Collagen Injection

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Collagen injections are used in lip augmentation or to smooth and plump the skin. Results typically last from 3 to 4 months. LEARN MORE ›
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In 1992, when I was 20, I visited a surgeon to have two shallow pits, caused by acne in my right cheek, made less noticeable. He suggested a bovine collagen filler and performed a small sensitivity test on the inside of my forearm instructing that I monitor this area for a week to see if there... READ MORE

I had a lip augmentation procedure in 2000 ( 9years ago), was told the material injected was "bovine collagen".My lips look asymmetric and contain multiple nodules that are very visible from the superficial layers of the lips. I do not know if these are granulomas or what. I would... READ MORE

I had to inject my nose , collagen and i am curious. I did inject collagen on the nose and a session I just inject, I just question Dr.Wallach When it lost its effectiveness in collagen? can you have removed it and in what way? there any other way to do it immediately? cause my family was... READ MORE

I am seeking a help in my problem that I am really suffering from which happened to me after a collagen injection.. I am 27 female..My doctor told me that I will have a batter look if he inject under the eyes and then the desaster happend.. I have tow black swellings under my eyes which look... READ MORE

I was injected with some type of collagen inside my lips and was suppose to stay for 6 mounts and its nearly 2 years and it formed painfull lumps inside my lips which from outside looks like i have something under my upper lip. READ MORE

I had a hollow under my eyes from weight loss which really aged me. I tried fat transfer thre times and it did not stay longer than a few weeks. It was expensive.Then I tried a less invasive alternative which has disfigured me temporarily. It is cosmoplast and cosmoderm. It looks lumpy and bumpy... READ MORE

I had Zyderm bovine collagen injections years ago... probably about 1997 or so if I really think about it. Compared to all of the new products on the market now, the collagen beats them all! Mine lasted about 5 months – right in the average results span the company quotes (3-6 months). I am... READ MORE

I'm a creature of habit.  I've been going to the same doc for collagen (cosmoderm) injections over the past many years.  Has done a good job at keeping the deeper lines from showing on my forehead and nasolabial folds. Big problem i've had is that it just doesnt last long in my body... READ MORE

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