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Butt implant surgery, like breast implant surgery, places artificial implants either under or on top of the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. This is in contrast to a Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person’s own fat (liposuctioned from other areas of the body) to naturally augment the butt. LEARN MORE ›
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Hi I am 28 years old and desperate for a perky butt. I am satisfied with the rest of me but my backside is destroying my self esteem.I don’t want an unnatural feel for my buttocks but it seems I do not have sufficient fat to have it done with my fat only. I am very nervous about all this, I... READ MORE

Absolutely love the results. Wanting a big change and that's exactly what I got. I'm 3 weeks and 3 days post op and healing wonderfully. Tummy still a bit swollen but will continue to get smaller within the next three weeks. I got 400cc round implants!!! My implants were placed above the muscle.... READ MORE

Had a Skype consultation today with Dr. Aslani, he seems really nice and knows what his doing! He made me feel really comfortable to speak my mind and took on board what I want. I got 3 days left for surgery I can't wait!!! I'm getting arms, belly, back and flanks lipod while having bum implants... READ MORE

I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible ok sometime last year 2014 I loss weight no major weight but whatever weight that I did lose it made my butt lose the projection that I had when I first got my second bbl done. Not saying I have no butt at all, I just don't have the fullness and... READ MORE

Hi Ladys, My first post !!!! I'm 30 years old have a kid, thin, weight 120, 5'7 and I really workout a lot weights and cardio extrem workouts and all that. Have been Working a lot on my legs and butt but haven't seen a great result like I wish, I have being searching and thinking on getting... READ MORE

I'd say for around ten years i had been wanting to transform my bum shape into something more round, that looks sexy and full in jeans, tracksuit bottoms etc. I knew exactly what i wanted and didn't mind which country or the price, so i did research online and came across a girl (who had my... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I'm a 27 year old female looking to improve my figure.I have a nice butt now but I want that bang factor I use to have a few years ago. I had a breast augmentation in 2010. I'm 4"11 32 DD African American Petite 110 pounds So far... READ MORE

Hey realself family!!! I have been stalking this site for about 2 months now and I absolutely LOVE the support that I'm seeing. Because of that, I've decided to come out from hiding and post a review(s) on my upcoming butt implants surgery w/ Dr. Lacerna (Sarasota FL). I scheduled my surgery... READ MORE

Surgery booked with Dr Gongora! Sooooo nervous about it! I always wanted a nice round butt, no too big, just round and sexy. My butt is flat and not toned anymore, I feel unsexy and always trying to hide it. As much as I want to have my butt back I am so nervous about having implants. Please... READ MORE

Dr. Morea is very professional, caring and highly skilled plastic surgeon. His staff is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Morea did my breast augmentation nearly a year ago and he did an incredible job! I decided to return to him for butt implants on February 4, 2015 to complete my transformation and... READ MORE

Butt Augmentation w/fat transfer scheduled on March 10, 2015. Starting to get very nervous as the days get closer. I'm 5'7 140lbs from Texas.. Ill be getting lipo to the back and love handles transferred to my butt with the implants.. I was quoted 8000 that includes 5 night stay in clinic plus... READ MORE

Hi everyone I based in London/England and going to write for you about my butt implant+ Fat grafting with Lipo Vaser journey :) I have been doing research about butt implant for couple of months now, i have to say that many reviews in Realself helped me to make my final decision! At... READ MORE

So i went to see Dr.Cortes this saturday, and he was very nice and honest i would say. I'm a bit disappointed that I have to gain 10 pounds, in which Im trying to do in 1 week lol!. I would like any advice on how to gain some weight for those who have been told to do so as well. I normally eat... READ MORE

Hi everyone, so after an extensive research and several consultations I have decided to get buttock implants. I recently had a breast augmentation (1/15/15, 350cc HP round silicone implants, under the muscle, incision under the breast) I am super happy with my results. Now I'm in the desperate... READ MORE

Hi my surgery will be on March 5th Am really nervous. But exited Am really short and skinny 4'10 and 90lbs To be exact. This might sounds weird but I see all the girls from here talking about 350cc But my doctor just told me about Medium-Large. So I want to see if someone can explain that to... READ MORE

I've had my first consultation with Dr. Hughes about 3 weeks ago. During my first consultation he was very honest with me and said that a BBL was not option because I didn't have enough fat. I was disappointed because I never even thought about butt implants. Thankfully RealSelf has been amazing... READ MORE

Ok so after doing intensive research i have gone for Dr Abraham Polanco Safadit hes a trusted surgeon and has worked on more than 5 girls i know. He told me i have zero fat on my stomach & just a little on my back. Hes going to define my waiste using lipo and place butt implants because i am too... READ MORE

Hello ladies I've been on this site for about a month now, reading all your post and comments and just trying to find out the most information I can before I embark on this life changing transformation that I'm putting my self in lol I'm 25 years and I have 3 kids . I had my first daughter... READ MORE

I have been contemplating this surgery for some years and in 2013 I did my breast and I said I'd do my butt next since my breast implants made me feel so great about myself I want to be able to fill out my pants and not think I have a butt but know I have one I tried to butt pads but that made... READ MORE

I've been researching , & goingback &fourth with a couple of dr"s, top rated of course in butt implants/bbl area .Drs who have done this procedure over a numerous of times w/great results.I've narrowed it down From Salama, to Lucerna, Ryan Stanton & Kenneth B.Hughes.my consult is 3/28/14... READ MORE

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