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Lost a tooth? Once you’re done waiting for the Tooth Fairy, you might be interested in a dental implant. This permanent addition to your mouth replaces a lost root, providing the foundation for either a permanent or removable replacement designed to look like one of your pearly whites. LEARN MORE ›

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So today my two year old knocked my bridge out with his head. I am missing the two lateral incisors and have a piece bridge. I went to the dentist this morning to find out he couldn't help me. I either need a new bridge or need to see a surgeon about dental implants. Either way I'll be toothless... READ MORE

Awesome best experience in 40 years. The work was undertaken and accomplished in a week was amazing both in terms of scale and results. The care and attention i received far exceeding anything i have experienced in Canada. As a 60 years who has lived with poor dental health for 40 years i have... READ MORE

I would to share my dental implant story I had done in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am doing this because generally people don't think of Vietnam as a place for dental surgery. In my childhood my teeth didn't look great. As an adult I had spent a lot of time and money to make them look better... READ MORE

To take advantage of low prices I had a dental bridge installed. I had it done with zirconia. I was really concerned about having two of my teeth filed down completely and still there is a little sensitivity in the area. However the plus is I don't have metal in my face and the result looks not... READ MORE

I'm having an old crown with a Marilyn Bridge #10 removed and replaced with an implant. It's in 2 days and I'm starting to get scared. I'll go into a flipper to begin with then next week start the process of having the rest of my teeth over layed with vaneers. This is the first step of an entire... READ MORE

I visited this clinic before 15 days ago for reviewing the facilities and treatment option there. I had heard much about this clinic online and offline after a long period of request and connectivity finally I got a meeting there with their team. It was the morning time at 10 .clock I saw the... READ MORE

I lost some back teeth on the right side due to an auto accident. Dr. Andre Buchs did 3 implants for me. I opted not to be sedated, just novocane (lots of novocane). Three implants were done in about 1 hour. He is a fabulous doctor. Fabulous bedside manner. Will not see another doctor for... READ MORE

I was missing 4 upper front teeth from birth. I had a partial for 10 yrs prior to implants. I had put it off for many years due to cost of procedure. The money has been well spent and it has done wonders for self-esteem. The surgery was very painful. Many, many shots and stitches. I was very... READ MORE

I got in contact with Dr. German Arzate dental practice from Canada in May 2012. After receiving quotes from him I decided to go and have my procedure done. Complete upper and lower snap on dentures. It was completed in aabout 3 hours and 5 days later I had my new dentures at a fraction of the... READ MORE

The implant procedure was exhausting even though I was sitting passively in a comfortable chair. My jaw bone needed reinforcing with small pieces of donated bone material to strengthen the implant (I am rather thin boned to begin with). The way each piece of reinforcement was hammered in... READ MORE

I was missing 2 upper molars and had implants done 7 years ago. I had 3 surgeries in total: first for bone grafting, then implants inserted, then reinserted (2 weeks after putting them in first time) as surgent felt I needed thicker ones instead. All surgeries were under general anestesia... READ MORE

I have one implant- lower left side 3rd to last. Because of the location, the look of the tooth is somewhat irrelevant. Nevertheless, I had to have a bone graft...wait six months...get the implant (screw)...wait six or so months.... then finally get the cap. I am really happy with it. It is... READ MORE

Met Dr. Elly Tehrani a few years ago after I was being discouraged by another dentist to have implants because of bone loss, she gave me HOPE that I could smile again without dentures, she told me you are too young for dentures, (I was turning 40). Caring, knowledgeable, professional and obsess... READ MORE

I am a person that does not have very good teeth, but Dr. Anthony Mobasser did a really good job fixing my teeth and get rid of my crooked teeth. He put caps on 3 front teeth and now my smile is even. He also did a bridge on my right side bottom teeth because I was missing a tooth for years. I... READ MORE

Explained the procedure and what was expected for recovery. Answered all my questions and was easy to get in touch with a member of the team after the surgery. Very good follow up and I felt that I was listened to and my concerns were addressed. Very pleased with my surgery and results and would... READ MORE

After accident my mouth was making me very sick. i lost almost all teeth.. so no i have 16 implants and a brilliant smile! At first i was very scared.. i thought i'll have to use dentures for rest of my life.. But friend told me about dental implants and i started looking for the best solution... READ MORE

After removed the bad tooth and filled bone graft, my gum became strong enough for the dental implant. Also, the tooth beside it is much firm than before. There was a little pain after the surgery, but it's OK 3 days after. The 2nd surgery, dental Implant was very smooth, too. It has been 6... READ MORE

I had missing tooth since long which was visible while smiling in the corner of my mouth. i was not ready to go for bridge treatment as it damadges two neighbouring teeth and was afraid to go for implant prodedure. As the only thing which come to my mind is a big screw which is to be inserted in... READ MORE

After several years of dealing with extremely poor lower teeth I finally decided to do something about it. I spent countless hours researching many dentists around me and at some point came across the idea of dental tourism. I'll admit I was skeptical at first of the thought of going to Mexico... READ MORE

Dr. B and his team are warm, welcoming, professional and most importantly very experienced. From the serene and comfortable waiting area, to the latest technologies used in the patient rooms, to the consultative approach each member of the team takes, Studio B Dental makes what could otherwise... READ MORE

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