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Harnessing the power of light, laser resurfacing treats a variety of dermal conditions, ranging from acne scars to age spots. Listen for these two categories of lasers: ablative (ones that remove thin layers of skin) and nonablative (those that tighten skin and stimulate collagen growth). LEARN MORE ›
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I was looking for a way to get my youthful skin back with little down time. This was the best investment I could have made. It has left my skin fresh looing with a youthful glow. READ MORE

I have a laser treatment 3 days ago. I think the MD have a more agressief treatment done. I thought they recommend me to have the Pearl Laser Resurfacing treatment because is the best for my skin. After they finished the treatment, the price was 1250 more. I was shocked... I realize now that... READ MORE

I had a lazer face resurfing procedure I was back to work within 5 days. The results so far have been very positive. I recommend it to anyone that is thinking about it. I did because I want a more smother younthful less wrinkles look on my face and I saw results from week one. READ MORE

I did 4 sessions of Palomar laser, which is a different brand of fractional laser. It doesn't require the blue gel like the Fraxel. I had some mild acne scars, a small dog bite on my cheek, and brown spots. The brown spots were the first thing to go, right with the first treatment. But... READ MORE

I went to have Fractional laser performed on my entire full face. The Master Esthetician performed the procedure. My face was numbed with topical numbing cream. I orginally was going to have 3 full passes over the entire face, but after only two passes - the second pass was even lower settings... READ MORE

Pro's... one treatment versus several with FractionalCon's.. more down timeI did it because I had lost alot of weight 6 years ago, had no fat left in my face, tons of sun damage and some pre-cancerous skin lesions on my nose! Wrinkles be gone.Went to a couple consults and liked one doc more... READ MORE

Since it's been so soon since I've had the procedure, I can't provide a recommendation as I need time to heal before assessing the results. I'll repost in a month or so. I am now 21 days post op and while I feel much better, I am still very red, flaky, tight and itchy.... READ MORE

I had laser skin resurfacing and my face looks worse than it did before the surgery. I had always wanted to remove freckles. Instead, I got hypopigmentation and clear scarring from the laser.What can I do to fix hyperpigmentation/scarring from Laser Skin Resurfacing? READ MORE

I've had two treatments so far... I pay $500 per visit without a contract, which I like. I don’t want to waste my money on packages that I don’t see any results. So far, I haven't and I don’t know if I can handle doing five as recommended for my scarring. This laser... READ MORE

I recovered really quickly! The first week was a drag...frozen pea bags for an hour on an hour off all day...applying Aquaphor, taking it off to do vinegar soaks every 3 hours...The goo was a mess...I had NO pain-didn't even take a Tylenol...My eyelids were swollen for a few days, but never... READ MORE

I had been unhappy for some years about.deep vertical lines above my upper lip. I spent a long time researching possible treatments and laser techniques. My quest finally led me to Dr. Joel Cohen at About Skin Dermatology in Englewood, Colorado. I was impressed the moment I met Dr. Cohen, he was... READ MORE

After a full cosmetic consult with Dr. Cohen I did a series of laser resurfacing procedures. There was some downtime as anticipated, but it wasn't so bad, and actually totally worth it, as the results are really incredible. My skin is luminous and smooth. I also did some Botox to get a very... READ MORE

Dr. Halpern has been my surgeon for three procedures, most recently laser resurfacing. I trust his judgement, he is skilled and very compassionate. I have had consults with other physicians for each procedure, but also feel the most comfortable with Dr. Halpern. He explains what he intends to... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Miller for my first DOT Laser treatment. The office staff was friendly, accommodating, and helpful. Dr. Miller is professional, kind, and answered all of my questions. I plan on going back for my next treatment in the fall. I got numbing cream on and then 30 minutes later he... READ MORE

For about six years in my fifties, I searched out plastic surgeons that I could trust with my face. I met/interviewed about eight surgeons. None of them rocked my boat. Not to say that they were all bad, just not what I was looking for. I'm a designer and have a very keen sense of design. I... READ MORE

With time comes wrinkles. I knew doing in that laser resurfacing can be painful but, the results are beautiful. I was well cared for and in following the after care instructions had great results. It can be a painful recovery, there are about 2 days that are really uncomfortable. But if you do... READ MORE

I have always been an outdoor, active girl which tends to weather your skin. I'm not a sun worshiper, but I like to run, bike, hike, ski...all that takes it's toll on your skin. I also have 'delicate' irish skin which doesn't always wear well. I thought I was looking beyond my years and... READ MORE

Dr. Rockmore is a find. A true perfectionist, he's world class in every way. Compassionate and thorough, he takes the time to explain everything - before, during and after a procedure. Dr. Rockmore has performed 2 procedures for me, and the results are flawless. Follow-up care is outstanding. Dr... READ MORE

This procedure takes some time for recovery, but it does give you entirely new facial skin and if you are willing to follow the steps to heal properly , you will be rewarded with a greatly rejuvenated complexion. If you go to Dr. Popp for a consultation (which I would highly recommend) you... READ MORE

I would like to share my journey and express how thankful I am for my experience during my stay in Miami. It all started after 10 years of mostly wishing for eyebrows and for an eyebrow transplant among other procedures I was also interested to having done. Finally the day came and a couple of... READ MORE

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