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Butt lift surgery removes sagging skin caused by extreme weight loss or aging, giving the butt a tighter, firmer appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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2013 was a year of transformation for me. I had facial rejuvenation and body contouring from head to knee! Massive weight loss ten-years earlier from gastric bypass had left my face and body with sagging skin that aged me and interfered with the way clothes fit. After body contouring and facial... READ MORE

Young girl from Canada looking for a booty and some hips. I sent an email to vanity and the next morning I had an email waiting for me. I got a phone call that same day and my procedure was booked all in less than 24hours. Since I don't know anyone in Miami I did the home away package. I put a... READ MORE

I took 1 year post-op photos of my abdominoplasty (Abscape procedure) and also had my friend take a picture of my backs musculuture since I have been exercising regularly since the "tummy tuck" (I hate that word for guys). There in the photo was the evil twin of flab that used to be on my belly.... READ MORE

I first had appt booked with Dr Cortes but couldnt overlook some of his bad reviews. I had a consult and was not impressed. I was told to gain 30 lbs. Im 5'1" and 115 lbs. I am now 130lbs. This very uncomfortable. I feel like a stuffed sausage. I decided to book with Cortes solely for his... READ MORE

Mid 50's and so happy I had this surgery done!! I'm so happy with the results. It's amazing what a little lift and lipo can do!! I still can't believe it's me!!! All the squats in the world didn't help me. I'm still a little swollen in my 1 week post op pic and will post another picture in... READ MORE

I always wanted a butt, tried many different exercises, nothing worked.i I just got a small semi firm butt. I took my time to find the perfect doctor, and It was not easy, I weigh, 109 lbs, and Im 5 foot 3, so I don't have a lot of fat to work with. I decided to go with dr Shulman, and from... READ MORE

So i'm super excited i'm omw to DR March 2015 yayyy.... Laura her assistant was very helpful. I was told to lose 30 lbs before surgery which i'm aiming to do. I wanted to know of peoples most recent experiences with her and how did they turn out. I really wanted a surgery buddy to go with me.... READ MORE

Finally made the appointment with ghurani today but boy am I scared. I realize it's only in 2 months, and I have no idea where to begin? Do I lose weight? Do I start eating differently? Vitamins? It's going to hurt..really can't believe I am doing this. I guess I don't like the idea of not being... READ MORE

Deposit paid!!! :) its def official:) 6 months till the sexy new me:) next step: plane ticket!!! everything happened so fast. Nurse woke up at 3am, told me to put on gown and im first. She gav me another blood pressure bill and then came back with the blue and a wheelchair. I couldn't get a... READ MORE

I have been looking at the website all day every day for the last two weeks, so I finally booked my consultation with Dr. Kenneth Hughes. I must admit that I am very scared but I am also determined to get my b4 having babies body back. Please share your experience and any advice your may have to... READ MORE

Hi RS ladies. I finally paid in full for my BBL and some scar revisions!!! Its really happening !!! So excited. I was hesitating between Dr. Bruno and Dr. Hughes at first... When i went to Dr. Bruno, he took his time to check on my requested (?) areas And showed me some pictures of the similar... READ MORE

- I Am Looking For A Great Plastic Surgeon To Perform A Brazilian Butt Lift & Tummy Tuck In The Dominican Republic For This Upcoming March . . I Am Aiming For A Hour Glass Fiure Shape With A Big Booty !! Can Someone Please Help Me Choose A Great Doctor In DR That Does An Amazing Job ? I Am So... READ MORE

I have schedule my appointment with Dr. Jimerson and paid for my procedure. Contrary to what people have posted you can still get an appointment in 2013 if you can pay in full at the time of scheduling. Looking forward to my procedure. Before photos coming soon. It was a little more than I... READ MORE

As a single mother of four and a caretaker of many, I have finally decided to do something for myself. I have wanted a bbl for several years but have always felt guilty as far as the financial aspect of things. Am I the only one who has felt like this ? I'm finally ready despite my guilt. I... READ MORE

Dr M. Vincent Makhlouf did this disaster surgery, at Holly Family Hospital on August 5th, 2011. Like they say, a pictures says more than 1000 words. He left me deformed. He thinks he did nothing wrong, but my opinion and the opinion of all the doctors that have seen me, its that he has done... READ MORE

Im 27yrs old 5'4 158 pounds. My thighs are really heavy due to genetics I guess lol. My weight has always been up and down. My heaviest size was 225 about 7 years ago. Im getting lipo on my back and inner thighs and fat transferred to my butt. Due to weight loss the bottom of my butt sags and... READ MORE

Hi everyone I have been considering this surgery since 5 years ago but I never had enough money. Finally now I was able to put my deposit for surgery and I am scheduled for May 22nd. I am so excited, I don't live in Miami so I know I will have other expenses associated with the surgery. I will... READ MORE

Before my surgery i was about 159 pounds completely flat no butt at all . After my surgery 3 weeks out i now weight 135 pounds . Its so surreal, when i look at myself in the mirror & i see how tiny my waste is && how round & plumped my butt is i feel like a new person. im more... READ MORE

I have been talking about doing this surgery for a while. A lot of people shrugged me off at first but now that I'm actually surrounding myself with supportive people.. I have become obsessed! I need the perfect shape and its embedded in my brain more now than everrrrrrr. my measurements... READ MORE

I had a buttock/thigh lift initially performed in late 2010 in the North Florida area. As you can see from the pictures, it was a less than favorable experience. It is still unclear to me how a triangular-shaped rh glute was achieved. Two more staged, corrective procedures & $30,000 later... READ MORE

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