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IPL, or intense pulsed light, is used to reduce wrinkles and other skin issues and in laser hair removal. You may also have heard it called photorejuvenation or photofacial.
Average Price: $525

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I am 42 years old and although I feel and look much younger, I felt that my skin's youthful glow and brightness had dissappeared and was hidden behind a mask of darkness that clearly came from too much sun exposure. After having the IPL treatment done (only 1 time), I see much brighter skin... READ MORE

Bought a deal for 3 ipl facials from a reputable med spa. I was very nervous, especially after reading some of the horror stories on here. I'm 36 and fairly pale. I had freckles as a child which have turned into sun spots as I've gotten older. I also have a few broken capillaries on my cheeks... READ MORE

A previous doctor told me I wasn't a candidate for any laser Rosacea treatments until the flare ups were under control. But, they never seemed to be under control, so I moved on to another doctor who was able to get my Rosacea to go into remission. While we were treating the rosacea, I asked her... READ MORE

First I have to say I have very pale skin, and my spots are light brown, not dark - which apparently are harder to remove I now know. I really don't know if they are sun spots or age spots or hormone spots or what kind. They began appearing in my late twenties and I'm now in my early thirties. I... READ MORE

I had crepiness around my eyes and lips; overall my skin had few wrinkles. I used to have people tell me I looked five years younger than my real age and felt that I had aged rapidly in the last few years. I spen $375 for an IPL photofacial. Afterwards, my eyes were dry, my skin was dry and I... READ MORE

If you watch the news at all I'm sure you've already seen Dr. Van Dyke, she is the go-to expert when it comes to skin in the Phoenix area and nationally as well. I would not trust my skin to anyone else. As I near my 30s I've been more into skin care and what I could do to treat some minor... READ MORE

I have gotten IPL twice so far for acne scarring. Immediately after the treatment my whole face feels like its on fire for a few hours, but after that my face just becomes very dry and flaky for several days, but this is all in the process. When it clears up, the scars are visibly clearer,... READ MORE

I have just had IPL treatments with a local Hairfree Clinic in Victoria Park and have walked away very disappointed. I wasn’t promised permanent hair removal but was told that because I had dark hair on light skin it would work well for me and to expect at least 80% reduction. Told it would... READ MORE

My name is Frank & I had my 1st IPL treatment when I was about 67. My skin didn't have any sparkle lol & I read about IPL & sought out dermatologists in NYC. Just a web search. I came across Dr Lisa Zdniak had a consult & she suggested IPL right away. I liked her felt... READ MORE

I have been having IPL treatments at Dr. Gidon’s office for many years. I have some rosacea so it removes any red veins that I develop and stimulates collagen so my skin stays rejuvenated. I sometimes have some brown sun spots on my hands and the IPL fades them also. Dr. Gidon always reminds... READ MORE

I have developed some itchy red bumps 1 weeks after my 2nd E-light hair removal treatment. Nothing happened for the 1st treatment, and it is the same lady doing it. She told me she even lowered the energy a little for the 2nd treatment. Nothing happen after the treatment but only after 1 week... READ MORE

Immediate results and even more with a follow up treatment. I bought a $90 Living Social IP Photofacial voucher for Advanced Skin & Laser Center, Mesa, AZ. I take care of my skin but decades of living at the beach and being active in the outdoors left me with big, brown spots and lots of... READ MORE

Just had IPL yesterday afternoon on face and neck (no chest sun damage) and it's now the morning after. Definitely have the coffee ground look with lots of dark freckling. Can't tell what the final result will be, but I think the coffee ground effect is what's expected and will help reduce... READ MORE

I had IPL done just over 3 years ago. It was at Spa Aethetica in Orange, CA. At first things went well, then one day I went for treatment and got badly burned on my neck and chest. They said it was normal and everything would be alright. I'm not alright, I have scars all over my chest and... READ MORE

My twin sister and I are turning thirty this year. We have struggled for years with very ruddy skin, including red and brown 'sun' spots. I attribute our uneven skin tone to running around without a drop of sunscreen though the better part of our childhoods. Anyone with truly ruddy skin... READ MORE

I've had this twice on my lower arms, once on my upper arms, twice on my face, once on my chest. I'm 42, Fitzpatrick type II , however, I never tan. I have some age spots, freckling, but not as much as many individuals my age because I wear sunscreen. On my arms, I got this... READ MORE

IPL has helped my face with hyperpigmentation. I have melasma, and dark circles so I was told to try the IPL to help. They also call it a photo facial where I usually go. Although it does hurt( I actually think it is one of the more painful procedures), I do think it helped with my... READ MORE

I'd been shaving at least my face once a day for the last 18 or so years and finally plucked up the courage to give this a go. Even though I knew it would be expensive, my main reluctance was that I'd heard so many stories about people being burned and scarred as a result, as my skin is rather... READ MORE

I've had mild rosacea for years, but lately it had been getting worse, so I finally decided to bite the bullet and get it treated.The Finacea cream could only do so much, and I couldn't even drink a half a glass of wine without looking like Mrs. Claus. I plan to have at least three more... READ MORE

I had a couple large sunspots/brown spots on my cheeks from sun exposure and have tried many lightening creams for years with no luck. 2 IPL treatments a few months ago and the sun spots are ALL GONE. I paid $150 per treatment in So Calif. to a board certified MD. I am 48 years old and very... READ MORE

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