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Here are the three little words you need to know when it comes to IPL: intense pulsed light. This skincare tool is often used in hair removal and photofacials.
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I just had my first IPL for brown spots. I am half Italian-half Irish. Dark hair, light complexion. I had two test patches done within the two weeks prior. I asked for this, as I was nervous about having anything done to my face. I can tell you without hesitation: DO NOT do this procedure... READ MORE

I have had IPL hair removal done on my face and the results have been great so far. I have already noticed about a 50% improvement with just a few treatments. I am going to soon be doing my whole body! The cost is about $40/visit for a small area like the face and if you ask them to make you... READ MORE

I had booked four sessions as recommended. Was very excited about clearing up some sun spots on my face. Clinic staff all very nice. Everyone has a different reaction/pain level. My face was swollen and looked scalded for three days. Then it began to peel and looked worst. I was house bound for... READ MORE

After 5 IPL session I have had very little improvement at $295 per session. I have skin type III medium complexion & was advised that my skin would require lower settings on the IPL & may take longer to get results. Well, after 5 treatments I say its not worth it. Unless you have light... READ MORE

About 18 months ago I started to break out in pimples everywhere. I was put on birth control pills to make my face clearer. I noticed many broken capillaries on my face after taken birth control pills for only three months. So I stoped taking them and my face broke out more. The dermatologist... READ MORE

Awesome, loved it. Getting the treatment isn't fun, but the results are amazing. Lightening, less redness and substantial tightening. Would like to have 2 more treatments. READ MORE

I just had my fourth IPL treatment today and I must say that it is totally worth the money invested. I am 30 years old and have suffered with moderate adult acne for the past 10 years that has left my face ( particularly my cheeks) an uncover able shade of red that is totally depressing. My... READ MORE

The Medi Spa I go to for treatments recommended I try IPL 6 months ago for rosacea redness and visible blood vessels. For 6 months, I read negative reviews online and looked at the photos or zebra stripe burns and wanted to get IPL but was very anxious about bad results. Then yesterday I... READ MORE

I had developed melanoma after being on the pill, so I tried the IPL laser treatments. It definitely worked for getting rid of the brown spots(took several treatments), but did leave me more sun sensitive so I had to use sunscreen and wear a hat. READ MORE

(That's $450 per session, I will probably need 3.) I had one session of Fraxel: restore at $2750 (at my derm), had a very bad reaction to it and saw no results, decided to try IPL for hyper-pigmentation and rosacea-induced redness. I am 36, very pale (red hair, blue eyes), have always... READ MORE

I had three sessions for rosacea treatment $300 each, cheeks only. No tangible improvement due to IPL. READ MORE

I just went to a consultation to remove brown spots from my face. I am Latin decent so she said it would be perfect... I actually felt very confident. She was a good spoke person. She actually offer to do a small test on my neck......HUGE MISTAKE...!! It hurt so much and I had asked her to... READ MORE

Had the same horrible experience. I've been 3 times and my face is ruined. I have dark spots that will not go way after months and my face is still super sensitive to the sun. I had it done to diminish freckles and fear I can never be in the sun again. A few pimples that were almost healed... READ MORE

AGAIN I had a wonderful experience. I truly believe the result has a lot to do with the care and experience of the person performing the procedure. Darlene's cost was MUCH lower than in NYC AND she also gives you a MICRODERMABRASION two weeks later included in your price of the IPL.. She... READ MORE

I've had 7 IPL photofacials in the past 5 years and I couldn't be happier with the results. My first experiences were pretty typical of those described elsewhere on this site. My 4th experience was traumatic. I had so much melasma from my pregnancies, that the laser lifted up TONS of... READ MORE

I have had two IPL sessions done over the last couple months for my rosacea. I am 20 years old with very fair, very sensitive skin. The IPL has helped a good deal. Skin still has a ruddy appearance but overall, redness has decreased and there are less papules/pustules. Also noticed my face isnt... READ MORE

I live in a nothern state, so I decided to have IPL in the winter ( late December 2010 )so my skin would have time to heal before the summer. I was adament about staying out of the sun or tanning bed. It worked terrific at first. I had three treatments. I used sunscreen everyday even though it... READ MORE

Ok, let me begin this by saying that some of the reviews on here are absolutely terrifying. So much so that I almost backed out an hour before my appointment! In the end, I decided to go and at least discuss some of my concerns with the laser nurse. After doing so, I decided to go ahead with it... READ MORE

My brown spots from sunbathing were either gone or lightened after healing from the 2nd IPL treatment and I was very satisfied with the results. But after 1 year,the brown spots have returned despite using the doctor recommended sunscreens and extremely limited sun exposure. Additionally I... READ MORE

I had three treatments covering my entire face, neck, and chest. I'm 32 with type 1 (super fair redhead) skin, some sun damage but not a ton, no acne. I decided to get it because I wanted to see some improvement in my large pores, freckles, fine lines, and some generalized redness (I... READ MORE

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