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A body lift combines various procedures — typically a butt lift, thigh lift, and tummy tuck — to remove or improve loose skin. Think of the kind of surgery that happens after dramatic weight loss leaves sagging skin behind. LEARN MORE ›
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After getting a LapBand in 11/2011, losing 100 pounds, a TT w/MR & BR/BL in 12/2013 and thigh lift and BA in 03/2014, I thought I was DONE with my transformation. (You can go to my profile to read about the other steps of my journey) Well, after 3 years of hard work in the gym, my butt just... READ MORE

After losing 170lbs off my 5'2" frame I was a mass of loose skin. I new that in order to truly enjoy my weight loss I'd require plastic surgery to make me feel like I was finally "normal". I knew that plastic surgery in Canada was not feasible due to costs and had already been to Mexico for my... READ MORE

I met Dr. Katzen in July of 2006, approximately 7 months after I had my WLS and had lost 100 lbs. I knew immediately that he was the doctor for me. His compassion, expertise and bevy of beauties volunteering to show their "handiwork" was overwhelming. During my personal consultation, he and his... READ MORE

So far Dr Ratcliff has been great! answered all my questions and took his time w me in the mirror of "issues" I was a little annoyed with the nurse who asked me twice who I was because you thought I didn't look like I needed anything done. Maybe I would "surprise" her when Dr came in for consult... READ MORE

Dr Richard Bloom is AMAZING!!! Please read on for anyone considering a body lift or corrective surgery. I had lost 50kg vis lap band surgery approx 10 years ago and had maintained my weight at approx 75kg since then. Like most people I was thrilled with the weight loss after trying every diet... READ MORE

Hi everyone.. This is my first post in my journey to the body I want. I have 4 kids and have battled my weight for almost 20 years. Over the last 2 years, I've lost over 80 lbs. I still have about 35 lbs left but the excess skin is the issue. I have talked with my husband and I have a goal of... READ MORE

Dr. John Renucci did a beautiful job taking away the sagging mid ruff skin and fat after weight loss. I am so happy with my new confident body. I later decided to have breast reduction. What a difference with my back pain and shoulder dents. I am so happy with my decision to consult with... READ MORE

This will, be My last surgery for now, to complete, my total Body make over...I am having, My hips, sucked, My entire back, lifted, & transformed, as well, as upper eye lids... all, extra, tucks, will be preformed, on this surgery By Dr.Richard Clark. Dr Clark has, totally transformed this mid... READ MORE

I decided to do a mid-back bra line lift after having a successful tummy tuck. Ater doing liposuction, my body was left with a lot of laxity and loose skin. My new tight tummy accentuated the loose skin on my mid back . . . so, once again I had a great experience with Dr. Michael Brucker. ... READ MORE

Hi all, I have been benefited by reading all the reviews here. I am planning on documenting my experience to pay it back. I am female, 42 yrs old, no pregnancies and I have been having weight issues all my life. I have lost over 130 lbs and I am now at about 170 lbs, 154 lbs is the lowest I... READ MORE

I want to see my hard work! i work out four times a week for three hours...i know my muscles are in there, i sure would like to see them and feel sexy..naked for a change. I cant afford to fix all the damage i did from years of obesity ..topping out at 354 but i can make a few changes and maybe... READ MORE

Hi all. I've wanted a BBL since losing 143 pounds but now at 5'7 124 pounds I've decided that it's perhaps best that I have a tummy tuck and medial thigh lift to rid myself of the excess skin. I want both done at the same time. I want extreme results. I'm hoping for very smooth thighs and... READ MORE

I think this procedure has done the most to improve my body. The results were absolutely fabulous. I had loose skin from having children and weight loss. I was really nervous about this procedure because I knew it was a big one. However, as it turned out it was nearly as severe as I thought.... READ MORE

The staffs are very nice and sweet, but they make me wait for so long. Dr. S. Is Very confident that he will make my body to a glass shape. Hope I choose the right surgeon. I'm still searching for the right surgeon. For the financing, they offer credit care. Anyone who can't affort one time, you... READ MORE

Had a lower body lift done by Dr Kayastha (K Plastic Surgery) who came recommended by ellis barriatric. Pleasantly surprised that the pain I endured was so minimal and at 2 weeks post I feel wonderful already. I must admit after reading so much from others on Real self I expected it to be worse... READ MORE

I am a realist so I know this surgery will not make me Orc by no means. I have not reach my final weight goal but my stomach is get in in my way of doing physical activities. At this point in my life after carrying around so much extra weight and at my age I want to do so much more and enjoy... READ MORE

New here. I hope I did this right.... and today I made the decision to have a TT, BB, & breast work done... I have 3 children.... that speaks for itself on the areas where my body needs attention.... My abdomen, breast and behind..... (long overdue) After researching on all Social Media sites,... READ MORE

I can tell you I'm afraid. I've lost 110 pounds in the last 2 years. I am a 60 year old female. I'm going in for the full body lift 10/21 and the breast aug approximately 6 weeks later. I look at the photos and am so impressed. I have planned to take off 2 weeks. Everyone says I'm being overly... READ MORE

Hello All, Just wanted to write a quick note to start recording my experiences. I'm 33 and recently lost 100 POUNDS. I've been thinking of this for quite some time (the TT and BBL) and Im finally transitioning from stalking this site to taking action. I'll be doing some consultations later... READ MORE

I was left with a lot of excess skin, especially around my lower hip/upper outer thigh area, to the point where I felt deformed. At my first consultation, Dr. Renucci asked me what bothers me the most. He recommended a circumferential lower body lift with abdominoplasty. When he lifted and... READ MORE

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