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Dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth. They act as an anchor to hold permanent replacement teeth, bridges, or dentures. You can have any number of teeth replaced with dental implants. If you’re looking to replace the entirety of your top or bottom teeth, you may consider the All-on-4 procedure, which uses four implants to attach an arch of 14 teeth. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Noie has done extensive dental work on my son's teeth and my teeth. I would not let anyone else do dental work for us. Dr. Noie has been wonderful to work with. I highly recommend his work. His staff is great also. Everyone is always polite and makes you feel welcome. It took me decades to... READ MORE

I had three dental implants with Dr. Gallardo on August 3rd. My procedure was fine, with no swelling or problems. If you can say that going to the dentist is amazing, that would be the good expression for Dr. Gallardo’s office. Everything was comfortably done. I was first introduced to... READ MORE

Poor quality. problem occurred after I get back home. He seemingly tried to correct the problem, but seem reluctantly and did not want to take responsibility for the cost. So, I end up paying for additional cost. Still leaving a large gap on my two implants, causing pains, every time when I... READ MORE

Dr. Kazemi is fantastic and I have referred my family; even my own mother. Across our family we have had several procedures. Really helped us feel confident, even with the most difficult cases. He takes time to personally follow up post procedure to make certain all are progressing well and... READ MORE

I needed a dental implant and he was able to get it done for me at a great price and it looks like my natural teeth. The implant feels solid and it is like I was never missing that tooth. He understands cosmetic dentistry. I had my exam and cleaning completed the same. I did have to wait a week... READ MORE

Due to several health issues I had most of my upper teeth remove at the age of 16, as a young girl wearing a denture it crushed my confidence and self esteem, 20 years on and I have still have a full upper denture. I didn't see any other option but to live with it. With severe bone loss, both... READ MORE

All my life I've been deathly afraid of the dentist and all their devices of torture. Researched the procedure for over 2 years before choosing Dr Golpa and it turned out to be the best thing I've ever done. Amanda, James, Carlos, are awesome. Every member of Dr Golpa's staff are true... READ MORE

I started this process for just the upper 4-1 implants and still don't have the finished implant!! I wasn't clearly told how extensive the surgery was and I tried to go to work after 4 days but wasn't ready due to lack of nutrition! I have lots of dental work so my pain token r is high but this... READ MORE

Best Periodontal/gum specialist I've ever been to !! One of the best medical offices experiences I have ever had in Toronto. Seen ontime, price is market range, doctor experience is top notch, team around him is outstanding and the implants/Same day teeth implants and gum grafts he did were the... READ MORE

Dr. Kazemi and his team were spectacular in every way. He is clearly experienced and meticulous. His bedside manners were very good and I felt genuinely cared for. The experience of this surgery, about which I was very worried, was nearly painless. Seven years later my implant is still holding... READ MORE

I had a bone graft and and 2 implant surgeries done by Dr. Kazemi. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable. Dr Kazemi walked me through all the steps patiently and and the post-operative information was presented in great detail. The surgeries were quick and I was told what to expect... READ MORE

I have two congenitally missing teeth - the second adult pre molar on each side. I still have my baby teeth in these spaces. I wear a retainer at night to keep the spaces open/teeth straight. The gaps are very visible when I speak or smile, which is extremely embarrassing. The baby teeth don't... READ MORE

Dr. Tehrani has been my periodontist for about four years. During that time, I've had four implants, all of which needed bone grafts. Several needed emergency extractions. Dr. Tehrani fixed everything so now my teeth are in perfect condition. Dr. Tehrani is an excellent doctor and a wonderful... READ MORE

I have been a patient of Dr. Anthony Mobasser for 2 years now and I couldn't be happier! I have had terrible experiences in the past so I was nervous to have more dental work done but after going to him I feel so much more at ease when it comes to having dental work done. Dr Mobasser has... READ MORE

Dr. Prashant Nanda was very warm and friendly, making me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. It almost seemed like I was at a friends place and not a dental clinic. My tooth problems (missing teeth) were attended to very efficiently and I am very satisfied with the implant treatment... READ MORE

This process was painless and I'm very satisfied, very effective!! these implants were perfect for me! the doctor is very professional and always had communication, very friendly staff and very nice clinic! Dr. use many technology and employees Pick me up at the airport in luxury car. I had the... READ MORE

I lost 3 back teeth both sides, I had caps but they wore out so I had the roots taken out of the right side at the beginning of this year and had two implants done. The teeth are now on and they are great. I have now had the left side roots out and my dentist has just done the two implants. I am... READ MORE

So I spoke with Dr. Lirazo and was quoted $800 for the Perfect Smile! I love his work ! I'll post some pics from his Instagram when I get the chance but I love it! And I want it soooo bad. I have the BIGGEST cavity in my mouth right now and I know by next year I'll need 2 implants ( I got a... READ MORE

Met Dr. Elly Tehrani a few years ago after I was being discouraged by another dentist to have implants because of bone loss, she gave me HOPE that I could smile again without dentures, she told me you are too young for dentures, (I was turning 40). Caring, knowledgeable, professional and obsess... READ MORE

I am a person that does not have very good teeth, but Dr. Anthony Mobasser did a really good job fixing my teeth and get rid of my crooked teeth. He put caps on 3 front teeth and now my smile is even. He also did a bridge on my right side bottom teeth because I was missing a tooth for years. I... READ MORE

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