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Butt implant surgery, like breast implant surgery, places artificial implants either under or on top of the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. This is in contrast to a Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person’s own fat (liposuctioned from other areas of the body) to naturally augment the butt. LEARN MORE ›

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I finally made the decision on which doctor I'm going with and I chose Dr.Obaid! Dr Obaid and his staff are awesome. They made sure I understand the procedure and why the implants are best for me. I'm having implants with lipo to the lower back and fat transfer to the hips. I already have... READ MORE

Looking for a fuller medius,I've been working out 6 days a week for 3 years, and squats every other day. Ive made my butt firmer and rounder but like any personal trainer will tell you,you can't chose where you gain weight so after realizing my body is not going to make gains in That area I'm... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I only just found this site a month ago. I have been obsessed with ready everyones review and comments ever since. I did not know how popular butt implant were. Im from australia and have been looking into butt implants in thailand. I did look in austalia but is like double the... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I'm a 27 year old female looking to improve my figure.I have a nice butt now but I want that bang factor I use to have a few years ago. I had a breast augmentation in 2010. I'm 4"11 32 DD African American Petite 110 pounds So far... READ MORE

Hey there dolls! so ive been researching this site like crazy trying to make a decision on whether to have bbl or butt implants. Ive always had a big bottom but since my weight has always flucuated so ive lost projection and volume. Anywho... i have my consultation with Dr. Cortes this coming... READ MORE

I loved my breast so I decided to go back so they could make me more proportionate. Dr Kortesis made me feel very comfortable about the procedure as I was very nervous. I'm very petite 102lbs 5'3 I got round implants placed with in my buttock muscle. I'm one month out from my butt implants and I... READ MORE

Two weeks ago I set up a consultation with Dr. Cortes. I read reviews on another site where women said that they had to wait a while to speak with Dr. Cortes, because of this I double checked with the receptionist to get a good idea of how long the wait would be ahead of time. This way I would... READ MORE

Hey I am rose, I am looking to do butt implant surgery. I was originally suppose to get it April 30, 2015 but the want to move it to Tuesday April 21, 2015. I mean I am scared but also excited at the same time. I am 5'3 and a half and 110 I am getting butt implant put in 400 cc round because I... READ MORE

I have finally done it.i am scheduled for butt lift with implants and fat with dr.aslani in Marbella for april Can't wait for my new booty and I hope that I will come out like the cases that I have seen on the cirumed galleries. I had sent them photos and dr aslani opines that fat alone won’t... READ MORE

No many reviews on this site about Men's butt implants. So I will be adding my journey as I go. I am 37 , 5" 11 , 160 lb . I always feel insecure about my lack of ass . I am 3rd of three brothers and the only one missing a little junk on the back lol After a very long time researching I... READ MORE

So I am on the hunt for a surgeon for Butt implants and fat grafting around this area ideally. (I don't have much fat but I do have a little). I am travelling to US or Mexico as there is no one is Australia who does butt implants. If anyone else is doing butt implants In June please let me know... READ MORE

Hi I am looking to get butt implants due to 2 previous BBLs and lost most of my protection. I'm hoping to go pretty large at least 450-500cc to achieve a permanent bubble butt look with more projection to my hips as well. Not sure if under or intramuscular is better..? Any advice will be... READ MORE

I couldn't be happier! I've looked for that PERFECT doctor for 8 years and as soon as I met with Dr. Lu I knew he was the one and scheduled a surgery day a week from my consultation day with him! He was beyond amazing in answering all my questions. Surgery day was scary but I went in trusting Dr... READ MORE

Hey ladies! So I've been researching butt implants & reading all of the reviews on real self for months but I just recently created a profile. I have always been unhappy with my backside. No matter how many squats or exercises I did, my booty was still small. The only time I have any sort of... READ MORE

I am 21years old with 2 sons 5 years old and 10 weeks old. I am about 5"2" and 120lbs and I've been doing my research on butt implants for about 2 years now. I am looking for a good plastic surgeon on or around the west coast seeing as tho I am from Buffalo NY so suggestions are definitely... READ MORE

I'm hoping for more volume and better projection. ;) My height is 5'3 and I weigh between 125 lbs to 130 lbs as my weight fluctuates a lot (My before pic, I weigh 130 lbs). I'm schedule to have buttock implant surgery with Dr. Ryan Stanton next Tuesday, 5/19/2015. I've been doing research for... READ MORE

Got a bbl a couple years ago...unsatisfied (for pictures see my old review). Jessica quoted me 8000 for the lipo,fat graft,implants,5 day stay+food. Medication & transportation to & from airport not included. Transportation is 200. I'm guessing meds ab 50. I'll get her to send my script before... READ MORE

I had a butt augmentation with Dr. Stanton in June of 2014, he was a good doctor, good staff, good surgery center. Recovery was terrible but I loved my implants the first few months, the look is worth the pain. 6 months after surgery my implants started shifting, they go upside down and my butt... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm writing this review because I would like to share with you all my experience in the butt implant journey I have been on for the past month. I am a 24 yo Male and I have always wanted THE bubble butt: nice, round, muscular, like all the guys and girls I see at the gym. I... READ MORE

Very profesional ... I will not put my life with any other dr than dr fuentes... He is the best!!! Good luck every one. I had my butt implants replace and correct by dr Fuentes after dr orlando figueroa disfigurete me and almost lost my life with him... Inwent to over 20 different consultations... READ MORE

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