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Fractional lasers are used in skin resurfacing—to minimize wrinkles, help reverse sun damage, and generally improve skin's appearance. LEARN MORE ›
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I wanted to freshen up my face because i am 40 yrs of age,the only difference was that it did remove some sunspots!,other than that my face has only worsen!its only been a month and my face wont stop breaking out,my chin and jaw line are very dry where i have to constantly have to use eucerin to... READ MORE

This is not for dark or olive skinned people. It has left me with a big scar which is tough to fade away. Now I have to cover up with a concealer. My skin used to be better before. Also, the pain that you go through after having this procedure is not worth. Would not recommend this to anyone. I... READ MORE

I did the Fractional Co2 to help the appearance of my skin from acne & scarring. Dr. Saluja was very informative and honest with me regarding the procedure and that I may not look " that great" the first few days. I was given pre-procedure and post procedure written instructions at my... READ MORE

I had my lower face treated with the Palomar Lux 2940 fractional laser. This is the heavy duty ablative laser not the 1540. It wasn't too painful as my doctor completely numbed my face with injections, but my face was like chopped liver for a week - very burnt with crusting and weeping. I... READ MORE

I had a fractionated co2 laser treatment in mid-November 2011 on my cheeks, eye area & chin/jaw (everywhere on my face but my nose & forehead). I am 44 years old. I was hoping to get rid of some fine lines & sun damage and basically help my skin look younger. I bought this treatment... READ MORE

I have had 2 laser treatments prior at a laser therapy company, before contacting a plastic surgeon. The surgeons office did a full face limelight treatment first with absolutely no change. It was decided that I should go the cutera fractional laser route. At great expense and time, I did... READ MORE

For years I've had deep wrinkles around my eyes and mouth due to sun damage and genetics. The doctor informed me about a procedure called Fractional CO2 that smooths and resurfaces the skin. He warned me that the downtime is 7-10 days. I've never had anything aggressive done to my skin... READ MORE

I did the laser procedure, to look as healthy and refreshed as possible. I'm Jennifer and work for Dr. Richard Castellano.  I have seen the dramatic results in patients that have had laser procedures, so decided I would like to enjoy those same results. I had the laser... READ MORE

I have had multiple lasers done in my 40 years because of acne scarring over my face, but most aggravating over my upper lip where I have a plethora of tiny, deep, ice-pick scars. My first laser was in my mid 20s (prior to fractional lasers) -- a full-face ablative CO2 procedure. It turned... READ MORE

I had uneven skin tone and was told that 3 treatments using the Palomar laser would even my skin tone. I was told there were no negative side effects. After 2nd treatment I noticed dark ridges under my eyes but was assured they would go away. After 3rd treatment, the ridges were deeper and... READ MORE

I had fractional laser on 2-23-2011 at Lifestyle Lift, My question is how long should the redness and the blotchyness last? It is 13 weeks and I am still red and blotchy. I also have blood essels. I am faired skin, Do you think that the redness could be rosecea. I am 75 years old. E\Ant... READ MORE

I did the laser on my face, the fractional laser on my face and my upper eyelids, I had those tightened as well. From start to finish, everything was just excellent. I’m very, very pleased.  My skin still looks amazing and he explained exactly what we were doing, what I would see... READ MORE

I had fraxel about four or five years ago. It was excruciating and not much results. So I was hesitant to get the fractional co2 laser. I had it on Tuesday (today is Saturday) and I am almost completely healed today. The procedure itself was very comfortable. They numbed my face with cream which... READ MORE

I had the more intensive version of this treatment, to both face and neck/chest areas. The treatment coordinator told me that it was essentially no big deal to do this with some numbing cream and oral meds. THEN I asked the doctor her opinion... The doctor, who I have seen over the past six... READ MORE

At age 23 I started getting adult acne and lived with scars on my sweet cheeks for 10 years, till I was introduced to Laser Treatment. I got my first treatment and it did hurt a little bit during the procedure(About a 5 in pain for me, but then I am a woose!) I am so happy that I did the... READ MORE

I am already very impressed. Right now I have redness and dry patches, but I can already see some of my scars smoothed out almost completely. I have had these scars for over ten years from cystic acne and have tried everything and nothing has changed them at all.. they are little ice pick... READ MORE

After I got the treatment my face kept burning. A month after, 2 months after, 3 just kept burning. In the meantime, I noticed that my face kept looking more and more saggy. I could not understand what was happening to me. I noticed a little scar on my right cheek was actually... READ MORE

I previously underwent the Pixel CO2 back in the middle of 2009. The results were amazing. However I was left with noticeable remaining sunspots (AKs), which was the main reason I did the procedure. I just had the procedure performed again (4 days ago). I had realized that I wanted more... READ MORE

Great experience. Doctor told me the treatment is a total of 3 treatments . I have had 2 treatments with great results. Ist they apply a lotion on the entire face and left it on for 30 minutes before starting the procedure.After that the laser treatment took 30 minutes. after my first treatment... READ MORE

This did weird things to my skin- it is a pretty powerful treatment. Heats up pixels of skin down deep, supposedly deeper than the 1540 handpiece. My skin was hot for a few hours, on fire actually, and swollen for maybe three days. My skin color looked a little bronzed and shiny, and felt rough... READ MORE

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