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Butt implant surgery, like breast implant surgery, places artificial implants either under or on top of the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. This is in contrast to a Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person’s own fat (liposuctioned from other areas of the body) to naturally augment the butt. LEARN MORE ›

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I have set my date, and cant wait! I have before pix that I am willing to send in PM but cautious to post here until closer to date. About me: 5'8 120-130lbs SKINNY with hips 3 csections which ultimately lead to my TT in 2010. I was offered and encouraged to do lipo bc at that time I was... READ MORE

Im mexican american girl , i live in mexico sorry if a im not a good writer but english is not my first lenguage. I traveled to medellin colombia to get butt and breast implants and a little back lipo. Want to tell you all about my expirience and also give you some tips if you are planing to... READ MORE

First off, this is my first time leaving a review on here but I have spent so much time on here looking for others that are having the same problems that I am having that I figure I will inform some of you about things you probably haven't been able to find answers for! I have been to Dr.... READ MORE

Hi guys, So I've read a lot of reviews. Have a flat butt and been wanting to get butt implants for decades. Both Scared and excited. I'm 50 years old, work out a lot and in great shape… After reading lots of reviews I'm going with Dr. Stanton in Beverly Hills. I live in L.A. so it's... READ MORE

I am a week post op. It was a lil painful after surgery but tolerable. I am an active duty military member, mom, and wife. I was tired of working out and being flat. So this will be worth it. You only live once. Dr. Stanton and his team in bev hills LA are truly caring and great. The experience... READ MORE

Butt Augmentation w/fat transfer scheduled on March 10, 2015. Starting to get very nervous as the days get closer. I'm 5'7 140lbs from Texas.. Ill be getting lipo to the back and love handles transferred to my butt with the implants.. I was quoted 8000 that includes 5 night stay in clinic plus... READ MORE

Hi I am 21 years old just gave birth to a beautiful little girl 5 months ago today on March 12tg 2015 after birth I became so insecure and depressed because how my body took a tole I am 5'10 235 pounds I use to be a model so seeing all this weight and my Fieonce always making joke about my... READ MORE

Making use of this phantastic forum to look for long term experiences with buttock implants. Preferably any body who has been with cohesive gel implants for a long time. I am looking to have spherical implants mixed with fat from my love handles. I will have my surgery at cirumed marbella with... READ MORE

Im 2 weeks post op from having 450cc silimed butt implants and lipo on my back and waist, I have to say after reading the reviews on here I was scared! But comfort zone took care of my and Dr mete aksu gave me my dream bum! Will be going back for my tummy tuck and breast lift/implants next... READ MORE

As I had promised lovely Jenny, my angel from cirumed, I am posting the result of my surgery. I had butt implants and fat transfer back in march 2014 at cirumed marbella. Before, I was very scared of implants but I simply did not have enough fat for a fat only Brazilian butt lift do dr.aslani... READ MORE

My gluteal augmentation with Dr. Mark Mofid is just 2 days away. I was researching different brands of gluteal implants when I came across the instructional video that Dr. Mofid did for Implantech. After seeing the video, there is NO WAY I can have any other surgeon perform this surgery on me.... READ MORE

No many reviews on this site about Men's butt implants. So I will be adding my journey as I go. I am 37 , 5" 11 , 160 lb . I always feel insecure about my lack of ass . I am 3rd of three brothers and the only one missing a little junk on the back lol After a very long time researching I... READ MORE

I got the 500 round cc butt implants I love them but you can see the sides of the implant because I'm so skinny i want to try lipo to my back and thighs. Hope I can fix this to make me more hour shaped. I think all I need is a little hips but Ryan is the man! He is the butt king! So worth it!!!... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm writing this review because I would like to share with you all my experience in the butt implant journey I have been on for the past month. I am a 24 yo Male and I have always wanted THE bubble butt: nice, round, muscular, like all the guys and girls I see at the gym. I... READ MORE

Hi I am looking to get butt implants due to 2 previous BBLs and lost most of my protection. I'm hoping to go pretty large at least 450-500cc to achieve a permanent bubble butt look with more projection to my hips as well. Not sure if under or intramuscular is better..? Any advice will be... READ MORE

I finally made the decision on which doctor I'm going with and I chose Dr.Obaid! Dr Obaid and his staff are awesome. They made sure I understand the procedure and why the implants are best for me. I'm having implants with lipo to the lower back and fat transfer to the hips. I already have... READ MORE

I'm hoping for more volume and better projection. ;) My height is 5'3 and I weigh between 125 lbs to 130 lbs as my weight fluctuates a lot (My before pic, I weigh 130 lbs). I'm schedule to have buttock implant surgery with Dr. Ryan Stanton next Tuesday, 5/19/2015. I've been doing research for... READ MORE

Hello Ladies! So this is my 1st post here, I have been researching and reading all the reviews on butt implants. This site and all your input is so helpful! I have my 1st consult with Dr. Stanton next wk and very excited. I've heard great things about this dr:) I live in Vegas but have... READ MORE

Well as I said in a comment before I got my butt 2 months ago after being thinking about it for years I always wanted curves and a nice hourglass shape. Exercise help to tone but it will never will make your butt bigger at least for me. I went to surgery January 16th my mom and boyfriend helped... READ MORE

Getting close... I will be flying to get buttock implants with Dr stanton next week. Have been thinking about this procedure for years. Can't belive its finally going to happen. The patient coordinator for Dr Stanton has been great. She has been very sweet and helpful. I'm having some anxiety... READ MORE

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