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IPL, or intense pulsed light, is used to reduce wrinkles and other skin issues and in laser hair removal. You may also have heard it called photorejuvenation or photofacial.
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Just wanted to prepare/warn people about how painful IPL really is. I am a 33 year old man with a pretty decent pain threshold. I just had the procedure done on my cheeks and nose. I read that it feels like a rubber band snapping on your face. I felt like it was a bit worse than that. More like... READ MORE

I have had two IPL treatments and will be getting another in two weeks. The first one was amazing in that about 70% of my sun spots and freckles basically just "fell off" after about two weeks. A few weeks later I noticed a big difference in the way my skin looked in pictures - a lot... READ MORE

When I first had the procedure, I was not quite sure what to expect for recovery over the next few days. The doctor I went to did a phenominal job. First the ALA cream was applied and allowed to incubate for 1 hour. After that, a numbing cream was rubbed on my face which sat for 1/2 hour. The... READ MORE

I'm currently on my third IPL treatment for facial redness/veins and hyper pigmentation, I'm expecting to have 4 treatments. I'm very pleased with the results so far and would recommend IPL when done with the right machinery, strength and practitioner. For my first appointment I... READ MORE

First I went to an MD who did 3 fotofacials on me. I wanted to reduce my pores, fine lines, age spots and a few broken capilaries. It was unsuccessful and showed NO results. Then I went to a Medical Spa. After my first treatment...WOW! A Huge difference! It was definitely more painful (I... READ MORE

I had terrible broken capillaries on my nose and some on cheeks. My nose is large to begin with so it really bothered me. I decided to give it a try. I liked my first tech, she was nice, but I didn't feel anything and didn't notice anything. The next appointment I went to, I had a... READ MORE

I hv hyper pigmentation from sun exposure since my teenage yrs. I am 41, had 2 ipls done in last two months. My first one was with a professional surgeon for $450 - extremely painful felt like someone using a stun gun on your face. He burnt corner of my lip, both sides and forehead. All my... READ MORE

I was at a local medspa for a microdermabrasion and the nurse recommended IPL for the red spot on my nose. I had had it for three years after an acne breakout and was surprised it hadn't faded. She pressed on it to see if the redness would fade to skin color if she did and determining that... READ MORE

About 2 weeks ago I went to get a IPL treatment to treat what was pointed out to me Rosacea from a Dr who has in the past done facial fillers for me. During that visit he noticed I had slight rosacea on my cheeks and around the the nose area and forhead area. He suggested the IPl and said I would READ MORE

I was paranoid to get IPL done. But I did a lot of research online and found a top-notch dermatologist who is board certified AND is a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine. And she did a great job.This is only the first of 5 treatments. However, I feel much better now that I've... READ MORE

I have always had freckles on my face and I decided to get rid of them. Also I had a broken blood vessel on the bridge of my nose from falling asleep with my glasses on. The first treatment significantly lightened the red mark as well as my freckles. I used a numbing cream and the pain was... READ MORE

About two years ago an anesthesiologist friend of mine decided to open a MedSpa in Miami Beach, close to my house. Only because he was offering me a good deal did I decide to go in and do something about the amount of hyperpigmentations and fine lines that were slowly invading my face.... plus... READ MORE

So far I have had 11 treatment under my arms and 6 on my legs. My hairs under arms are a lot finer but stil come through. my legs are patchy which is good so far but after treatments i do end up with red burn marks where the machine has been used.I had my 11th treatment under arms yesterday and... READ MORE

I did IPL 3 times. The first time (year 2006)was unpleasant as the doctor seem new to the technology and i could felt that my face's skin was like burning when during the treatment. Before the treatment the doctor proposed me an "economical package" which will cost me RM5000 (arround UDS... READ MORE

I had IPL 2 days ago. It stung slightly, but the results are worth it. My pores are smaller, it reduced the redness in my skin and small spider veins around my nose. Also, Del. requires a Dr. perform all procedures and that was very comforting. READ MORE

My daughter was scratched by a puppy 2 years ago. This left a broken capillary under her eye. We tried waiting for it to disappear, but it had not even faded.She had 2 "zaps" on the spot in one treatment session. Within 2 weeks the broken capillary had completely disappeared! ... READ MORE

I had (notice..."had") sun a damaged area on my right cheek and some "new" dark spots that had appeared at the end of summer 2009. I chose a dermatologist. When I was advised that the "new" dark spots were age/hormonal related and not "anything medically to... READ MORE

I had IPl treatment done on my neck for Poikiloderma. A discoloration, mostly brownish and some faint redness. I had the treatment as I did not particularly like how it looked and with sun exposure, even wearing sunscreen, it would look worse.I found the treatment to be both effective and... READ MORE

I like IPL removal but It has left me with darker spots on the areas of my face where I did it. Is it normal to have a darker skin on the areas where I did IPL hair removal? Is this reversible? READ MORE

Hi, I have had a folliculitis 9 months ago that has left several brown-red spots on my back and torso. I am faired-skin (I burn easily under the sun). I then went to see several doctors for different treatments:I have had so far: -5 Ipl -2 V-beam -1 ablative yag 532 laser (all of... READ MORE

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