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Fractional lasers are used in skin resurfacing—to minimize wrinkles, help reverse sun damage, and generally improve skin's appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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I am 48 years old and I wanted to smooth my fine lines, wrinkles, and even out my skin tone. I made an appointment with Dr. Lensink and he explained the different types of procedures that were best for what I was looking for. I loved how he explained in detail the different options. He showed me... READ MORE

Excellent results, my skin feels smoother and less uneven after only one treatment. I had minimal redness on my cheeks (where I had the laser treatment) for only the night of the procedure, and it was gone by the next day. It was painless and required no after-care whatsoever. I will definitely... READ MORE

Okay so the fine lines and crepiness I was developing around my eyes was getting progressively worse despite all my efforts. I had been cotemplating a micropen treatment and my aesthetician recommended a Fractional 1540 treatment instead. She said I would like the results much better. I... READ MORE

It's been 2 months since I've had fraxel laser on my face and my experience was nothing short of a nightmare. I am a 42 year old northern asian and I belive everything that could have possibly gone wrong went wrong with me. After 2 weeks when I should have been healed, I was left with... READ MORE

Good day! I just want to share my experience regarding with this CO2 fractional laser wherein I've been reading articles and watching videos that this procedure will resolve the issues of deep acne scar. I've search different trusted clinics ( trusted clinics since this procedure is quite... READ MORE

It has been a month since I got this procedure for my pitted acne scars and I see no improvement. My skin is now blotchy red. Please do not waste your money on this procedure and instead do derma rolling. The people who do these lasers are quick to take your money. Did you ever see a legit... READ MORE

I had the dot laser done to my face, neck and chest by Dr. Mendoza. What a huge difference it made. At 42 I started to get acne. This procedure cleaned up the acne, the few sun spots I had and helped with the fine lines around my eyes. I would recommend this to a friend. If I need to repeat... READ MORE

I'm an Asian with very sensitive skin. So I was quite apprehensive on having treatments on my face. However, after months of mulling over it, I underwent 2 sessions of fractional laser with Dr. Margaret Corcoran. And I'm happy that I did! My pores seem smaller now, my skin tone evened out and my... READ MORE

Dr Ridenour is a wonderful doctor. He listens to what I want and I have confidence in what he suggest and what he does. The saff is grand, they do everything possible to make a patient feel relaxed and comfortable. All in all, I feel anyone would be totally satisfied using any of the procedures... READ MORE

Hi! I would like to post about my experience with a fractional laser for acne scar treatment. I have had this procedure done three times, with the first time being in Dec. 2009. I can tell you that this procedure does not work at all for removing acne scars that have been caused by cystic... READ MORE

There are no pros except that Dr. Loury was nice.The cons on the other hand are several. This laser procedure did not work at all and i have never experienced so much pain in my life. It left like I was being tesed every time the laser was used on my skin. By entire body tensed up so much that I... READ MORE

Indeed, an expensive procedure, but well worth it. I had fractional laser treatment and PRP focused on my cheeks and forehead areas. If you're worried about pain, do note it hurts less than I'm sure it's worth subjecting yourself to such a procedure to get those awful holes... READ MORE

I had the Fractional CO2 laser of the face and neck. The texture of my skin is smoother and more supple. There is a significant overall improvement of my face. I was pleased with the entire experience.  READ MORE

I went to Dr.Lucarelli thinking I wanted one type of treatment. He discussed options and recommended this for me. It was actually less expensive and an easier recovery than what I thought I would have had with my original choice. He is caring and approachable. I am so happy with the results. One... READ MORE

It took me a year to decide to do Fractional C02 Laser treatment. I read and studied the different face treatments, I read and also talked to friends who have had different treatments many with marginal results, many required multiple visits and expense. Dr. Elam was very personable and wanted... READ MORE

It was so quick and easy. Down time a little longer than I thought but my skin looks beautiful and I would recommend it highly. There was no pain involved, I didn't take any pain medicine after the procedure was done. Had two facials that helped with the sloughing of the skin.  READ MORE

You might have heard that Fraxel has recently launched together with Philips a fractional laser device that can be used at home. It is called ReAura and currently is not available in the US. It is only sold in the UK and Netherlands. However, I am sure it will be soon be in the US, unless the... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Cooper to have a Micro Laser Peel done to help reduce fine lines and better the appearance of my skin overall. I am 27 years old and I like to take good care of my skin. He was extremely kind and informative. As the treatment went on he let me know everything to expect through out... READ MORE

I had the Smartskin CO2 (fractional) laser performed under my eyes 13 days ago. My eyes are still pinkish, but not bad. I can see some overall tightening and smoothness. Paid $1500. Pain wasn't too bad. Eyes swelled up badly for 3 days. I ahd it done on a mdeium setting and had about 9 days of... READ MORE

I'm in my mid 40's, have fair skin, love the outdoors, and have a history of mild acne. I went to Dr. Gilman hoping to minimize fine lines, acne scarring, sun spots, and overall tone of skin. During my consultation, she spent time explaining how and why my skin and face had changed over... READ MORE

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