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Here are the three little words you need to know when it comes to IPL: intense pulsed light. This skincare tool is often used in hair removal and photofacials.
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Pro: It is said not suitable for Asiatic with Indian/Srilankan genetic, so I am South-East Asian, I bought it and it works ok for me. The manual told me to use power setting 3 at maximum for my brown skin color, but I use power setting 3 and sometimes 4 around bikini line. It has been 3... READ MORE

Thank you for all the responses.. 6 days after the treatment my skin looks beautiful. I can't believe the difference. I have to do two more treatments but I'm very scare because of the long recovery timeand also it was not the greatest experience. READ MORE

I'm now 67 years old. Had IPL from shoulders to fingertips to remove a sea of age spots in 2006. Pain was minimal (like a rubber band snap against the skin). 5 years later and VERY few of these ugly things have re-appeared. In 2009, had the triple laser treatment (IPL, Microlaser Peel, and... READ MORE

I had IPL treatment in Thailand for sun damage on my face and hair removal on my chest and back. I had a total of 5 treatments. The face treatment included gluthathione injections too. I am satisfied with the results on my face as my skin is a more more even tone all over. The hair removal was... READ MORE

I had a large blotch of pigmentation on one side of my face that looked like an extended side burn. I forgot to use numbing cream prior to my appointment. I would estimate that each pulse of the laser hurt about 1/2 as much as getting an ear pierced, which was not insubstantial. I got about 10... READ MORE

Do yourself a favor,don't do it!!! Just a waste of money. I have freckles and is conscious about it.I read about IPL and supposedly as promised will remove it.The provider asked for the payment for 3 sessions upfront, I guess they do that so there is no turning back.They say it is more... READ MORE

2-weeks ago I had IPL; V-Beam and 5 minutes of Blu-Light laser all in one appointment. This was to get rid of "precancerous" spots BUT I was also told I would SEE improvement in age spots, red marks, and general redness. I am still waiting to see ANYTHING, how long does it take to see... READ MORE

I have redness and tried five ipls. I did not see the results I had hoped for. I have some redness on each side of my cheeks. The redness did not go away where I wanted it to. I did these in six to eight week intervals. I read where some do this in three week intervals. Maybe that is why.... READ MORE

Hi there, I have very pale skin and I have red angry after acne marks all along my cheeks. My dermatologist suggested IPL to get lessen those marks and to treat the remainder of my acne. We started at a 22 and were supposed to go up to a 24 but I ended up having to decrease to an 18 because... READ MORE

Firsty - if you're thinking about IPL, DON'T DO IT!!! My first treatment was for a few thread veins 4 weeks ago and it went fine, the second was 2 weeks agao and was for general rejuvinaton across the nose and cheeks. I was a different tech from the first. As soon as the tech... READ MORE

I had very dark spots/melasma all over my face. My doctor said she would start slow to see how I would tolerate the laser. She iced my face prior, and although it is uncomfortable, it's hardly unbearable. We chatted throughout the procedure. The spots do turn darker, then flake off. And, yes... READ MORE

I had a procedure to remove keratosis from my forehead. The doctor got busy and a nurse did my procedure and I believe she used the wrong equipment. I have small oval hypopigmentations and like scorched fine wrinkles within each oval shaped white burn mark. They swear they used an IPL, but I... READ MORE

I had an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) photo-facial four years ago and have since had at least one a year for maintenance. After abusing the sun for many years I was covered in sun spots, I now have zero sun spots and I am complimented on my skin everyday. It was an easy procedure that wasn't... READ MORE

I'm 40 and have spent most of my life on the beach and in the sun. I've developed a few brown spots and some broken capillaries on my face which I wanted gone. A few years ago I was seeing a dermatologist who hired one of his patients to do his IPL work. Not knowing better, and... READ MORE

I have had 8 treatments of ipl hair removal, it works, that s wonderful result... but i am starting to think that ipl is a very bad radiation...what will be in 5, 10 years??? Does anyone know anything about radiation that is produced by ipl machines? How dangerous is it?... We are trying to make... READ MORE

I had four IPL treatments over the course of 8 months and my skin looks great. I am 41, very fair with red undertones, had some sundamage and broken capilaries, and fine wrinkles under my eyes. IPL improved everything dramatically except for the fine wrinkles. I look 10 years younger. I... READ MORE

I had my first IPL treatment to target the brown spots and red vessels on my face. One week later and the biggest brown spot is GONE! And the others are fading fast. Some of the red spots are gone, too. Dr K explained that it would take 2-3 sessions to get the best results. I've booked my... READ MORE

Pros: FIRST SESSION did seem to lighten some of the brown spots and sun damaged areas of my skin. i was encouraged. they said this process of lightening would continue as the "laser brought the pigment to the surface and it was exfoliated or flaked off" they recommended using... READ MORE

This procedure is very risky- I know it can give great results, but please think twice before you do this as there is a very real possibility that you will end up looking a lot worse after the procedure than you did before it. At the VERY LEAST, make sure to do a test patch on your skin before... READ MORE

I've had the best experience with IPL. I'm fair skinned, with reddish undertones. I developed the 'mask of pregnancy' during both my pregnancies and the dark patches never went away. After just one IPL, they were all but gone. After the second, there is NO trace of them. I did... READ MORE

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