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Endermologie is a cellulite treatment that combines very firm massaging, rolling and sucking at the skin's surface in an attempt to break up the fat cells that cause cellulite dimpling. LEARN MORE ›
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I have always had cellulite and jumped at the chance to try something to get rid of it, besides cellulite creams. I bought 10 appointments up front and it hurt like crazy. It also didn't do a thing. My cellulite looked the exact same as it had in the beginning. The clinic took a before... READ MORE

Please do not be put off by my long comment - it is very important that you read this review if you are considering endermologie/lipomassage. I have only included useful information and advice as I want to give a good quality review. I am very slim and have cellulite on my legs and slight... READ MORE

I am relatively small but have cellulite on my abdomen, sides of stomach & thighs. My doctor told me that Endermologie would help with all of that including increasing my metabolism and helping with my overall weight loss. Personally, I have not seen a bit of difference in my skin and I... READ MORE

I did a series of 10 a few years ago. Started seeing results around visit 6. It seems also to promote some weight loss although that might just be water loss. Of course results do not last if you don't keep doing it. READ MORE

I purchased a 10 session package and I'm currently on my 7th session. Is the cellulite gone? No, but it sure looks better than what it was before. I am getting 2 weekly sessions and plan on continuing them weekly after the 10th session. I am also applying cellulite cream (Amway Artistry... READ MORE

Purchased package of 12 for $1k, compression bodysuit was included in price. My cellulite was a grade 3 (not 19yr old cellulite, but not my grandmothers cellulite either) and was primary on the back of leg. I underwent treatment 2x week and saw very subtle results after the 2nd treatment. Each... READ MORE

I had 15 treatments. It was done by a lady that is a teacher for LPG. It did nothing for my saggy skin and cellulite. I thought perhaps I needed more treatments so I bought the wellbox to use at home. Nothing! It was a waste of money and time. READ MORE

Greenhithe, Auckland, New Zealand. Had over 25 sessions, watching my diet and even combined with the Lemon Detox diet at one stage. Didn't loose one cellulite dimple nor any fat. Only lost weight when I was doing the Lemon Detox diet. Really, really disappointed! I'm not overweight,... READ MORE

I have just finished my 10th session and decided not to continue. I haven't noticed any results at all. The procedure was quite pleasant and relaxing, sort of like a deep massage, and most sessions I managed to even have a bit of a nap, so I wasn't too stressed about sticking with it for... READ MORE

This is my 3rd dr.office attending for endermologie. it's worked all 3 times. i love my results. i naturally workout 5 days a week cardio,weight train and drink plenty of water also i have a clean diet. on endermologie days i make sure i do at least 30 mins of cardio. my cellulite was every... READ MORE

I really saw a difference after the 10th session, my cellulite on my thighs really got smoother, my skin was much firmer and you feel so good after this massage. I keep on maintaining it once to twice a month, it's plenty enough because it continues to make my thighs thinner. READ MORE

3760anon mentionned that the best candidates are under 25 years old. That may be true because i personally had 2 endermologie treatments at different times in my life, the first one when i was 20 years old, managed to get me completely rid of cellulite in 10 treatments. The second treatment i... READ MORE

I have had noticeable cellulite since I was 12 years old. I had 12 treatments, no difference, had another 6 treatments - absolutely zero difference. This procedure is completely bogus. I was 40 years old, in good shape, ran 5 miles 5 times a week in addition to doing toning and strengthening... READ MORE

I had eight treatments, drank all the water recommended and got zero results. This is a bogus anti-cellulite treatment. READ MORE

Endermologie really does work. You do need to maintain the work. Just like working out. You can't do it a few times and expect to enjoy the results for the rest of your life. The key is finding certified Endermologie technician. It makes all the difference in your results when the... READ MORE

Had endermologie treatments (a vacuum procudure on my thighs) described as minimally painful but it was extremely painful!  It did absolutely no good at all - nada! Would suck the muscles of my thighs into the vacuum and the pain was all I could stand as she dragged the vacuum down to my... READ MORE

I am thin and at an ideal BMI, but have always had a problem with cellulite.  I had 12 treatments done.  There were absolutely no results at all.  I was so disappointed and it was expensive for what is really a machine given massage.  They did not offer any compensation or... READ MORE

I have lot of cellulite on my knees, it looks like pockets of fat stuck on my legs just above my knees. I do yoga twice a week and have a fairly healthy lifestyle, but no matter how much weight i lost, my kness stayed the same. I decided to go for endermologie as a last resort and it worked.... READ MORE

I had 14 sessions of endermologie after a liposuction. after 2 months post op my weight is still 58 kilos(i was 61 kilos before liposuction). when i finished my 14 sessions my weight was down to 51 kilos. i was so amazed with my results that i plan to enroll again for another 14 sessions.... READ MORE

I initially started researching endermologie years ago while I was trying to find out a way to help the awful cellulite i had gained from a battle with deep depression and food. As a 25 year old women who was too embarrassed to go to the beach something had to be done! I am a believer in... READ MORE

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