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A "body lift" is actually a combination of surgical procedures, usually a butt lift, bilateral thigh lifts and a tummy tuck. Body lifts are often done to remove and tighten up excess skin after a dramatic weight loss. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $15,250

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Dr. Ivelisse Bello's job with me was amazing. She is a professional and real loving Doctor. I will return in a heart beat to get any other procedure with her. The clinic is a 5 stars clinic, its clean and very attractive. I had "The works" done, lol. I mean i had a gastric bypass done back in... READ MORE

Lost about 100lbs through diet and exercise and had baggy skin which was very depressing. Extreme procedure, recovery was slow. I had an issue with liquid buildup in my legs though and it required constant draining. I wore small drains for weeks then they got infected. Ironically, the infection... READ MORE

Close to four years ago I lost a significant amount of weight (280#). Now I am left with an abundance of loose skin that no amount of working out or building muscle will fix. After in-depth research I have decided to have the following procedures: lower body lift, arm lift, breast lift /... READ MORE

Dr. LoMonaco is an excellent surgeon and one of THE most experienced in working with patients who have had massive weight loss. I had a lower body lift 6 weeks ago and am still in the process of healing and follow-up care but have been extremely pleased with his expertise, his caring,... READ MORE

After my breast reduction which was such a success my husband suggested a body lift. Wow, what an experience and I look great now, wearing clothes I would never have thought of wearing before. It's a big operation though. You spend 3-5 days in hospital as you have drains attached to the exit... READ MORE

I finally decided to write up my forth coming experience. This is going to be short because I'm currently in the back of a car on my way to a funeral service. I have been on this website for a couple of months. I comment from time to time but mainly just read the different experiences. This... READ MORE

Pros - WONDERFUL AND CARING DOCTOR and STAFF, reasonable pricing, getting to see the results of all the hard work put in to get healthy and trim, and more attractive appearance does wonders for your self esteem.... Cons - Painful, swelling, potential necrosis of incisions, the procedures... READ MORE


Dr. Schusterman performed a lower body lift, lipo on my thighs, and an upper arm lift in January, 2013. This surgery lasted 8+ hours. I am extremely pleased with the results of the surgery and my follow up.  My surgery was the most significant decision I had to make regarding my... READ MORE

I am about to under go my belt lipectomy in about 24 hours and am so nervous and scared. I know it's the right thing to do for me but it doesn't help with the fear or unknown. I was always the girl that would be described as the young lady with such a pretty face and hair, if she could only lose... READ MORE

I had lost 85lbs when I was 21 years old. And for the following 15 years, I was unaware that I was carrying around loose skin; I honestly viewed myself as someone who was stuck with this body and unable to change it...and then when I could no longer take it, I started doing my research. Reading... READ MORE

After losing 170 pounds I searched high and low for a plastic surgeon who would be scrupulous with his/her craft. I make my living as a researcher so trust me when I say I did my due diligence when choosing Dr. Agha. Once I vetted him online, I even went so far as to read articles written by him... READ MORE


I was once very obese, and lost the weight. Body contouring after that much change was fairly new back then (2004, so my expectations were just to look passably normal, not 35 or even 40 again or as though I'd never been fat.) I was early in the "learning curve" of a "post massive weight loss... READ MORE

I am 6 days post op of a lower body lift, this round was a butt/thigh lift. I had done my tummy tuck a couple years ago, and had to finish the rest.. I must say I am glad that I broke it up in 2 seperate operations.. I seriously could not imagine having to deal with tightness from the back and... READ MORE

I was frustrated that I knew I weighed less and should look thinner than what I was, and knew it was because of the extra skin. Areas that should be smooth weren't becasue of the skin. It just felt like the accomplishment of losing 120 lbs. was minimized by the continued presence of the... READ MORE

I had my gastric bypass with duodenal switch nine years ago and lost a total of 120 pounds. As a result of the rapid weight loss I had a lot of extra skin. While I could dress to hide the extra lumps and bumps, it was difficult to find clothes that were small enough to fit attractively yet large... READ MORE

I had lost over 70 pounds in the last three years and had been searching for a doctor for months between the San Francisco bay area and Chicago. I finally decided on Dr. Pensler because he made me the most comfortable and confident with the decision to proceed with the surgery. I had a body lift... READ MORE

I am a few weeks out since my surgery, everyday I am pleased more with my physical appearance, moreover, i am totally impressed with the level of interest I receive for the team. It's nice to be under the care of a Dr. that really does CARE! READ MORE

Can anyone provide feedback on the support requirements for someone who has had a lower body lift and arm lift? I live alone and I'm not sure how much support I'll need. A friend is going to stay with me for the first 5 nights but, after that, I'll be alone. Will I be ok? Thanks, in advance, for... READ MORE

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