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A "body lift" is actually a combination of surgical procedures, usually a butt lift, bilateral thigh lifts and a tummy tuck. Body lifts are often done to remove and tighten up excess skin after a dramatic weight loss. LEARN MORE ›
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After lap band surgery I felt that a regular tummy tuck would simply not cut it. I had what you could call the "Mommy makeover" (but with body lift not just tummy tuck) Im still healing, still wearing compression garment and very swollen. Most people thought I was crazy for doing my breast... READ MORE

Hi everyone.. This is my first post in my journey to the body I want. I have 4 kids and have battled my weight for almost 20 years. Over the last 2 years, I've lost over 80 lbs. I still have about 35 lbs left but the excess skin is the issue. I have talked with my husband and I have a goal of... READ MORE

After losing 135 lbs I had excessive skin that made me feel just as bad as being overweight did. Dr.Basu was recommended by my weight loss doctor. Basu Plastic Surgery's staff have gone above and beyond to assist me in this journey. They are professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable . ... READ MORE

Not overweight, but tired of unproductive exercising to reduce or firm areas that could only be corrected by surgery......wish I would have done this sooner! I not only look better, but I actually feel lighter. The overall procedure and recovery was far less down time than I had anticipated and... READ MORE

Dr.Fuentes is wonderful, he was very straight forward and Mirna is great! I have lost 160lbs from weight loss surgery and Dr.Fuentes was very realistic about what could be done . I'm so happy I don't have the saggy skin to carry around . The only down side to the experience was the pain control ... READ MORE

Dr. Patronella and his staff have been an absolutely JOY to work with. After losing over 120 pounds I had that hanging skin that was a constant burden to my new fit lifestyle. I HATED that skin. I walked into Dr. P's office for a consultation very intimidated and nervous and walked out AMAZED... READ MORE

In 2003 I had lap band surgery and lost about 50 kilos, during that time I had 2 children. I was desperate to get rid of all the saggy skin, especially in my thighs, I went to my local doctor who referred to me Richard Bloom. Mr Bloom suggested that I have a body lift in two operations, this... READ MORE

After havering a vertical sleeve gastrectomy I lost 120 pounds. I had a lot of excess skin on my back and abdominal region. Dr. Gill and his staff were very professional. I was made to feel very comfortable about the procedure and given solid advice about what procedure would be best for me and... READ MORE

He is an experienced , talented doctor that will give you an honest advice.I have had two procedures done by him and one of them was a major surgery. My first procedure was body lift and he did a great job. There is a minimal amount of scar and my recovery time was very fast and i could reach... READ MORE

Post-120 pound weight loss, wanted to get excess skin removed. It was extremely easy to contact Dr. Aly's office to get my initial consultation, pre-op lab work requested by Dr. Aly as well as my procedure scheduled. I was explained in great detail what to expect and the limitations of the... READ MORE

I am a 25 year old male that had lost too much weight too fast and had excess skin I was very self conscious about. After doing research I came to Dr. Sanjay Grover and he recommended a belt lipectomy. The surgery went just as expected, and Dr. Grover's willingness to be there for his patients... READ MORE

After loosing approx 50 kg in weight through hard work and eating properly l needed a lower body lift. l went and spoke to Dr. Tim and had the procedudure a few months ago. l am very happy with the outcome, there was no pain and everything went very very well. cons... not really any l guess... READ MORE

I had a total body lift done, which essentially involved a circumferential incision around my lower body. Basically it was a tummy tuck, outer thigh lift, and butt lift. I am a surgeon myself and I spent a lot of time researching doctors. Part of my problem was that often times a lower body lift... READ MORE

I was obese most of my life from as far back as I can remember, it’s been a constant struggle for me and at my heaviest I was topping the scale at 280 lbs. I had gastric bypass roux-en-y surgery in September 2008. I had decided that enough was enough and I made the most important investment of... READ MORE

Emerged I use the word emerged, because I have emerged from under the shroud. The shroud of over sized clothes and oversized body and then unwanted skin. Weight loss is something that you hear every day. It is thrown at you from every possible angle, print, social media, radio and television.... READ MORE

The procedure was dome under general anesthesia , the after care was excellent and I was walking the same day and my normal dies was resumes within few hours after the surgery which was comforting . There was pain which was very manageable by the pain relic medication , I was being put on... READ MORE

Today I wore a tank top and capris. For many people this may not be a big deal. For me, it means everything! It meant that for the first time in roughly 20 years I was comfortable enough with the way I look to be out in the world without the cover of an ultra hot, incredibly long shirt. I had... READ MORE

I have had abdominoplasty the procedure was done in April 2013 and was successful. My next procedure is in 5 days time I'm having a body lift. Would like if anyone who has had the procedure could offer advice on pre op and especially postoperative things to expect and anything that helped them... READ MORE

Some four years ago I decided I was ready to lose weight after completing my family of seven children. My head was in the right space and I lost some 30 kilos. Time to seek advice about the " apron" I was left with. To me, taking away that " apron" would make me feel better about myself, more... READ MORE

After having three children by caesarian section and my weight yo-yoing up and down over the years, I found I had a lot of loose skin around my belly. I managed to achieve a reasonable goal weight in July 2012 and, at the age of 47, decided it was time to do something for me. After an... READ MORE

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