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Butt implant surgery, like breast implant surgery, places artificial implants either under or on top of the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. This is in contrast to a Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person’s own fat (liposuctioned from other areas of the body) to naturally augment the butt. LEARN MORE ›
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Surgery booked with Dr Gongora! Sooooo nervous about it! I always wanted a nice round butt, no too big, just round and sexy. My butt is flat and not toned anymore, I feel unsexy and always trying to hide it. As much as I want to have my butt back I am so nervous about having implants. Please... READ MORE

I'm a pretty athletic woman, 5'8", 120 lbs and have been unhappy with my flat butt. It's especially obvious when wearing athletic wear and swimsuits. I've had breast implants (32C), which were beautifully done and I'm looking for the perfect booty to match. I've done my research in the Bay... READ MORE

Well here it goes. This is my first time posting to this site, though I've read dozens of posts and reviews from others over the past year. I had a BBL done 2 years ago to replace the volume I lost in my butt and ALL of the fat is gone. Not one iota remains. I am 5'8 and around 148 lbs., so... READ MORE

I had a butt augmentation with Dr. Stanton in June of 2014, he was a good doctor, good staff, good surgery center. Recovery was terrible but I loved my implants the first few months, the look is worth the pain. 6 months after surgery my implants started shifting, they go upside down and my butt... READ MORE

I have been considering this surgery for a while and it's about to happen. I am 1 week exactly away from surgery. I have been reading all the reviews and stories and looking at all the pictures. It seems kind of surreal it's happening to me. I am 5,10, 140lbs and getting 450cc round implants, I... READ MORE

Butt Augmentation w/fat transfer scheduled on March 10, 2015. Starting to get very nervous as the days get closer. I'm 5'7 140lbs from Texas.. Ill be getting lipo to the back and love handles transferred to my butt with the implants.. I was quoted 8000 that includes 5 night stay in clinic plus... READ MORE

Looking for a local doctor that takes pride in their work. I have two consultations scheduled this coming week with Liland and Obaid. I want a butt that looks natural but has a curve and bump to it. I've seen a lot of good reviews on out of town work, but I got breast implants in 03/2013 and... READ MORE

I had wanted a big bum now for ages and booked my surgery 6 months ago with comfort zone surgery - istanbul turkey. I'm so glad iv done it but have to admit the pain is not nice. But looking in the mirror now I cannot believe it's my body looking back at me! Would never go to a different surgeon... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I'm a 27 year old female looking to improve my figure.I have a nice butt now but I want that bang factor I use to have a few years ago. I had a breast augmentation in 2010. I'm 4"11 32 DD African American Petite 110 pounds So far... READ MORE

Hi, after reading reviews of 2 Ladys from the Uk and loving the results I've decided to book in with Comfort Zone in Turkey, i live in London, the plane ride will ony be 3hrs... villia and pick up from the airport is all included in the price which is great! Im soo excited and can't wait!!! I... READ MORE

Hi Ladys, My first post !!!! I'm 30 years old have a kid, thin, weight 120, 5'7 and I really workout a lot weights and cardio extrem workouts and all that. Have been Working a lot on my legs and butt but haven't seen a great result like I wish, I have being searching and thinking on getting... READ MORE

Newbie to RS. I have only went to Dr. KIM HENRY office. I love her staff they are so nice and explain everything thing detail by detail. Although I berly spoke with Dr. Henry he staff made me feel supper confident about having her do my BI. I just hope all goes well and nothing goes bad. I BEEN... READ MORE

Hello beauties :) I will be having surgery in the morning 01/07/2015!! I don't have all my information on sizing & stuff but as soon as I know I will let you guys know for now my before stats are Height 5'3 Weight 126 lbs Pants size 5 I am having surgery in Rosarito Mexico with Dr Eduardo... READ MORE

I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible ok sometime last year 2014 I loss weight no major weight but whatever weight that I did lose it made my butt lose the projection that I had when I first got my second bbl done. Not saying I have no butt at all, I just don't have the fullness and... READ MORE

Hey ladies! So I've been researching butt implants & reading all of the reviews on real self for months but I just recently created a profile. I have always been unhappy with my backside. No matter how many squats or exercises I did, my booty was still small. The only time I have any sort of... READ MORE

Hi 23years old, 2kids from London City!!!! Over here in london surgery is not a big thing except breast implants... Im quite happy with my bod after 2 kids ive stayed the same, no stretch marks or saggyness so im lucky I know but I just want a hott ass to match and make me feel good! So far... READ MORE

Jessica pick me up at the airport really nice lady, I like the place, I met a lady in the lobby she got tummy tuck and butt fat transfer, she show me her stomach and butt she look amazing for being her 5 day here, I'm here at the clinic in my room right now getting ready for tomorrow, surgery... READ MORE

I have been consulting with Dr. Gongora and Dr. Cerpa for buttock implants. My main concern is not achieving a gigantic arse but rather have the procedure give me a more hour of an glass figure. My figure is a bit of a disgrace currently. Even after years of dedication to the gym and squats... READ MORE

I had two bbls with two different doctors my first bbl I didnt like it there was no roundness it still looked the same before I went under surgery. My second bbl was with doctor Salama I received 1300ccs in each cheeks I had my arms liposuction which he didnt do to good with they have dents in... READ MORE

Went to my consultation today with Dr Ewart August Plastic Surgery. The staff was great and friendly. Took my hubby with me because he hasnt been 100% sold on me getting this procedure to wanted to Dr to discuss all options, procedure etc. He left feeling better than when he arrived. We went... READ MORE

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