Collagen Injection

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Collagen injections are used in lip augmentation or to smooth and plump the skin. Results typically last from 3 to 4 months. LEARN MORE ›
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I was referred to doctor swengel by my cousin and I must say best decision ever , the staff is very professional and caring and I could be happier with my lip injections thanks you dr. Swengel for a wonderful experience getting my lip filler i will definitely be back and wouldn't go to any other... READ MORE

In 1992, when I was 20, I visited a surgeon to have two shallow pits, caused by acne in my right cheek, made less noticeable. He suggested a bovine collagen filler and performed a small sensitivity test on the inside of my forearm instructing that I monitor this area for a week to see if there... READ MORE

I had a lip augmentation procedure in 2000 ( 9years ago), was told the material injected was "bovine collagen".My lips look asymmetric and contain multiple nodules that are very visible from the superficial layers of the lips. I do not know if these are granulomas or what. I would... READ MORE

Dr. Smith was highly recommended to me by an aesthetician friend in the Colleyville area. I have been a patient of his for nearly 5 years. I constantly receive compliments on my skin. Dr Smith has changed my skin tone as well as improving wrinkles and sagging skin. Over the years I have... READ MORE

I once had a little filler under my eyes in my late twenties after a really stressful break-up and I vowed never to do it again. I now realise that the product was poorly chosen and poorly placed. It was too thick, very painful and came out lumpy. The mistake was mine, I went to a chain of... READ MORE

I wanted to address deepening lines between my brows, on my forehead, and around my eyes, as well as sagging jowls--but without surgery. It was also important to me not to look as if I had had work done. I've been thrilled with injectables. The ones just above the mouth are sometimes slightly... READ MORE

When I was in elementary school my first grade teacher had harsh lines all around her mouth; looked like she was sucking on a lemon. And she was mean too. So when I started developing the same it was horrifying. I never smoked and don't purse my lips alot so I guess this is just a genetics issue... READ MORE

I am a little happy but not totally because the out come of the fillers is not what I expected.During my evaluation, I will request more filler for my under eye bags. I am not fully satisfied with what was done on July 13, 2015. I did express my concern about the under eye once the procedure was... READ MORE

So happy that I meet Dr Jarial. He is knowledgeable and personable; I've been to other doctors before for botox injections and collagen injection but he is the only one that listen to my wishes, answered my questions and made me trust him with my face. He is and will be my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

I am always worried filler will change my looks so I'm very conservative in how I use it. I fear the dreaded "duck lip" in particular. For that reason, and because I really do hate needles, I rarely do my lips. On the other hand, knowing that when it is done right - expertly executed - it can... READ MORE

Dr. Windle and his staff are truly amazing. From the moment I walked into Partington I felt welcomed and cared for. The staff are 100% devoted and extend a level of customer service that is impressive. Dr. Windle is genuinely charming and his honesty and professionalism allowed me to trust him... READ MORE

I have been a long time patient and NEVER disappointed whether it be injections, face lift, or tummy tuck. Dr Herte is top of the line in her work and also in the hiring of her staff. The entire office is dedicated to their work and to their clients; making everyone feel secure and comfortable... READ MORE

I am so pleased with my experience with Dr. Mudgil that i don’t mind travelling for over an hour for my visits. He is so attentive to my medical needs. I am very impressed with knowledge and thoroughness. He and his staff are very personable and caring. He thoroughly explains each procedure... READ MORE

I was a late comer to the world of anti-aging, yet when I took the plunge at age 46, I found the perfect place to find my version of myself. Dr. Porter has provided the best care and results in filler, Botox, Thermage, BBL and even the new laser to promote collagen production. The latter was... READ MORE

I have had facial fillers before with other doctors, each time resulting with surface bruises that lasted for sometimes a week. Recently I tried some suggested filler work that Dr. Castellano recommended and performed. Despite the many injections needed in my procedure I was so surprised and... READ MORE

I have had such a pleasant experience with Dr. David Amron and his staff. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful as they go above and beyond for their patient care. It is refreshing to be in an office where the staff loves their job. I make the drive from San Diego to see Dr. David Amron... READ MORE

Two of my friends had referred me to dr reynolds after they were extremely satisfied with their procedures. One had a tummy tuck with lipo and the other had a breast augmentation.. I opted for something a little less invasive (fillers under the eyes and nasal folds)and was beyond satisfied!! 5stars! READ MORE

Dr. Diane Chiu is amazing! She took ten years off my face with her expert injection abilities. She gives honest feedback on what would be the best way to obtain youth and beauty. She will not recommend a procedure if she thinks it is not right for you (even if it would mean more money for her).... READ MORE


I had to inject my nose , collagen and i am curious. I did inject collagen on the nose and a session I just inject, I just question Dr.Wallach When it lost its effectiveness in collagen? can you have removed it and in what way? there any other way to do it immediately? cause my family was... READ MORE

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