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In a laser peel, the top few layers of skin are removed to reveal the fresh, new skin underneath. LEARN MORE ›
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40, my skin was showing the signs of sun damage and mild rosacea that I could not get rid of with topical creams, and I tried an IPL, which did help, but I was looking for more drastic results. I decided on the Laser peel, and I was awake during the whole procedure, which I would not recommend.... READ MORE

I am a 43 year old female that takes great pride that my co workers think I am 30. I am very fit and my skin decent considering I was a victim of loving the sun a little too much in my younger days. I did have some minor sun damage and the past 3-4 year have experienced sagging and wrinkles... READ MORE

I wish I had known about some of the side effects before I had the nonablative peel done, especially the cold sore, which broke out less than 24 hours after the procedure on my upper lip. I had my lower face done and when I left the office my face was very swollen and I felt as though I'd been... READ MORE

Fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentationList Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer othersDr. Lee had a recent promotion for dermal filler and I jumped at the chance to try it. Results are great--natural looking and just what I wanted. I really like Dr. Lee and feel completely confident recommending her. READ MORE

I elected this procedure as a "tune-up" for my skin and I continue to marvel at the great results. My peeling came in tiny flakes about 3 days after my procedure. It lasted for two to three days but I hardly noticed it. I think that keeping my skin moisturized and cleansing it... READ MORE

I had the "whisper" erbium nonablative laser peel done twice the last 2 months. The first one involved hardly noticeable heat feeling, no redness and mild peeling for one day. I was not pleased with the minimal results and the spa agreed to do it over for free. The second time was... READ MORE

Six years ago I had a micro laser peel for minor acne scarring. The doctor recommended peels but I only did one. It was very painful like a blowtorch in the face and it left a scar under my eye. When I went back for a follow up I pointed this out to him in which of course......take a big guess..... READ MORE

I had a 50 milli-something laser peel all over my face combined with fractional resurfacing also around my eyes and mouth with the Sciton laser. Also, BBL or photolight done on my neck, chest and hands. I am 50 years old and have typical crows feet and marionette lines and sun damaged skin. BBL... READ MORE

Just had South Beach Peel (bbl and laser) on 1/10/11. Numbing cream worked pretty well-not much pain during procedures. Significant burning for about 2 hours right afterward. Day 1 very red, swollen and throbbing, day two a little better. Today is day 3 - no pain, slightly less red and... READ MORE

I had the A squared treatment with a great physician in the Kingwood, Tx location. I received Botox, MicroLaser and a Profractional treatment. Although I had 5 days of downtime, I have to admit it was worth it. I have a fresh, young and vibrant look! I'm ready for my reunion... READ MORE

I had this 20 minute procedure in a plastic surgeon's office spa in April of this year. It's been about 4 months and generally I and certain close friends do notice a modest improvement in smoothness. At baseline, my skin is generally very oily, large pores on nose especially, and... READ MORE

The procedure did improve texture and tightness, but not to the extent I expected, and I now have noticeable areas of skin that are lighter than the rest. I had a microlaser peel about 2 weeks ago at a depth of 10-15 microns. I still have some minor redness but I have spots on my cheek that... READ MORE

I have slight scars and doctor advised me for laser but i got burns at those scar spots. 20 days have passed and i have got brown marks. i have my marriage in next 25 laser advisable to remove these burnt marks? READ MORE

I had a laser facial and two days later I had a large herpes break out. My face is a mess.How long will it take to resolve on outbreak on Zoviras and Valtrex? READ MORE

Please don't do the lazer treatments on your face! I went in for lazer hair removal above my lip and suffered PIH and now hyperpigmentation that is worse than ever. The doctors said that time would make it better but the procedure was in May of 2006!!!! Went to different Derm to try to... READ MORE

I am happy so far. I was not expecting the first treatment to do a whole lot..It definitely helped the large pores on my cheeks, helped small lines and shallow acne scars.. I had a micro laser peel set on 8 for my forehead and 10 for the rest of my face. forehead probably should have been set on... READ MORE

I am a woman 45years old from the middle east.i made an fx treatment 3 days ago to get red of brown spots and aging lines READ MORE

I had laser treatment yesterday for sun spots & red blotches on my cheeks. I used a SPF 15 moistizer & SPF 15 foundation this morning. At lunch I took a 45 minute walk & after work I was out side for about 30 minutes. Do you think I got too much sun?I am really worried I reversed... READ MORE

I had a dark spot due to sun damage on my cheek. i am asian so i am prone to get dark spots the laser specialist said. i had the treatment and i ended up having a scab for 3 weeks. in the end the spot turned red and now has a slight indent. it makes me so sad because before that i had almost... READ MORE

About ten years ago I had a CO2 laser peel, one pass followed by erbiaum yag laser, with very good results. About a year and a half later I began developing some bery large pores on the sides of my nose. I had good results in terms of tone, tightening, and elimination of fine wrinkling. My... READ MORE

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