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Mastopexy (commonly referred to as a breast lift) restores shape and volume that may have been lost due to age, weight loss, or nursing. With most breast lifts, the nipple and areola are shifted to a higher position in order to create a natural look. If you want larger (as well as perkier) breasts, a breast lift with implants might be worth researching. LEARN MORE ›
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I am just one week post op from my mini breast lift and could not be any happier. I am 54 years old. My breasts have been droopy since giving birth may years ago. I have waited 30 years to find a doctor who could do a lift with no vertical scarring. Here is my story. My husband and I flew... READ MORE

March 12th was my surgery date. So I have very thin skin and tissue. So this was the 2nd Revision I had with Moliver. He told me from the start that I would need 2 surgery's. I am 5 Weeks Post Op. The first few weeks where rough. Than again I said that with all my surgery's so I am starting to... READ MORE

Just scouring the Internet at images of uplifts post op and some look awful but please don't let that put you off. I'm 26 and have one child but I had the same problem as you and even though my partner said I didn't need it I still felt uncomfortable with myself plus I hated the excess skin... READ MORE

I am a 29 yr old single mom of two kids. I had beautiful perky breasts before kids, but then I stretched from a 32C to a G when I was pregnant, and they stayed at a 32D cup but very saggy. I am so self contious in a bikini top bc I have to keep tucking them in, and if I lean over they wrinkle up... READ MORE

After years, and I mean years, (I am 44, my youngest child is 13) I've hated my boobs. I called them socks hanging from my chest. I didn't allow my husband to touch them because I was so mortified by the sag. I hated bathing suits and bras. When my 20yr old daugther and my hair dresser said to... READ MORE

I found out about Dr. hedden on realself actually, sounds crazy maybe but once i saw his information and read his patient reviews i knew he was the one that was going to do my surgery. I wasn't even contemplating going out of state until this point... So not even 3 weeks later I flew in from... READ MORE

I am in my 20's and a mother to 3 boys! I have since lost the fullness and perkiness in my breasts from pregnancy and breastfeeding. After thinking about breast augmentation for years I finally chose Dr. Horndeski! I had my consultation yesterday and booked my surgery date for March 19! I am so... READ MORE

Due to sagging of the breasts from aging and weight loss, I desired a breast lift procedure. As I researched the topic of mastopexy, I read more and more about the unfortunate limitations of this surgery: > Lack of durability of mastopexy results with recurrent ptosis > Difficulty... READ MORE

Pros.. Breast look as if I have implant. I can't remember if or when my boobs ever look the way it does now. I was motive to get a breast if after I had my daughter. I don't want another child, so I figure its no need to not be happy and love my body after baby. Doctor Wendell Perry did a great... READ MORE

After breast feeding three children, I decided to have a breast lift last May. I am very happy with my results but now I am facing a small revision in two weeks and trying to decide whether or not to put a small implant in there to increase the upper pole fullness. My PS will be fixing the right... READ MORE

I recently had a breast lift and I am currently 10 days post op. My doctor told me I should now take the Steri strips off the incision and begin using a triple antibiotic for 7 days followed by the scar gel. Needless to say, viewing the incision for the first time was not easy and I am worried... READ MORE

I underwent a breast lift this week after putting off for a year from the time I went in for my initial consultation. I simply did not believe that the results could be worth the discomfort, down time and potentially disappointing result. It is now three days since the surgery. My... READ MORE

I am a 47 mother of 2 grown boys, both are in college and I have been working on getting myself back! I have really be into fitness for about 6 years and really enjoy working out and being active. I am 5'8" and range in weight from 160 to 165. I have a lot of muscle from years of swimming when I... READ MORE

Having considered and researched this procedure (post children) for 5 yrs I finally went ahead with it. Like most women considering this procedure I was unhappy with the "saggy" over stretched and well used breasts (breast feeding, fluctuation over yrs in weight up/down be it from pregnancy or... READ MORE

My breast are about a 37c and somewhat sag or at least my nipples are low! I have yet to find a doctor I feel is worth putting confidence in.... So I was hoping someone any one could give me some advice! I am posting my wish pictures first but will post my actual pictures shortly after!... READ MORE

Ok so I figured by me putting my story on here it can help or motivate someone just like it did me. I'm 19 yrs old 5'6'' and 155 pounds no kids yet. Growing up I always wanted boobies like my mother well as a sad dissapointment it would never happen bc hers are fake so I'm stuck in a 34 B until... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Richard Rand in 2004 for my first breast lift, on the advice of a friend who had had augmentation implants done by him just a few months earlier. She was happy. So I met with him as well as another plastic surgeon just for comparison. Dr. Rand definitely had a wonderful... READ MORE

My breasts look like they belong on two different people. Always small, after two babies and nursing for a year each, they are two distinctly different sizes. I'm embarrassed to wear a bathing suit and clothing just looks bad. Bras don't fit. I'm having a lift and augmentation. Still not sure of... READ MORE

If you are considering a mastopexy/breast lift, Go For It! My only regret is not having done this sooner ;-) Basics: 5'8", 145#' 34D (rolled up into a bra - lol! Procedure: Mastopexy (anchor, without augmentation), general anesthetic, 3 days minimal pain meds, surg tape - no external... READ MORE

Hi all. I'm 25 years old and live in San Francisco. Since August of 2010, I've lost about 90 pounds (from 245 to 155) and having shed the pounds, I also shed the vitality of my breasts. I have never been pregnant so I can't blame breastfeeding for my premature's really just a loss of... READ MORE

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