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Electrolysis is a hair removal technique that uses electricity to damage the hair follicle. Though it works on all skin and hair types, it is often more painful and more expensive than laser hair removalLEARN MORE ›
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I've had my mustache(female), underarms, and bikini line treated so far. Mustache took 4-5 15 minute treatments and has been gone for 2 years. Underarms took 2 sessions at 15 minutes each (mind you I had very little underarm hair. And I am still working on my bikini line, about 1 inch on... READ MORE

I had electrolysis on my chin over a period of a year and a half, every two weeks. The hair was fairly coarse with both dark and light hairs interspersed throughout the chin area. After each treatment the area would be quite irritated with bumps on each follicle wherever she treated. Some big... READ MORE

I had a few gray chin hairs that grew over an inch long if I didn't pluck them. Since there weren't many it wasn't a big deal to pull them. Problem was that my eyesight isn't as sharp as it used to be so the hairs could get pretty long before I would see them or think about them... READ MORE

I'm 21, and am wearing my first 2 pc. bathing suit in years. Time & $ spent is decreasing. I'm not done, but am loving the results! READ MORE

I would not do laser on my face, especially with darker skin and finer hairs. I heard too many horror stories about excessive hair growth, so I went with electrolysis. I got electrolysis done on my face (upper lip, sideburns). You REALLY have to be consistent with treatments (going in about... READ MORE

I had electrolysis on my chin 20 years ago when I developed an excess hair problem after the birth of my son. It was absolutely the best thing I've ever done for myself. I am still hair-free today. It was VERY cost effective. It is NOT more expensive than laser as some people might have... READ MORE

I wanted to get rid of unwanted hair and it didn't go well she overtreated me and now i dont have much hair but I have pitting. READ MORE

I had hard hair on my chin and i wanted to remove them permanently. at first i had only few but eventually the hair area started increasing.im undergoing a hair removal treatment called electolysis. initially i had wounds but after they healed i can see scars & dark spots on my skin. Can i apply... READ MORE

Electrolysis for Brows, Chin and Upper Lip AreaPros: I looked great for thirteen years!Cons: After encountering an inexperienced electrolysist I was left scarred.Con: Unless the electrolysist uses a Weiss microscope, the frequency of treatments could drag on for years in that they are unable to... READ MORE

Great experience. electrolysis is a process but easier than weight loss and so rewarding. I don't have a razor in my shower. Have the Blend method done. It is the newest of the techniques and gentle on the skin. Absolutely permanent. a little uncomfortable but not as bad as waxing. READ MORE

Fabulous! I had shots to deaden my leg/groin and the electrologist worked on my bikini line for two hours at a time. I had thick dark hair that was out of control. Nearly ten years later I still have great results. No pain, no scarring, and permanent hair removal! READ MORE

I had one fifteen minute treatment with a very qualified electrologist. My skin looks AWFUL now. It's like I aged five years in a matter of months. And it took over a month for the damage to really be noticable. I would not suggest this at all. It is not worth the risk. My face is scarred... READ MORE

I had one year of electrolysis on my bikini line and upper leg area. This was once a week with a tech. on each leg at the same time. Paid double for each visit. 5 years later you can't even tell I had it done. Back to thick course hair, shaving bumps, etc. Not worth it. READ MORE

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