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Butt implant surgery, like breast implant surgery, places artificial implants either under or on top of your muscle to enhance the size and shape of your butt. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,825

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I had a flat booty & I wanted a juicy booty there. I had the procedure this morning at 8am and it's almost 8pm & I feel great, I'm up walking around.. It was ALOT better than what I expected. I'm still in the compression garment but I can see my booty already! Can't wait to wear my new... READ MORE

I had two bbls with two different doctors my first bbl I didnt like it there was no roundness it still looked the same before I went under surgery. My second bbl was with doctor Salama I received 1300ccs in each cheeks I had my arms liposuction which he didnt do to good with they have dents in... READ MORE

I am asian 31 y/o. I was supposedly hoping to have bbl to fix my flat bum and make it atleast proportion to my naturally a little busty chest. After much research and consultations from different doctors, they all resulted into suggesting silicone implants due to not having enough fat to pursue... READ MORE

Im still torn between stem cell fat grafting which is being performed by surgeons in thailand or buttock implants. With buttock implants i do feel this is a permanent, more garanteed solution to my problems, however i have also been doing my researching regarding buttock implants, and as much... READ MORE

Hello every one, five days from now I will be having body sculpture andBBL with implants with Dr.Cortes in houston. I'm trying to get everything ready for post op care. Can any of you share your experience and what things I should get to make this recovery a little less painful? I am beyond... READ MORE

I had my consultation today with dr. Srour I'm really excited he quoted me $11,000 for butt implants and breast augmentation with silicone implants. Butt for butt implants he said it was $6000 not bad at all! I will be posting pic up soon keep everyone updated here to help any with their... READ MORE

Hi All - I am booked for a buttock augmentation with Dr Briggs using 360cc Silimed implants in one week (6 August 2014). My initial research was based around going to Thailand for the procedure and combining it with other things. One of my concerns, apart from trying to vet Dr's from afar, was... READ MORE

Hi ladies I have decided to start my review regarding my butt implants with Dr. Eduardo Gongora. I’m 5’4 and 130lbs before my surgery. I haven’t had a chance to weigh myself after my surgery. I previously had in Chicago area a breast reduction and a tummy tuck procedures both wore a... READ MORE

So, I have been following realself ladies for som time now and I must say its so good to have so many wonderful ladies sharing there journey. It allows others to know we are not alone. I decided to start my journey with you ladies. I am 23 with a 3yr old boy. My body hasn't really changed... READ MORE

Finally found my doc and have surgery date!!! My surgery is scheduled for 9/25/2014 with Dr.Khosravi in Beverly Hills. He is so nice and knowledgable, and he spends a long time with you in the consult and makes you feel comfortable. Very warm doctor and his staff is very friendly. So he advised... READ MORE

I would like fat transfer with aggressive liposuction from flanks and lower back to hip and butt augmentation for projection with Butt implants . I'm not sure how many CC I need or what shape might look best with my type of body. I would like to look natural. I don't want a huge huge butt but a... READ MORE

Hey girls, I've been on this site for many months reading over your reviews and experiences. so it will finally be my turn to go through this journey and let you ladies know how everything goes. okay so the doc i will be getting surgery from has had some bad and good fame, so i know this is... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have this proceedure done in a few months. Im really nervous about it. It was pretty easy getting a date. Since I am out of town all I had to do was submit my photos to the office and they were able to give me a quote. I am pretty much having to do everything by phone because... READ MORE

I been wanting a big round booty for like ever!!! I feel soo insecure when I wear tight skirts or jeans ect I really want a full round bubble butt!! I am sooo happy I am finally gona do something about it. well I hope soo I'm also nervous about my results n I hope they are what I expect them to... READ MORE

Hey ladies! So I've been researching butt implants & reading all of the reviews on real self for months but I just recently created a profile. I have always been unhappy with my backside. No matter how many squats or exercises I did, my booty was still small. The only time I have any sort of... READ MORE

So I have a a normal butt bot big or small but would love a bigg butt.I have to many consults and also over the phone and online consults and the only doctor that ive liked is Dr.Gongora. I've seen his work and the ladys look great I hope i get what I want. I sent pictures to the Dr and spoke to... READ MORE

Went to my consultation today with Dr Ewart August Plastic Surgery. The staff was great and friendly. Took my hubby with me because he hasnt been 100% sold on me getting this procedure to wanted to Dr to discuss all options, procedure etc. He left feeling better than when he arrived. We went... READ MORE

I'm a 24 years old mother of a 5 year girl, two years ago I had a bbl and for 6 months it was great but then the fat started to disappear and now it's gone so I want to have butt implants, the only problem is I don't know what shape is the best for me and for the results I'm looking for, I'm... READ MORE

Had my first consult with Dr. Widder about a month ago. He explained everything in detail.. He showed me several options of implant placement, to give me a clear idea of what I wanted.. after seeing the options he recommended that I had a higher placed implant because I was more full at bottom... READ MORE

Hello ladies i've been after butt implants for 4 years & after thinking it will never happen the other half has been very generous & offered to pay but it wont be for another year & half at least. Anyways i'm from the UK & so far only found two places that do implants and i got quoted 5500 &... READ MORE

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