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Here are the three little words you need to know when it comes to IPL: intense pulsed light. This skincare tool is often used in hair removal and photofacials.

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I wanted to remove one freckle on my face that was on my cheek and was very dark compared to any other freckles. The procedure took only about 15 minutes. It was a little painful but only for a second. The freckles initially got darker but after 2 weeks the main freckle I was concerned about and... READ MORE

I went to a doctor that operates the laser himself, not a technician. His experience and knowledge encouraged me to be proactive and get those darn sun spots removed! I mentioned the broken capillary (on my nose) in the title because it was gone after just few hours. Something I cover up... READ MORE

Love Bellava Medaesthetics. I went there for four laser treatments on my face, hopefully to remove hyperpigmented scarring from a previous procedure from many years ago. They were upfront about the expectations - being that I have Asian skin, treatment has to be conservative as I can have more... READ MORE

From the moment you walk into Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center, you are treated like family. The comfortable and well appointed office makes you feel right at home. The friendly and helpful staff put you at ease and the Accent Laser treatment I received was pain free and effective! I... READ MORE

I had this done when Dr. D saw how upset I was over my cellulaze results. Cellulaze left my legs totally discolored. Especially my left leg that her permanent discoloration and looks awful. The backs of my legs (under my butt) are the worst of all. After the IPL my skin was burned terribly. ... READ MORE

I have loved the results of my IPL treatments with Dr. Gidon for facial brown spots, sun spots, and redness. She knows exactly how to achieve the results I want. There is no down time, and it's definitely worth the price. I intend to get IPL treatments whenever I start to notice new spots on my... READ MORE

IPL is definitely a little uncomfortable but I had a freckle that was changing texture and I thought I'd have it zapped before it became an actual problem. Had a series of five sessions and all the freckles either disappeared or were greatly reduced. Unexpected was the reduction in lines and... READ MORE

I am not sure of the name of the type of laser used in facial hair removal. However, the procedure is quick and it works much better than electrolysis. It is costly, but worth it as it takes awhile for the hair to grow back. If you can afford it and have the numbing cream applied first, it is... READ MORE

I am 38 and had several small age spots and sun freckles and acne scars on my face. I got IPL at Emmerge Medical Spa in Tigard, Oregon as part of a facial. The spots darkened (looked pretty weird for a few days but I could cover with make up) and then a few days later they sloughed off and were... READ MORE

My experience with ipl laser has been fantastic! I have always had rosecea most of my life and it had been getting worse so i decided to see a dermatologist he told me medication would not help and recommended me to a plastic surgeon. I went for a consultation he checked my face, offered me two... READ MORE

I am a 31 year old female with some freckles and sunspots due to excessive tanning as a kid. Ill try to upload pictures later. Not enough damage to really turn heads,but enough that I notice it in every picture taken of me. I thought about IPL a year ago, but after reading many reviews on the... READ MORE

Just wanted everyone to know that I had IPL lasering and botox this month. My skin looks great; additionally I think I've developed a serious love for botox. I walked into Dr. Nassif's feeling my real late 40's, and walked out feeling my younger late 30's. I've been going to Dr Nassif for... READ MORE

Over 80% of the hair on my body is completely gone and doesn't look like it's gonna grow back. A few hairs here and there have, I probably should've had one session more or something but that's no biggie. I'm thrilled with the results I got across and after my laser hair removal procedure. It... READ MORE

I decided to try ipl to prove rhe appearance of my skin and reduce the sun damage on my chest and arms. I had two treatments on my chest, the first one didn't appear to dough but after the second treatment I saw excellent results with a combination of ipl and the alex laser! On my arms, I had... READ MORE

I have brown spots on my forehead, above my eyebrows, cheeks and chin. It was due to birth control and hormones as it only appeared in my 30s. I had IPL done in August 2011 and it made my skin flawless. Yes now in May 2013 it is almost back to the way it was before. Anyone else experience this?... READ MORE

You have no idea how relieved I am now that I'm finished with my IPL sessions. My skin looks great, glowy, soft and smooth. It takes months to get the final results, but if you begin your treatment in winter time, by summer you're completely hair free. painless and cost efficicient. I'm glad I... READ MORE

I am 3 days post IPL. This was my 1st treatment. I have rosacea & experience persistent redness & flushing. Fortunately for me, I have not progressed to the stage with bumps/pimples, but unfortunately oral & topical medications have not worked for me. After a lot of research on IPL... READ MORE

I want my skin to look fresh and clear. Dr. Rahimi suggested IPL, I love the results and many I my friends noticed my radiant skin and asked what I did. I have fair, combination skin that was beginning to show signs of sun damage. The IPL treatment decreased the size of my pores and small scars... READ MORE

I'm not sure why but at first I was a little scared but as soon as I met Dr. Tal and his staff that feeling was gone. Dr. Tal had an ear for me and explained me all the positive and negative parts of the laser hair removal and made sure I understood everything before we started the procedure... READ MORE

I have had two treatments and can not believe how good my skin looks. The first treatment was not too exciting, it did hurt, but not much difference appearance wise. The second one has blown me away, it looks really, really good. I may go back for a third as there is still some pigmentation from... READ MORE

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