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IPL, or intense pulsed light, is used to reduce wrinkles and other skin issues and in laser hair removal. You may also have heard it called photorejuvenation or photofacial.
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I had IPL 2 days ago. It stung slightly, but the results are worth it. My pores are smaller, it reduced the redness in my skin and small spider veins around my nose. Also, Del. requires a Dr. perform all procedures and that was very comforting. READ MORE

My daughter was scratched by a puppy 2 years ago. This left a broken capillary under her eye. We tried waiting for it to disappear, but it had not even faded.She had 2 "zaps" on the spot in one treatment session. Within 2 weeks the broken capillary had completely disappeared! ... READ MORE

I had (notice..."had") sun a damaged area on my right cheek and some "new" dark spots that had appeared at the end of summer 2009. I chose a dermatologist. When I was advised that the "new" dark spots were age/hormonal related and not "anything medically to... READ MORE

I had IPl treatment done on my neck for Poikiloderma. A discoloration, mostly brownish and some faint redness. I had the treatment as I did not particularly like how it looked and with sun exposure, even wearing sunscreen, it would look worse.I found the treatment to be both effective and... READ MORE

I like IPL removal but It has left me with darker spots on the areas of my face where I did it. Is it normal to have a darker skin on the areas where I did IPL hair removal? Is this reversible? READ MORE

Hi, I have had a folliculitis 9 months ago that has left several brown-red spots on my back and torso. I am faired-skin (I burn easily under the sun). I then went to see several doctors for different treatments:I have had so far: -5 Ipl -2 V-beam -1 ablative yag 532 laser (all of... READ MORE

I had IPL full face done 3yrs ago with awesome results.I just had 3 IPL treaments done in Apr/May/June 2009 full face and a few spots on chest. I had 2nd degree burns on chest with blistering and now hypo pigmentation and my face was burned and I blistered under left eye with dents and bruising... READ MORE

My experience was very painful and so far I am extremely worried about my possible results. I have gotten new blemishes and my old ones are just as dark as when I started. I need advice as I do not know whether to pay for two more sessions as originally planned. Please ADVISE.I first had my... READ MORE

Help, I had an IPL Friday in a dermatologist's office with years of experience. I have type II skin. I now have stripes on my cheek on one side and red/purple under my chin. I saw the Dr today, and was told that I had burns which is very unusual with this IPL and a blonde haired green eyed... READ MORE

I am 36 years old and used to use a tanning bed. The past few years I started to see red marks on my face--sun damage.I've had five IPL sessions now. Although it is a slow process, I am happy with the results. It has eliminated the major red marks on my face. My doctor charged $600 for a... READ MORE

Pros: Nothing Cons: Made my skin super sensitive Scars are still there After doing more research iv learned all the treatments iv had arent specifically for red scarring. i dont have any more money to waste on my skin..please just tell me something that will work once and for all ... READ MORE

I had just a few brown spots on my face. I am fair and freckly and after one treatment, my spots appeared much darker and new freckles surfaced. It also seems dryer. Now I will be very shy of all laser treatments and will never do IPL again. I hope creams help lighten the dark spots... READ MORE

I want to even out my skin tone, it looks dirty. I have an olive type skin tone. IPL didn't hurt at all and I didn't have any redness/swelling/bruising. Hi, we'll I've been using Ziana, Triaz and Doxycycline for three months and have seen decent results. It has left me with a... READ MORE

I had IPL and YAG laser treatments to my abdominal area for skin tightening and weight loss. Have had some tightening but no weight loss. Can IPL and YAG laser treatment be used for weight loss? I had this treatment done 3 weeks ago,And I've noticed skin tightening a little but no weight... READ MORE

I paid $500 for one session and had my whole face done - about 45 minutes. It felt like someone was systematically burning my face with cigarettes! I expected my face to be a terrible red mess afterwards, but it was not too bad and the redness completely subsided within the hour.Although my... READ MORE

I'm 40 and I have had a lot of sun damage and skin imperfections intesified by three pregnancies. My Doctor made me like "like new" with botox and IPL treatments. She is extremely professional and a very caring doctor. The results are fantastic! READ MORE

I am 43 years old, and am a landscaper. Until I was about 37 I almost never wore sunscreen, or a hat. My face, neck and chest had quite a bit of sun damage- dark patches, and broken capillaries. My chest had a permanent ruddy area that was shaped like most of my scoop-neck tees!I have had 3 IPL... READ MORE

My regular redness subsided, but i now have rosacea inflammation that i have never experienced before, i originally had it done to remove redness from kprf.My first treatment i did both an ipl and v beam back to back. The second treatment I did only a v beam. I was doing the treatments to... READ MORE

I have had 2 IPL treatments in a reputable dermatologist practice. I had some very minor burning sensation that lasted about 1 hour followed by some minor darkening of my spots, but no visible change. I had my second treatment one month later and had NO side effects, no darkening of the spots... READ MORE

I had no problem with the first 3 IPL treatments in fact my skin felt lovely. It was only after the last one that i had a problem with the eye area and my eyes looked sunk which accentuated the puffy area or maybe its the other way round. I had the treatment for some very slight broken... READ MORE

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