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Belotero is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable filler, much like Juvederm or Restylane. FDA approved in 2011, the gel is said to temporarily add volume to the skin and give a smoother appearance.
Average Price: $575

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I'm a fair skinned 38 year old Caucasian. I have always had issues with my "tired" eyes. My doctor recommended Belotero to fill the hollows in my eyes. He also recommended fillers on my cheekbones for a lift, but I declined. The doctor did the procedure fairly quickly. I had a stress bell... READ MORE

Have these unsightly lines above upper lip and they are getting worse I am 64 yrs young and just want to do what I can with minimal procedures Read about this filler in Docs office and he suggested I try The pain of the needles actually brought tears to my eyes! I had Perlane injected awhile... READ MORE

I've always looked younger but when I turned 40 last year I woke up looking tired and no matter how much sleep I got, how I ate, or what eye cream I used the dark circles would not go away. I had belotero injected under my eyes and i love it. I look like me again. I wish I would have got this as... READ MORE

It all started with a fall....I bruised my upper lip and noticed how much better my lip lines looked with a swollen "fat" lip. My lip lines actually disappeared. I was never a smoker but I have a bad habit of pursing my lips. This caused three deep vertical lines that were starting to really... READ MORE

I was seen at my appointment time! Unheard of in a medical office. I'm used to waiting 1/2 hr or more, so that was off to a great start. Dr. Fabi's nurse Marie is very nice, friendly and welcoming yet still professional. Dr. Fabi is soooo nice. She is so attentive and listens to your needs. I... READ MORE

This procedure has changed my life. A combination of this new superficial filler and Botox has erased any sign of those glabellar lines and has give me a brighter future. My mother had such deep forehead lines and when the Botox alone didn't work I was headed for that fate. Dr.Epstein to the... READ MORE

Works great for me. One bruise. Love it, because I was too thin skinned and hollow for other fillers. It made an AMAZING difference on my face. I bruise easily. Paula has 6 years experience in this type of field. I wanted initially to drive an hour away for the blunt micro needle, to avoid... READ MORE

I always wanted to get rid of the bags under my eyes I got them of a young age is hereditary, so I got two different consultation and both doctors recommended fillers I got BELOTERO and Juvederm for the cheeks. I didn't feel pain witch it is a good thing it was a little weird to see it at first... READ MORE

Have wanted my lips done or ages. Have researched a whole bunch and came across a lady called Sharon Stanley, RGN NIP . She is amazing! I originally wanted Juvederm as that is what I had heard of the most but she uses Balotero which she assured me Was just as good. She has a grey bedside manner... READ MORE

I've been reading reviews of procedures on real self for years but finally decided to join so I could share my experience and pics. I'm 37 and I think my skin looks pretty good overall, people seem to be surprised by my age and think I'm younger. But the one thing that has always bothered me are... READ MORE

I just got Belotero yesterday in my tear trough area. I am a bruiser so expected to bruise and I did (Dr also warned that I would most likely leave bruised & swollen). The left eye (my right) looked amazing immediately but it is hard to tell on the right side (my left) as there was a lot of... READ MORE

Going today for Belotero filler to help with my eye hollows. I've always had darkness under my eyes. Now at 48, I've found that even the best concealers don't hide the hollows. My doc is going to fill in the area around the fat pads. He will only use Belotero for under eye troughs (or surgery!).... READ MORE

Wanted to have a filler that would fill some deep line in my cheeks . I actually wanted Voluma but the Dr. talked me out of that filler telling me Belotero was cheaper and would do what I wanted it to do. As he was injecting he told me he hit a blood vessel in the cheek area and that I would... READ MORE

I am early 40s and have slight sunken area around eye orbit bone that ages me. It is very slight but I want to smooth the area creating a more youthful soft eye area. The thin skin of this area makes filler choice and injection very important so as not to show through or create discoloration or... READ MORE

After meeting with a well known facial plastic surgeon , I decided to go ahead with her recommendation of having Belotero injected under my eyes to help minimize the aging hollows, as opposed to getting a lower blepharoplasty. I purchased one vial of Belotero. She only used about 30% of the... READ MORE

I was getting very upset seeing a lot of shadowing and fine lines under my eyes (orbital area). I saw a loss of volume, and my skin didn't seem as taut. I went to see what could be done. The Dr recommended Belotero injected under the eyes. The injections were very uncomfortable and painful. The... READ MORE

I am 56 years old and lately very bothered by the indentations and lines around my mouth. I have had some cheek enhancement and was happy with that. The place I went to suggested Belotero for the mouth area. Unfortunately they neglected to remind me that I should not take aspirin for about a... READ MORE

I have deep lines on the edges of my mouth commonly referred to as marionette lines. One is so deep that it is constantly chapped and drinking liquids leak from it. My PCP referred me to a dermatologist for possible collagen inj to the site to plump it up. The dermatologist insisted this... READ MORE

This was recommended by my Botox Dr. Had this done on Saturday it's now Tuesday. I love it but one eye has a small lump. So I'm not sure really it I'm totally happy with it. Once the bruising as gone I can tell I guess. Keep you updated. I would go for it if you have tired eyes not for dark... READ MORE

Just like everyone else I decided to see if I could do something for my constant dark deep under eye circles. I don't want to have surgery because I'm afraid of a surgery to go bad. Went to a doctor in Arlington Heights IL AH aesthetics it's called. The injections were painless and I had no... READ MORE

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