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In a breast lift, or mastopexy, the surgeon removes excess skin to perk up sagging breasts. Because the nipple and areola typically need to be repositioned, you can expect some scarring. If larger (as well as perkier) breasts are desired, a breast lift with implants can be performed.  LEARN MORE ›
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Dr. Koo performed two surgical procedures on me and I do not recommend this doctor. In Nov 2011, I got implants and a breast lift on the left breast. I was left with massive scarring on the left breast and a left breast that was noticeably larger. I also got little scars outside the nipple along... READ MORE

I wanted a breast lift because I'd recently had my 12-year-old saline implants removed. My breasts were pretty deflated so I wanted to get them lifted back up. Dr Horndeski has a great office staff. They are -super- prompt at answering questions, and everyone in the office was nice. I... READ MORE

I had a previous breast reduction that went wrong with a doctor in TJ six years ago. After reading the reviews and meeting Dr. Quiroz I decided to go to him to review my breast lift and additional procedures. Dr.Quiroz revised the breast reduction and I am very happy with the results. He made my... READ MORE

I was told to drain my 11 year old saline implants to see where my natural tissue & muscle would retract back to after 4-6 weeks. I did this & then discussed a smaller than my previous 350cc saline implant because I had been pregnant & breast fed my daughter & grew to an overly full 34DD cup. My... READ MORE

I decided that I wanted to "perk up" my breasts. Age, children, and weight loss had made them look like the cartoon of the old woman in Playboy from years ago. I researched procedures online and decided that if I was going to do this then only the best doctor in AZ would be right for me. I... READ MORE

Dr Diana was willing to do just lift but I was wanting more volume up higher on chest. No high pressure sales. Gave me realistic expectations. Dr even called evening of procedure to check on me. He was honest about possible scars and gave pros and cons for different techniques and types of... READ MORE

For as long as I can remember my breasts have sagged- even as a teenager I didn't seem to have the perky breasts that all my friends did. Then over the years my left boob seemed to keep growing when my right one did not. Tomorrow I am FINALLY having my left breast reduced and both uplifted..... READ MORE

I am so grateful that I found Dr. Agha during my search for a plastic surgeon. I don't want to completely gush, but I truly think he is the best. Dr. Agha has done several procedures on me already, and we are nearly done with "my list". I am in my forties, and after childbirth- and weight... READ MORE

Naturally large breast were both a blessing and a curse. They were wonderful when I was 16 but by 25 they had already begun to sag. After an accident in my 30's I gained 50lb which took my 36dd to 40e. When I finally got all the weight back off (I'm now 5'6" and 135lbs) I had very little breast... READ MORE

Mother of 2, breastfeed both 18 months. Want my pre-baby breasts back. Always had full DD breasts and now sad, droopy skin! It is the calm before the storm kind of day. I was nervous, about 2 weeks ago, but today - READY. I am at peace with my cc sizes and know to trust my Dr. that I will... READ MORE

I am 30, have two kids and I breastfed for two years.. I was stretched marked, and deflated to an A cup of skin and just plain ashamed of my breasts. I still have stretch marks but I have a full breast now with a firm nipple. I am now a 36 D. I was worried about the lollipop scar but now I don't... READ MORE

I am so pleased with my results. I wanted my breasts to look how they did prior to having children and that is exactly what I got. I was 18 when I had my first child and it ravished my body. I have wanted and have been preoccupied with wanting plastic surgery since I was 18 years old. I am now... READ MORE

This is a procedure I had been considering for a long time, but I didn't want the vertical scars. When I found Dr. Horndeski, I knew I found a solution! I was willing to travel to Houston from California to get the results I wanted. I am only 4 days post surgery and am thrilled with the results!... READ MORE

I had a saggy set of deflated B cup breasts after breast feeding 2 children and more so from becoming engorged to a triple D cup during the end of the nursing process. I had wanted breast implants for over 10 years, and now was in a position to get them. A friend had recommended Dr.Gorodisky,... READ MORE

I had my surgery yesterday. But this has been a process that has been a very long time coming. I decided not to post anything until I had my surgery. Mainly because I did not want my doctor reading about what I thought at the time. Well the knife has been used and I am on the road to... READ MORE

Breast Lift done yesterday. Surgery was not bad at all compared to my tummy tuck 2 years ago. I didn't have to stay overnight this time which was great. Surgery was at 1pm and I was back home by 9pm. I took one dose of pain meds last night, but haven't needed them at all today. I was able to... READ MORE

After having my twins 13 years ago and my youngest four years ago and having gained approx 56lbs each time, my tummy was stretched beyond all recognition. As I breast fed all three my breasts looked like a couple of spaniels ears and my right breast was almost two cup sizes bigger than my left..... READ MORE

I had assemetrical breasts, so decided on implants. Lift was needed. My left breast stitches have been rest itched 3 times- and every time the skin surrounding it splits. My ps seems unconcerned/ says it will heal and a small revision may be needed. (The scars are HUGE!) I regret doing this and... READ MORE

I have had two previous surgeries hoping to have perkier breasts but my breasts were just too large and skin began to sag after weight loss. I really did not want vertical scars down the front of my breasts. Every doctor I went to told me I would have to have the anchor scars, so I put the... READ MORE

After reading many of the wonderful experiences that you ladies have shared I have decided that I would love to be part of this family! I’m a 32 year old mother of three girls ages 6, 8, and 11. My before babies breast were a very perky C cup. I had my first daughter at the age of 19 and my... READ MORE

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