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A body lift combines various procedures — typically a butt lift, thigh lift, and tummy tuck — to remove or improve loose skin. Think of the kind of surgery that happens after dramatic weight loss leaves sagging skin behind. LEARN MORE ›

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When I had my weight loss surgery back in July 2011 I knew that excess skin was going to be a part of my journey. I tried creams and wraps but nothing was going to help my skin that had been stretched out for over 20 years. I first met Dr Katzen at the WLSFA Meet & Great in Las Vegas in 2012. I... READ MORE

My name is Jacki and I had the RNY gastric bypass 4.5 years ago. I went from 365lbs. down to 230lbs. Even though I was so happy with my results, nothing prepared me for how much excess skin, fat, and tissue I would still have. I was heartbroken because I had done all of this hard work to lose... READ MORE

I had my belt lipectomy surgery with Dr. Luis suarez on march 10,2014 in tijuana mexico and am so happy with the results even though its my 13 day today i can see a huge difference . It isnt as painfull as i thought it would be. I am so empressed with my surgeons work he did an amazing job i... READ MORE

Dr. Agha is a true artist. After losing 200 lbs, my naked body resembled a shar pei. I was happy about losing the weight, but not so thrilled with all of the loose skin. So I decided to undergo PS to have it removed. I met with three different surgeons in the greater la/oc area, and decided... READ MORE

I am a 48 year old 5'6" male that led a fairly sedative life style coupled with terrible eating habits for most of my adult life. About 7 years ago I saw a picture of myself at my heaviest which was 230 pounds, and could not believe how large I had allowed myself to get. Through college I was... READ MORE

After loosing 20 lbs after second pregnancy and especially lipo on my back area, my back looks very bulgy & uneven caused by loose skin. I had a full TT done in 2011 with lipo and now I am ready to have this procedure done to make my body look proportioned. I hate it that I still have to worry... READ MORE

Just got my date. I can't believe I am actually doing this in a little over a month. I am scared to do so much at once but I am praying for the best. I've seen photos and spoken to his patients and the results are just amazing. I've been wanting this for so long and I am finally doing it. I... READ MORE

Two children , major weight gains, then massive weight loss, I was left with sagging, baggy skin and drooping, deflated breasts. I work out 6 days a week and the bagging skin hides all my hard work. I felt I was still in a fat suit. That obscured my self perception and diminished my gains. So... READ MORE

Life after losing a hundred fifty pounds with a vertical sleeve gastrectomy left me with lots of excess skin. Before I had my vertical sleeve I knew I would have skin. I had no idea how bad it would be and how it would make me feel. I had just lost 150 pounds and felt like a failure, I could not... READ MORE

I lost 350+ pounds after a gastric bypass, and needed to find a surgeon with the training, experience, and skills I needed. I actually talked with several surgeons in the states, but none seemed to know exactly how to attack the massive amount of skin i had remaining. Not only that, but the... READ MORE

I am a 25 year old white American male, 5'11 (180 cm) tall. My weight sea-sawed my entire life. I finally maxed out at 17 (2005), weighing in around 310 lbs. I pushed myself and got down to around 250 lbs by the time I got to college, then I gained back another 15 to reach 265 lbs in 2009. My... READ MORE

I am so happy with my new body. I got a lower body lift, arm lift, small thigh lift and breast lift with augmentation. I look Fantastic! I am so happy with everything. I lost 100+ pounds in 2011/12 and had a lot of loose skin. Dr. Sauceda fixed it all and I look like I did when I was in... READ MORE

During high school I lost about 130 lbs through diet and exercise and was left with some excess skin around my waist as well as on my chest. I tried a bunch of different things and waited about a year and a half hoping that the skin would shrink back on it's own but of course it didn't. In... READ MORE

I had talked to Dr. Timothy Katzen numours of times & he was very reassuring that he could give me a good outcome. Even though I had some MAJOR complications (which was NOT his fault), He saws & still is there even today!!! I am going to be going back to Dr. Katzen hopefully sometime this Spring... READ MORE

I woke up one morning and looked at myself in the mirror and thought I bet if all this skin wasn't on my stomach I may actually see results from the gym. That day I decided its time to talk to Dr Calobrace about getting something done. After speaking with him I realized why I was so miserable... READ MORE

I had gastric bypass surgery in 2008 I in Tijuana MX by Dr Liza Pompa, and highly recommend her she owns the Limarp Surgery Unit. After my surgery I lost so much weight that I had loose skin that I hated to look at, so I decided to have a body lift. I went back to Mexico and had Dr Carlos... READ MORE

I was obese and lost over 100 pounds and had a lot of excess skin hanging from both of my thighs and waist, as well as other areas of my body. I had other surgical procedures done by two different doctors in Albuquerque, New Mexico but was not pleased with the results and decided that I needed... READ MORE

I had an arm lift and upper body lift done on December 10th. My surgeon used glue instead of steristrips. I have had some complications with blood flow which is causing necrotic or dead skin on the incision line on my back. I'm unsure of what to look for in order to know if I'm healing... READ MORE

I few in for the surgery (5-1/2 hour flight) and stayed at a recovery center for 3 nights. That was the best move ever! The nurses there took care of the IV, drain & catheter readings, meals (had to get that protein), helping me get up and walk and elevating my feet. After being released from... READ MORE

The Right Doctor I choose Dr. Beck because of his excellent bedside manner, depth of experience and strong desire for the best outcome for his patients (I lost 100+ pounds). He was the first surgeon that I consulted with and I had appointments with two others in the next four weeks. After... READ MORE

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