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Butt lift surgery removes sagging skin caused by extreme weight loss or aging, giving the butt a tighter, firmer appearance. LEARN MORE ›
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I have schedule my appointment with Dr. Jimerson and paid for my procedure. Contrary to what people have posted you can still get an appointment in 2013 if you can pay in full at the time of scheduling. Looking forward to my procedure. Before photos coming soon. It was a little more than I... READ MORE

As a single mother of four and a caretaker of many, I have finally decided to do something for myself. I have wanted a bbl for several years but have always felt guilty as far as the financial aspect of things. Am I the only one who has felt like this ? I'm finally ready despite my guilt. I... READ MORE

Dr M. Vincent Makhlouf did this disaster surgery, at Holly Family Hospital on August 5th, 2011. Like they say, a pictures says more than 1000 words. He left me deformed. He thinks he did nothing wrong, but my opinion and the opinion of all the doctors that have seen me, its that he has done... READ MORE

Im 27yrs old 5'4 158 pounds. My thighs are really heavy due to genetics I guess lol. My weight has always been up and down. My heaviest size was 225 about 7 years ago. Im getting lipo on my back and inner thighs and fat transferred to my butt. Due to weight loss the bottom of my butt sags and... READ MORE

Hi everyone I have been considering this surgery since 5 years ago but I never had enough money. Finally now I was able to put my deposit for surgery and I am scheduled for May 22nd. I am so excited, I don't live in Miami so I know I will have other expenses associated with the surgery. I will... READ MORE

I have been talking about doing this surgery for a while. A lot of people shrugged me off at first but now that I'm actually surrounding myself with supportive people.. I have become obsessed! I need the perfect shape and its embedded in my brain more now than everrrrrrr. my measurements... READ MORE

I had a buttock/thigh lift initially performed in late 2010 in the North Florida area. As you can see from the pictures, it was a less than favorable experience. It is still unclear to me how a triangular-shaped rh glute was achieved. Two more staged, corrective procedures & $30,000 later... READ MORE

After 150 pounds of weight-loss in the last ten years, I am scheduled for a butt lift, thighplasty and a body lift. In 2013 I had and Extended Abdominoplasty with Public Lift & Panniculectomy in one procedure and a few months later I had a Arm Lift, Breast Lift, & Bra-line Back Lift in another... READ MORE

Hello Sisters, well the surgical procedures part of my body makeover/restoration journey is wrapping up. The last procedures consisted of liposuction to my sides, thigh lift and axillary breast tissue (side boob) removal. The thigh lift has been a rough recovery the details of which will be in a... READ MORE

So far I'm 194...I was 215 so I've came a long way! I'm trying to get to 170 by April 15th which is my surgery date! I have no kids and I'm 26 years old...my fiancé is very supportive if me. I could if went to ant doctor in the word but decided to go with Cortes. His results are amazing and I... READ MORE

I have always had a thick body but after having my daughter my butt got bigger and it can be a lot better looking than it is. I'm going to try to do a squat challenge but if it doesn't work I want to look into getting a butt lift. I signed up for this website to see people and their stories to... READ MORE

Hi I want to schedule with doctor duran in March 2015 Im blind and I want to know what I am getting myself into and how to prepare I've been "lurking" but its not the same as talking to someone who has the procedure done...help please! Im 23 will be 24 tomorrow 5'8 230 and a lil booty no hips I... READ MORE

I had a smartlipo with fat transfer from the stomach to the buttocks and calves. My main concern was the calves. I selected Premiere Dermatology, Dr. Windell Boutte, big mistake! I had read the reviews and there were several bad ones, but I decided that with a big following and practice that... READ MORE

Motivation, Perfection about his work is one of the key factors why I choose Dr. Hughes. I moved to Cali about 11/2 years ago. Not knowing anyone and not wanting to just go to any doctor. I started to make a list and a research, an investigation on who is who in the plastic surgery world in Cali... READ MORE

Dr. Pazmino was late for my appt by 1 hour and was even late on day of surgery and for follow up. I went back 2 times due to discomfort, I felt like I had a bump on my lower back. He said all was fine and swelling would go down. Finally I went to a walk in clinic I was in so much pain and it... READ MORE

Hey everyone! Sooo, i'm 23 years old and I've been wanting a BBL for a couple years now. I've gotten healthy and lost weight but want this done before I loose anymore weight. Now is thee hard part! ... finding the RIGHT doctor! There are sooo many to choose from and i'm super thankful to all... READ MORE

She responded quickly with quote. I ad been interested in Dr Cabral but I've heard to many horror stories and I will not put my life in that mans hands. (Just my opinion ladies) Yasmin from jasmines recovery house has been a blessing she answers all my questions and concerns promptly. Will write... READ MORE

I have been reading a lot of individual's outcomes from their bbl, and I'm very pleased to hear all positive things. I'm excited but scared at the same time due to me living out of state and I do work in an office where I sit down 9hrs pr. day. So I'm researching a lot of info. I didn't know it... READ MORE

I am waiting on my bbl magic plumping juice which will take place April 15, 2014. I am looking for a little more bootay but I am mainly concerned with him shaping my body, then being huge . I want more of a tight, toned body with some thick solid hips. I'm already a little thick I just mainly... READ MORE

I decided to create this profile cuz I have found good information and reviews that have helped me soo much in makin dis decisin in my life. I'm 23 mother of 3 boys for most us our bodies are not da same after giving birth. I had always been heavy and I've battled to loose weigh and try so much... READ MORE

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