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Belotero is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable filler, much like Juvederm or Restylane. FDA approved in 2011, the gel is said to temporarily add volume to the skin and give a smoother appearance.

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I tried this procedure at Spa Black by Dr.Jeneby, after reading about it in More Magazine. It turned out great! And I had no bruising. It helped that I applied ice before and after the procedure, I think that was important, as this filler tends to leave bruising. This photo was taken about 8... READ MORE

Belotero was administered in order to normalize my nose after a major, reconstructive rhinoplasty. Goals: -"re-fill" the right supra tip -augment the left lateral -disguise the left nasal bone Effect (with less than half 1 mL): -The right supra tip was improved frontally -The... READ MORE

I have dark circles under my eyes and have wanted to get rid of them for a while now. I think that there is already a significant difference that I am happy with. There was a little pain but the doctor put numbing cream on to help. I also have had Botox with the Ageless center and am happy... READ MORE

I had an excellent experience with this injection. It was scary having an injection under the eye but the results are beautiful. No bruising and my face looks better. Gave me confidence. I also got botox and juvederm done at the same time. The Belotero was the last injection performed and it... READ MORE

Consult with Dr. Goco went very well . He took his time to explain what to expect from the filler.. Im 1 month since being injected and I'm very pleased.. Dr.Goco staff are all very professional and assisted with any questions I may have had. I will definitely be a regular ongoing patient.. Dr... READ MORE

I have had bags under my eyes for about 6 years. I've tried a lot of over the counter treatments. I've even done needling too. So after all Of these things failed, I decided I would try a filler. I researched quite a bit before choosing dr Linnell. I was scared and ready to walk out of the... READ MORE

I'm glad I finally did this. I'd been noticing hollow under eyes and bags for a couple of years and I was feeling tired looking and down about it. It was all I could see when I looked in the mirror. Sad to say, I was obsessing over it. The procedure was easy. They numbed my face with a cream... READ MORE

I was feeling brave having been happy with my previous injectable experience in regard to my chin and my dark under eye area has always bothered me so I asked what they could do. They told me belotero was the thinnest of the fillers and safest to use under the eye. $575.00 bucks later I have to... READ MORE

The hollowness under my eyes has always bothered me. I have gotten restalyne in the past and loved the results, however I was told belotero would be a better option and so I tried it. Such a mistake! My under eyelids immediately became swollen and bruised. The bruising is going away but the... READ MORE

I'm not sure if this is normal. I have had restylane under my eyes before with great results. I went to a new spa and tried belotera for the first time. My eyes immediately swelled, blackened, and I look like disfigured. The dI tie has asked me to wait an additional 2 weeks before she will do... READ MORE

Today January23 2015 I visited Dr. Romero in Dix Hills New York for the first time. I was immediately pleased with his clean and office and kind office staff. Upon meeting Dr. Romero he was very kind and extremely honest.... He answered many of my questions and concerns in great detail. One... READ MORE

It all started with a fall....I bruised my upper lip and noticed how much better my lip lines looked with a swollen "fat" lip. My lip lines actually disappeared. I was never a smoker but I have a bad habit of pursing my lips. This caused three deep vertical lines that were starting to really... READ MORE

I have fine lines all around my mouth and wanted them smoothed out. When I went to the office, the staff were very friendly and flexible with my schedule because I had to change the date I was going to do it. They were having a special on fillers so that was great. . The Dr. even let me come... READ MORE

Going today for Belotero filler to help with my eye hollows. I've always had darkness under my eyes. Now at 48, I've found that even the best concealers don't hide the hollows. My doc is going to fill in the area around the fat pads. He will only use Belotero for under eye troughs (or surgery!).... READ MORE

Had small eye bags since I was 16 years old. After a while I just acepted the fact that they were a part of me. But after 3 years of law school, my eyes looked so tired look tired (and I really was tired), it made me depressed. I wanted to give myself a graduation gift and decided to get tear... READ MORE

I've hated my under eye area for years. I first visited a cosmetic surgeon when I was 18 to discuss options to address the loss of volume, but I was too afraid to move forward with treatment. I spent the next 10 YEARS researching, and reading reviews. Finally, I decided to take the plunge to fix... READ MORE

A small needle prick was made in each hand and a small cannula was inserted through the hole. Filler (Belotero) was injected into my hands through the cannula which was slowly moved around under my skin. The procedure was not painful and did not take a long time. My hands immediately looked... READ MORE

I'm a fair skinned 38 year old Caucasian. I have always had issues with my "tired" eyes. My doctor recommended Belotero to fill the hollows in my eyes. He also recommended fillers on my cheekbones for a lift, but I declined. The doctor did the procedure fairly quickly. I had a stress bell... READ MORE

Have these unsightly lines above upper lip and they are getting worse I am 64 yrs young and just want to do what I can with minimal procedures Read about this filler in Docs office and he suggested I try The pain of the needles actually brought tears to my eyes! I had Perlane injected awhile... READ MORE

I was seen at my appointment time! Unheard of in a medical office. I'm used to waiting 1/2 hr or more, so that was off to a great start. Dr. Fabi's nurse Marie is very nice, friendly and welcoming yet still professional. Dr. Fabi is soooo nice. She is so attentive and listens to your needs. I... READ MORE

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