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Butt implant surgery, like breast implant surgery, places artificial implants either under or on top of the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. This is in contrast to a Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person’s own fat (liposuctioned from other areas of the body) to naturally augment the butt. LEARN MORE ›

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As I had promised lovely Jenny, my angel from cirumed, I am posting the result of my surgery. I had butt implants and fat transfer back in march 2014 at cirumed marbella. Before, I was very scared of implants but I simply did not have enough fat for a fat only Brazilian butt lift do dr.aslani... READ MORE

Hiya I thought I would do a review as people have been asking me and I no it will help you a lot to decide if you want to go here. Like you I was unsure to go here or not as there wasn't to many reviews on butt implants and it's scary going to turkey. Ok so I was scared especially because it was... READ MORE

I am happy with just having a bigger butt 300cm of silicon with fat grafting, I did lose weight about 9lbs while healing. I didn't starve myself or anything my I was calorie conscious. I weigh about 157 7'7. I think I may get a BBL done too to give it a rounder shape. But with implants its just... READ MORE

Hi I am looking to get butt implants due to 2 previous BBLs and lost most of my protection. I'm hoping to go pretty large at least 450-500cc to achieve a permanent bubble butt look with more projection to my hips as well. Not sure if under or intramuscular is better..? Any advice will be... READ MORE

My gluteal augmentation with Dr. Mark Mofid is just 2 days away. I was researching different brands of gluteal implants when I came across the instructional video that Dr. Mofid did for Implantech. After seeing the video, there is NO WAY I can have any other surgeon perform this surgery on me.... READ MORE

I couldn't be happier! I've looked for that PERFECT doctor for 8 years and as soon as I met with Dr. Lu I knew he was the one and scheduled a surgery day a week from my consultation day with him! He was beyond amazing in answering all my questions. Surgery day was scary but I went in trusting Dr... READ MORE

I'm 5ft 4" and 140lbs. I've been wearing padded underwear since Summer 2013. I've been reviewing this site on and off for a number of years. Initially thought of getting butt injections but decided not too. Then thought of getting a BBL but I don't have enough fat. After deciding that butt... READ MORE

Hi Ladies! I have had my butt implants with fat grafting done on 1st September. I just want to share my story here, hopefully it will help you ladies to choose the right doctor for butt implants surgery! The photo showed you my butt before surgery and those are my wish pictures. And my butt... READ MORE

So one of my incisions was getting or is infected and I don't know what to do. The incision had closed already and everything was good but the doctor reopened the incision and it started draining a lot again. Now i have pain and inflamation. I don't know why he did that now I think he made... READ MORE

After going back and forth on who to go to for butt implants, I've decided to go with Dr Ryan Stanton. He does this procedure more than anybody else I've came across. He also has a lot of positive reviews. I originally wanted to get fat transfer along with the implants but decided not to anymore... READ MORE

Well I had butt implants put in because I waned something permanent. I had a fat transfer before and as I worked out it all went away. It's been almost two years now since I got my implants and I was wondering if anyone else has my problem every time go to sleep and lay on my right side my... READ MORE

Hey guys. I have been on here for some time now. It’s getting real. I have decided to get buttock implants with Dr.Aslani at Cirumed in Spain. I wanted to do BBL first but it seems I do not have enough fat for a great result. I put in some work to gain weight but I just don’t seem to be able... READ MORE

I had a butt augmentation with Dr. Stanton in June of 2014, he was a good doctor, good staff, good surgery center. Recovery was terrible but I loved my implants the first few months, the look is worth the pain. 6 months after surgery my implants started shifting, they go upside down and my butt... READ MORE

Hi guys, So I've read a lot of reviews. Have a flat butt and been wanting to get butt implants for decades. Both Scared and excited. I'm 50 years old, work out a lot and in great shape… After reading lots of reviews I'm going with Dr. Stanton in Beverly Hills. I live in L.A. so it's... READ MORE

So I was a little afraid that potentially ruined my surgery but today seems to be going well. I absolutely love Dr. Kimberley Henery and her very caring, compassionate staff. There office has to be by far the BEST place to have any operations done. Seriously, I highly recommend her and her staff... READ MORE

I am a week post op. It was a lil painful after surgery but tolerable. I am an active duty military member, mom, and wife. I was tired of working out and being flat. So this will be worth it. You only live once. Dr. Stanton and his team in bev hills LA are truly caring and great. The experience... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I only just found this site a month ago. I have been obsessed with ready everyones review and comments ever since. I did not know how popular butt implant were. Im from australia and have been looking into butt implants in thailand. I did look in austalia but is like double the... READ MORE

Hi, I recently had a butt augmentation with fat transfer done by a very well accredited plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, today after 3 weeks post op I had Seroma. A huge syringe was put in my left but cheek in was filled with about 5 or 6 inches of fluid that was brown. I freaked out and have... READ MORE

Dr. Morea is very professional, caring and highly skilled plastic surgeon. His staff is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Morea did my breast augmentation nearly a year ago and he did an incredible job! I decided to return to him for butt implants on February 4, 2015 to complete my transformation and... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm writing this review because I would like to share with you all my experience in the butt implant journey I have been on for the past month. I am a 24 yo Male and I have always wanted THE bubble butt: nice, round, muscular, like all the guys and girls I see at the gym. I... READ MORE

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