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Fractional lasers are used in skin resurfacing—to minimize wrinkles, help reverse sun damage, and generally improve skin's appearance. LEARN MORE ›
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I have acne problem since i was a teenager... so its more than 8 years i am fighting with my problem. i tried all kind of creams nothing helped me... peelings...facials... waste of money. yesterday i did my first Co2 Laser treatment.. it was painful but i was expecting more pain so it was ok i... READ MORE

I have always been unhappy with my skin, its very oily, i have spots nothing major but i did use to have acne. I also have alot off dents and scars left from spots over the years, the sad thing is they say they only scar if you squeeze! What a load off fu*#*ing Sh*t that is! Ive noticed that my... READ MORE

I had the laser around my eyes and upper lip the doctor also done around my mouth and chin area. This was very painful my face burned like it was on fire just after. This is the day after and it is not to bad. I have swelling of my eyes and lips. We just have to see how it goes from here. I am... READ MORE

I recently received Fractional Laser treatment with great results. My face looks more refreshed with the deeper wrinkles, large pores and hyperpigmentation greatly reduced! I have included before/during/after pictures; however, they really do not give justice to the large pores that were greatly... READ MORE

I have suffered for About 15 years with severe cystic acne, I am 28 going in 29, acne has ruined my skin and I have deep scarring, I also seemed to have lost fat in my left cheek where the acne was the worst and have the sunken look. I actually went to a doctor today in Boca Raton, FL. And... READ MORE

I had fraxel done on a Monday 2 weeks ago, mainly for hyperpigmentation due to years of sun exposure while on birth control and also for mild acne scarring. An RN did the procedure and honestly, it was pretty painful. Just like others described, It felt like a very HOT rubber band was being... READ MORE

I had the Sandstone Fractional c02 laser on May 25, 2011 to address melasma. I went to a board certified plastic surgeon in Mass. The procedure itself was pretty painful, but I figured "no pain, no gain". For about 5 days after I had the usual bleeding, crusting, and peeling that... READ MORE

I had full face fractional co2 laser done five weeks ago. I was attempting to address early signs of aging. Fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Though my provider has said I need to wait atleast 60 days to see results I am quite certain they will not be good. The texture of my skin is... READ MORE

I paid a price for living in the Caribbean as a sun worshipper: skin damage. It turns out that those who advised us to stay out of the sun were actually serious about it. The years of sun have taken a toll on my skin. As I age it gets worse, and at the same time thinning skin and receding... READ MORE

I had the laser treatment almost a year ago. I went in to have scars removed from around my ears from another bad surgeon that did my neck lift. I met with the Doctor and he told me that he could really improve the scars and then he talked me into having my whole face done. Then he told me that... READ MORE

Hey All, I'm a 34 year old Canadian female living in Busan, South Korea. I decided to get laser treatments from a doctor who had given me five sessions of IPL. I didn't have any skin problems prior except for a few fine lines and some freckles (which the IPL had taken care of quite... READ MORE

I am a 59 year old women and wanted to get rid of lip lines, marionete lines and some old age spots. Went in yesterday and had it done. Did it hurt? Yes sir it sure did---felt like red hot needles--but the pain (as long as you could squeeze your hands together) was bearable. Today is my... READ MORE

Ive been having treatments from Dr. Emer for a couple months now, including viva acne scar removal. It definitely works- - no doubt about it. Friends and family definitely notice the difference. It is not the most painless of procedures (at least for me) but my skin is much smoother than it was... READ MORE

He burned my entire face by a laser procedure back in 2010. He even went under my eyes! He really scarred my chin badly. I'm still getting treatments to correct the scarring from all of the burns. It's costing me a lot of time and money. I may be scarred for life because of his extreme... READ MORE

On december 5th (2014) had my first treatment (I payed for a package of four). I was told by the doctor who performed it that I ought to see results even from the first session. I had researched and I knew that what she told me was highly unlikely, but when you' ve spent many years hating the... READ MORE

My wife had this done 2:years ago and brought this to my attention for we both used tanning beds early in life have brown spots.. I am set up for 3 treatments she only did the one had some result with it so I am trying this since the spa had a sale of 35% off on series of three I am going for it... READ MORE

I was persuaded to have a fractional laser treatment to tackle my slightly lax skin on my forehead. The UK practitioner is not a doctor but said that the advanced Cutera laser would know exactly what the skin needed in order to repair . I had new lines and more laxity form over the past couple... READ MORE

Hi, I am joining this site because I wanted to share my experience in the hopes of helping someone else. I have had bad stretch marks since a growth spurt when I was about 13. They cover the front of my thighs, the tops of my breasts and run all across my back, horizontally above my underwear... READ MORE

As a sun lover that didn't always wear sun screen or protective clothing, I was excited to have a laser and erase some of the signs of aging and sun damage. I had wrinkles and fine lines that I wanted to have removed or at least lessoned as well as smoothing the texture of my skin. After the... READ MORE

My goal for having this procedure was to look more youthful and to remove melisma/age spots. Pores were tightened, fines lines were removed. Downtime was 5-7 days. More effective than a peel. This was my second time having this procedure and both times produced amazing results. Dr. Miller... READ MORE

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