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Mastopexy (commonly referred to as a breast lift without implants) restores shape and volume that may have been lost due to age, weight loss, or nursing. With most breast lifts, the nipple and areola are shifted to a higher position in order to create a natural look. If you want larger (as well as perkier) breasts, a breast lift with implants might be worth researching. LEARN MORE ›

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I have had deflated breasts since I rapidly lost baby weight after 8th grade. I can't remember a time before my breasts were saggy. I've spent almost all of my twenties without the option to go braless or feel confident in a strapless dress. I could never go without a bra because I have no shape... READ MORE

My bra size is a 36DDD. I have never been unhappy with the size as much as the sagging. I went to a real referred plastic surgeon who was very professional and I felt knew exactly what I wanted. I had the breast lift on June 26, 2013. I had no problems and very little pain. However one week... READ MORE

I've always hated my breasts - they didnt develop properly during puberty and although no one has ever mentioned having a problem with them when we're being intimate, Ive always felt deeply embarassed. Ive been researching having a breast lift for a while now and have decided to go with a... READ MORE

Hi! I am a 42 years old and considering a BL without implants, hopefully around the end of the year. I’m in the Columbus, Ohio area and looking for a PS who specializes in cosmetic surgery involving breast and has experience with African American skin. I’d like to start scheduling... READ MORE

I've never been happy with my prematurely sagging breasts and they have always been a private but constant source of embarrassment and discomfort for me. Social situations where less clothes are expected; trips the the beach, the swimming pool, wearing certain clothes- (dresses are a problem)... READ MORE

Current situation: 22 years old, 5'4, 150, 36D-DD (just depends on the day) It all started with a coping mechanism gone wrong. Around the age of 17, I developed Binge Eating Disorder and my weight was out of control. It fluctuated between 20-30 pounds over the course of two years. As of now, my... READ MORE

I have had seven children, three for myself and two sets of twins for two separate families as a surrogate. Of those seven children, I have nursed six of them. My boobs are a saggy mess! I also had gastric bypass in 2004 and have lost and gained many pounds since then. My highest weight was... READ MORE

I'm 47 years young and lead an active lifestyle. My bra size is 32E. I've considered getting a lift for a few years and now I'm 6 sleeps away. My reasons? I'm investing in me. I'll feel better and look better. No justification required other than that me thinks. I've talked with women who... READ MORE

I wanted this done for ME! Even as a teen, I never had "perky" breast. Then after 2 pregnancies and lots of stretching, I became even more troubled by the appearance of my breast. Dr. Woods explained the pros and cons and told me I was the perfect candidate for this procedure. One week later,... READ MORE

I am still currently nursing my 8 month old, but when I am done, I want to get my body back. I gained 90 pounds with my first pregnancy!! (I still can't believe I gained that much). I worked out hard and lost it all. Then I gained 60 pounds with my second pregnancy, and am 20 pounds away from... READ MORE

For about two years I was looking for to do my breast lift after two kids I decide it's time to take off all that saggy of my boobs I was at so many surgeons app, on the first time I came to doctor Davoudi felt I found the right one for me and I'm so happy made that choice he and his staff are... READ MORE

I wanted to post because I didn't see a lot of women on here of size represented undergoing a breast lift with implants. Getting surgery because of breast drooping and loss of volume after breast feeding, aging and weight loss. The surgeon I have selected is Dr. David B. Reath in Knoxville,... READ MORE

I am 26 years old, 5'4", and have no children. At my heaviest, I weighed a whopping 180lbs, which in proportion to my height was not good. I went through a few rough years and didn't care much about my diet.Then I met my boyfriend and subsequently went on "the pill". After... READ MORE

So the cost is including some liposuction I'm having done as well as the surgical facility fees. Without the lipo it would be $7,156. Anyway, I'm 24 years old and have two children. I'm a small 34C cup. Ever since I've had my first kid I didn't like the way my breasts sag... READ MORE

I have had saggy, mournful breasts since I went through puberty - two limp fatty flaps that just hung there looking terrible. It has been a source of embarrassment for my entire life, and when I grew two cup sizes over the last couple of years, it made everything much worse. Then I had DD limp... READ MORE

I developed very young and immediately had stretch marks. In 5th grade. My breast were sagging by 8th grade at a full C cup. Four babies and nursing three later I had a horrifying problem by age 25. I had my first consultation at that time and began to dream of surgery to fix my breasts. I was a... READ MORE

Procedure done aug 8 2013 Objective was to fix the asymmetry (full c cup next to med b cup) Also saggy breasts that just developed that way from the start I don't have a before picture which I'm sorry for.. Never thought I'd ever post my personal story, but after finding this community it... READ MORE

Ok so this has been something that I have wanted for many years. I finally decided the timing was right and now I am only 2wks til the big day. I am very nervous! excited! and filled full of emotions that I am not even sure as to what they are. I will continue to post updates along my... READ MORE

So I have wanted breast implants for quite a while. I'm 44, have three kids ages 22, 19, and 15. My breasts got huge while pregnant and nursing and are now deflated but it has always been about putting my kids and family first. Now that kids are older and we are at a better place in our lives... READ MORE

I am 35 years old, 157 lbs and 5'9". I have had two kids and a lot of weight loss/gain over the past 12+ years, so my breasts had lost their former glory, becoming sagged, ptotic and heavy. It has been the cause of the low self-esteem and I often just dreaded taking my clothes off, because the... READ MORE

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