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Here are the three little words you need to know when it comes to IPL: intense pulsed light. This skincare tool is often used in hair removal and photofacials.
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You have no idea how relieved I am now that I'm finished with my IPL sessions. My skin looks great, glowy, soft and smooth. It takes months to get the final results, but if you begin your treatment in winter time, by summer you're completely hair free. painless and cost efficicient. I'm glad I... READ MORE

I am 3 days post IPL. This was my 1st treatment. I have rosacea & experience persistent redness & flushing. Fortunately for me, I have not progressed to the stage with bumps/pimples, but unfortunately oral & topical medications have not worked for me. After a lot of research on IPL... READ MORE

I want my skin to look fresh and clear. Dr. Rahimi suggested IPL, I love the results and many I my friends noticed my radiant skin and asked what I did. I have fair, combination skin that was beginning to show signs of sun damage. The IPL treatment decreased the size of my pores and small scars... READ MORE

I'm not sure why but at first I was a little scared but as soon as I met Dr. Tal and his staff that feeling was gone. Dr. Tal had an ear for me and explained me all the positive and negative parts of the laser hair removal and made sure I understood everything before we started the procedure... READ MORE

I have had two treatments and can not believe how good my skin looks. The first treatment was not too exciting, it did hurt, but not much difference appearance wise. The second one has blown me away, it looks really, really good. I may go back for a third as there is still some pigmentation from... READ MORE

I wanted to get treatment for hyperpigmentation and IPL was recommended by my dermatologist. I had one treatment at her office, but wanted to continue somewhere with more convenient office hours. Skin Deep was the first place I tried and I have never looked back! The treatment definitely... READ MORE

I went to get IPL to get rid of a couple of brown spots and overall to get a more youthful look. Im 35 and after having my 3rd child I thought I would treat myself to something that would make me look and feel better. I spoke to my friend who had it done several times and she loved it. She had... READ MORE

My daughter talked me into trying IPL for my face, which had numerous very large and very dark spots from sun damage. I didn't really think that it would work, but after a couple of weeks post treatment, the majority of visible damage is GONE! Shirley administered a numbing cream, then we... READ MORE

Pros: Excellent results, completely removed age spots Cons: Horrible recovery, lasts 7-8 days. I have relatively fair semi-freckled skin (blonde hair, blue eyes). I've spent my life skiing and biking and being out in the sun--now, at 37, I have a ton of sun damage. The big sun spots and... READ MORE

I had 6 IPL treatments followed by 6 dermabrasion treatments for my hyper pigmentation after pregnancy. Wow my skin looks great. Yes the IPL can be painful as the intensity goes up but the results are fabulous and I am very pleased. IPL may not be for everyone, but between the... READ MORE

I've had 6 treatments of IPL with a lot of pain and with no change with the roseacea. We also tried 2 of a stronger laser, but can't remember what it was called. Each treatment she went up in intensity of the laser but still had no effect on me. I also tried Metrogel with no effect. I guess... READ MORE


I have very fair skin and problems with broken capillaries around my nose. I initially went to a medspa and had IPL done around my nose only, to address the capillaries. The cost was $70. It hurt! Like the type of shock that makes you jump every time the laser went off. I did not use numbing gel... READ MORE

The doctor promised it would not affect my fillers but after one treatment I lost all the volume in my face and the doctor would not refund my money or help me to fix the problems. I have been so depressed about how I look especially during the Christmas holidays. I feel deceived and mislead... READ MORE

I am Asian. I had a few scars on my face from an accident 15+ years ago. I played a lot of tennis and loved to travel and being outdoors, and I rarely wore sunscreen. My skin paid for it. Even though the scars healed very nicely, they browned over the years. On top of that, I had age spots and... READ MORE

I have had 5 or 6 IPL treatments. I've gotten it on my face with GREAT results every time. I feel much more confident without makeup and have a pretty nice complexion now. I also had some treatments on my chest, and on my second chest treatment, the gal said she treated me very aggressively... READ MORE

I just had my 2nd IPL treatment today and it was just as positive as the 1st treatment 4 months ago. My background: Caucasian-looking (fair with yellow undertones), with Native American, French and German in my heritage. My aesthetician told me today that the IPL machine she uses has no... READ MORE

On Nov. 13 I went into Oleigh Medspa for an IPL treatment for a few brown spots on my arms. The registered nurse who performed the treatment assured me that she had done it before and knew what she was doing. During the treatment I felt discomfort, which she said was normal. A day after my... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Laurie Casas' office in Highland Park for my procedure. Maureen Spahr RN performed my procedure. Maureen was extremely thorough and carefully explained the procedure before she began. I have had 4 treatments have noticed a significant difference in the quality of my skin( sun... READ MORE

I would NEVER recommend IPL EVER. I had it once on a very low setting. It left very visable squares, deep rooted lines, zig zag lines all over face and chin. The more years pass, the more the damage comes to surface of face. I'm surprised so many doctors are not more ethical and can speak... READ MORE

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