Laser Resurfacing

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Harnessing the power of light, laser resurfacing treats a variety of dermal conditions, ranging from acne scars to age spots. Listen for these two categories of lasers: ablative (ones that remove thin layers of skin) and nonablative (those that tighten skin and stimulate collagen growth). LEARN MORE ›

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Dr hurley is the consumate professional as is her staff. from the moment you make an appointment until you finish you are treated as if you are one of their family. i know her assistants by name and all about their families as i do dr hurley's. each physician in her group is top notch. the... READ MORE

In October 2011, I had the evolastin procedure performed by Dr. Lori Brightman at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center New York. I am extremely pleased with my result. My skin looks smooth and tighter. Dr. Brightman performed the procdure at the center and I was able to take a bus back to my... READ MORE

Skin discolorations and lots of wrinkles around the mouth. READ MORE

Acne scarring, skin tightening to put off face lift READ MORE

Very painful procedure. Needed some skin resurfacing and wrinkle removal. suggest IV anethesia if considering this procedure. Just had it done 2 days ago.The procedure was worth it. My skin looks great. Down time was about 8 days. The improvement on the wrinkles around the mouth were about 60%.... READ MORE

Pros: hopeful that I will be satisfied with the results but am not going to make that judgement at this point. Healing is faster than I would have thought possible right after the procedure was done. Cons: absolute shock to the body, fairly severe pain for first 48 hours, unexpected nerve... READ MORE

So, thx to the response of the dr.'s here I chose active fx over IPL for fine lines, acne scars, and pore size (active fx was actually cheaper, only one teatment and treats all of my issues instead of 1). I just got the procedure yesterday and it was a breeze, practically painless (feels... READ MORE

I had ablative laser resurfacing to correct major sun damage, fine lines and remove brown age spots. My face peeled for the first week and there was some redness for the next few weeks which was able to be covered up with makeup. My complexion is flawless now. The tone and texture of my skin... READ MORE

I had my first Clear & Brilliant a little over two weeks ago at Dr. Mountcastle's Ashburn office and I am very pleased with the results after just one session. My pores and skin appear and feel tighter and previously visible blackheads and clogged pores are now gone or barely visible. What's... READ MORE

Okay, so I'm in the medical spa industry and I'm fortunate to have nurse practitioners as friends. I was asked to be a model for a Palomar Lux 1540 laser resurfacing training. I've been haunted for years by classic ice pick acne scarring on my chin from cystic acne and thought what... READ MORE

I am in mid 50's and the lines around my eyes, mouth and other places were getting deeper and deeper...Just had the double procedure yesterday--full face fractional ablative laser preceded by a full face non-ablative laser. Less painful than I expected. I did not have any pain meds and while... READ MORE

This is a three step procedure beginning with a solution called Levelan which is applied and stays on the skin for two hours. The next step is intense pulse light (IPL), which acts to stimulate collagen. The final step is to lay under a blue light for seventeen minutes. This phase can be a bit... READ MORE

It's only been a little over 2 days, so the jury is still out, but I'm thinking this is the real deal. I frankly wasn't expecting much. My introduction to cosmeceuticals consisted of Radiesse injections about a year ago, and all I had to show for that was a large credit card bill and... READ MORE

After having severe cystic acne for several years and after completing Acutane and other medications i finally was able to stop breakouts. While i stopped having the breakouts, i still had scarring and redness on my face. I was first apprehensive of having the operation because the cost, and... READ MORE

I had a few red spots on my face that have been driving me crazy. They were never blemishes, just tiny broken capillaries all over my face. She explained they're common in women, especially if you're pregnant and/or smoke. She took her time with me...explained the after care in detail..... READ MORE

Hi guys, so i have gone ahead with the palomar starlux fractional 1540 laser and i have just had my first treatment today. It cost £900.00 GBP When i entereted the clinic, they were quite polite and i then was called by the nurse who was carrying out my treatment. So first i was told to... READ MORE

Dr. Sandel has one of the best bedside manner ever! READ MORE

To keep a youthful look. My skin was very sun damaged. I just wanted to look refreshed. READ MORE

Why I did it: I have great skin and inorder to keep looking young, I decided that I needed to begin a maintainence program now before the wrinkles started. Peels where not an available option at the time, as I am still nursing my child. I was told by my Aesthetician that Matrix RF would be great... READ MORE

I used to have dark circle under eyes, little prominent under right eye (there was a small and fine crack as well) due to one small previous injury got few yrs back, I started using Retin A 0.5% cream under right eye only from month of April’11, after 3 days continuous use, I got burn by... READ MORE

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