. When I come in they give me all the finance options I have choose 24 months option. They give me a pill to I guess relax... READ MORE

Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz performed my lift and he did a fantastic job. I was very apprehensive but after meeting with Dr. Horowitz he made me feel so comfortable and confident in having this procedure done. He explained all of the ins and outs of the lift and couldn't have been any more clear of... READ MORE

Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy at Lifestyle Lift Beverly Hills cut off my ear lobe leaving it a Pixie ear. Lifestyle Lifts procedure was extremely painful AND ineffective. The mini face and chin lift does not work on most people. The results you will see is from swollen tissue that holds up the skin... READ MORE

I am 45 years old and I was looking to tighten up my double chin with the Lifestyle Lift. That did not happen. Days after my procedure I developed blood clots around my mouth and chin. These were removed by reopening the incision under my chin using localized numbing only, flushing the area... READ MORE

I also had the CO2 lasering done which was $3,000 of the $9,900 My skin was sagging under my chin and I was getting jowel-ly. I also had a lot of sun damage from so much exposure to my skin over the years. I couldn't be happier with the results. I received wonderful care and was fully... READ MORE

I will add my photos soon as I figure out how to get them off my LG phone. I must say I'm 46 years old and weight gain and loss as well as my age has done a toll on my face. I had watched the Lifestyle Lift infomercials dozens of times and did lots of reading on the procedure. I made an... READ MORE

Was apprehensive at first, but after meeting staff and doctor i was comfortable to continue with procedure. It was relatively simple ...followed all directions....healing was fast. After first couple months loved what i was seeing but at month 5 I could not believe how beautiful my face was... READ MORE

My first procedure was in January 2013 in Maitland, FL by Dr. Papsidero. The cost was $10,100 and the staff was extremely nice at first. After I had the procedure, I couldn't see a difference so I went back in to discuss my dissatisfaction and was treated so poorly, you'd think I hadn't paid... READ MORE

Back in April 2013 at age 61 I felt that it was time to have the fat from my chin removed. I was told that i should do a neck lift which I did. After months of follow ups which led into a year of going back and forth to the clinic to either have the bulky scarring behind my ears dissolved by... READ MORE

After loosing weight, I had a turkey neck. This was the first thing I saw in pictures and in mirrors. I would often pull my skin back and see the "after" picture of a neck lift. I am currently working in a department where the average age of my coworkers is about 30 years old. I have always... READ MORE

Dr H was fantastic! After nearly 18 months, everything is the way it's supposed to be and exactly as it was around 4 months after surgery. His staff was caring, professional and very empathetic and kind. No pain or discomfort - good RXs - I had so much skin on my neck I looked like a chicken... READ MORE

My lifestyle lift was done by Ravi Dahiya in Reston Va. I am still pleased 2yrs. Later. My husband says I look better now. I have gained about 5 lbs. A little fuller in my face but this seems to make me look younger. I heal very quickly. The worst I thought were the needles too numb the area... READ MORE

Ladies, we all have the desire to look as young as possible. Especially once we have ' a little age' knocking on the door! In the past few years I begin to notice what I refer to as a 'turkey neck' underneath my chin. I would notice other ladies, somewhat close to my age, and decided it was an... READ MORE

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