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Mastopexy (commonly referred to as a breast lift without implants) restores shape and volume that may have been lost due to age, weight loss, or nursing. With most breast lifts, the nipple and areola are shifted to a higher position in order to create a natural look. If you want larger (as well as perkier) breasts, a breast lift with implants might be worth researching. LEARN MORE ›

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I had 2 children and had breast fed them and my boobs were sagging. Today I am 1 day shy of 2 weeks post op. The breast job he did was fantastic. Originally I looked like I had "man boobs" as you can see in the pictures. I had 600 cc's in each breast which makes me a 36DD. Originally the... READ MORE

I was very self conscious about my body. I have felt this was for quite some time. I had to always wear a bra which restricted me on wearing curtain clothes. By having the lift it has given me more confidence and I feel younger. I can also were the clothes that I like. I don't regret doing the... READ MORE

I am 28 years old, 5’5 and weight 138 pounds and my breast measurements were a 30GG. Having a reduction is something that I have considered for quite sometime but the vertical scar is something that has always deterred me. This year I was doing more research and came across Dr. Horndeski. I... READ MORE

I had a breast lift done less than 2 weeks ago and I'm so pleased with the surgery by Dr. Gelfant (he truly is great at what he does). I feel younger, no pain from the surgery, the scars you can hardly see ( a real surprize) and now my breasts look like a much younger woman which is wonderful... READ MORE

I've always been self conscious. People mistake my interest in clothes and make up as vanity but it's deeply routed in being a self conscious over weight child and teenager. Started being careful with eating and regular gym sessions over two years ago. I was going through a separation and then... READ MORE

I went from a 38 G to a 36DD and I now have perky breasts that I love again. My breasts were long and saggy after breast feeding, and I wanted to have this surgery for many years but was afraid. I felt so comfortable with Dr. Bolitho. I really wanted lipo too, so I got my abs and waist done at... READ MORE

My breast size had always fluctuated depending on whether i was on the pill on not and after two pregnancies and breast feeding they became empty and saggy. i was never really happy with their shape from the moment i developed anyway i mean the nipple always looked kind of low so i knew one day... READ MORE

I had upper eyelid surgery 10 years ago back in Brazil but it didn't change much I decide to it again then I went to see doctor Dr. Connall in the office I decide to do a breast lift at the same time. I was very anxious before the procedure but everything went fine I didn't feel any pain even... READ MORE

After having three children my breast had sagged. I had an unexpected pregnancy 17 years later. That pregnancy in my husbands words "finished" my breast. The left breast ended up being larger than the right breast. By this time aging skin also took its tole. I found myself having to use socks in... READ MORE

I’m a 40 Caucasian 32 D cup and I always had kind of sagged breast (may be to a less degree when I was young). I was not looking for a bigger cup, I’m not OK with the idea of placing some balloons under my skin and carrying around more weight. I was not very keen of the scares left after a... READ MORE

I am a wife and mother of two children who wasn't happy about her body after having the kids. I have been looking into surgery for a couple years but it was only about 9 months ago that I went to consultations. anyhow, I had my surgery yesterday and have slept about 90% of the time since then.... READ MORE

I travelled from Sydney, Australia to Phuket, Thailand to have breast surgery. I had a breast lift and augmentation at Bangkok Hospital Phuket with Dr Pongsatorn Sanguanchua (aka Dr Jib). I paid a total of 267,800 BHT (just under $10,000 AUD). This price included; - transfers to and from the... READ MORE

Words can't express my gratitude towards Dr. Rankin and his staff. I am so happy with my results. Gwen and the entire staff at Aqua took cared of me from initial consult to post surgery. I had very minimal pain from my Breast lift. What a well-manners surgeon. His hands are blessed. God gave him... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I used this site quite a lot in my research over the last year regarding breast lifts so now it's my turn to give back! I had my breast lift with auto augmentation done two days ago. I'm sore (like I did a thousand push ups), but I'm not "in pain. I have my post op appointment... READ MORE

I have posted how horrible my breast surgery turned out. Now here are pictures. Hopefully you will see why NOT to go to Dr. Horndeski for surgery. My experience was horrible. He took me from a slight hang, size D cup to a very ugly size B cup. I now have square tiny breast, many scars, nipples... READ MORE

After my second child was born in 2007 I wanted to have my breasts lifted. I had my first consult in 2009, that doctor wanted to do a lift with implants and I didn't think I would need implants because I was a 34 DD. I waited and then I was referred to Dr. Lawrence and had a consult and she... READ MORE

2 deflation caused by mammograms. I know they say that it rarely happens but I have had 2 deflated breasts within 3 days after a mammogram. 1997, my first implants, I felt were too big. The doctor said he had to fill the pocket otherwise I would have double boob. I am a 36DDD. In 2004, my... READ MORE

I got my breasts done with Dr. Salzhauer. At first I really loved them and wasn't sure where the scars where and how big up until I took off the post op tape and my scars are so big that side book will never be an option to expose and also I have to be careful with the type of bathing suit bra I... READ MORE

Hey Dolls! Starting my blog for my 2nd journey to Dr. As of right now I'm going for a breast lift, (the girls bam bam and pebbles need to sit up straight.) And Rhinoplasty (Nosy). Yes all my body parts have names lol. I'm not completely sure but might do a rd 2 of lipo only to the stomach,back... READ MORE

I am planing to have a breast lift with silicone implants. Like most breast feeding has lift my breast limp :) so the plan is to get a lift with normal size implants. Since I'm short and thick I was thinking along the lines on 350-400ccs but I am open to the doctors suggestions. Defiantly not... READ MORE

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