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Artefill is an FDA-approved, collagen-based filler used to correct the appearance of smile lines. The product was rebranded in December 2014 and now goes by the name Bellafill. As of January 2015, the injection can also be used to treat pitted acne scars on the cheeks. 
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I had two vials injected 11 days ago. Immediately after, I thought I saw some improvement, even though not optimal. But since the swelling and bruising have subsided, my lines look exactly the same as before. While I expected improvement over time, I also thought there would be at least some... READ MORE

I got Artefill done while I was living in Mexico, teaching English to children. I am only 24 years old, but my face was badly misshapen due to years of corticosteroid therapy. After being off of the corticosteroids for 3 years and my face still not returning to normal I decided to do something... READ MORE

My biggest "concern" for years has been my under eye bags, which just kept getting lower and more prominent. I have had several consultations for surgery and thought that was the way to go. However, one surgeon had advised me as Dr. K also did in my consultation: "Don't remove... READ MORE

I am a man...still don't want to age or show my aging more than necessary, but I am not willing to go in multiple times a year for a 'botox-like' procedure, so I opted for Artefill. It gives you amazing results with only one or two applications and does an amazing job of filling in... READ MORE

Yesterday, I had touch-up done of an originally performed Artefill procedure two years ago. This is a permanent filler, that in the hands of an artistic Doctor gives amazing results. An obvious application is in the nasal labial folds, howdy doody lines :) that deepened as I got older. However... READ MORE

My lips were begining to thin so i decided to have a lip augmentation, i had Articol injections 6 years was to big from the beginnig but i thought it will disolve - my doc didnt tell me that it was permanent. so is there any way to remove it somehow or may be there is some other... READ MORE

I had my laugh lines injected with Artefill. The injectable moved below where it was actually injected. The injection lasted right at a year & now it is completely gone & I am back to old sunken wrinkles.The Artefill brochure stated the treatment wouldlast 10 yrs but the Dr's Office... READ MORE

In September of 2007 it was recommended to me that I enhance my cheek and under-eye area with Artefill. I was told that it would give my face a lift, plump it up and create a more youthful appearance. The first thing I noticed after the injections was, that my lower eye area looked more... READ MORE

I had Artefill in December of 2008.  Two syringes in the nasolabial folds, more in the right side than left.  I am very happy with the results.  I noticed immediate improvement, with slightly more over the next three months.  I have not had any adverse reactions and the... READ MORE

MY PS office South Florida center, was having a special for $600 a syringe so i bought 3.They injected my Mental fold 3 weeks ago and just had it injected again today, they went conservative, they did 1.5 syringes. Today they injected .5 and also did my nasal folds. This stuff is awesome,... READ MORE

I had my secind treatment of Artefill today and I am so happy I did it! The product is awesome and truly looks and feels so natural.I had juvederm 1 year ago and it only lasted 6-7 months and that was my 1st injection of any filler. Instead of doing it again and throwing my money out of the... READ MORE

I've had 3 injections of artefill. I was told my skin would absove the subtance within a month. My skin absoved the 1st filler in about 4 days. But with the first injection I did see my smile lines dissapear at least for those 4 days. I was very satisfied.Then on the 2nd injection, I had some... READ MORE

I was hoping to improve my tired looking eyes. I felt I need some "fat" around my eye area especially lower eyelid area. But after the injection, I got bumps under my eyes.I had artecoll injection at my lower eyelid area in China 2 years ago. There are lumps underneath my eyes now. Is... READ MORE

Absolutely loved artefill for under eye hollows and lip wrinkles. Relatively painless, immediate results and it's lastewwd more than a year.Would definitely do again if it were available. READ MORE

The process wasn't very long, not very painful and the rewards are great. The effect is subtle as it creeps up over months, and no one realizes that you've hand anything done, you just start getting compliments about how you look. It can be pricey, but it lasts longer than the other fillers so... READ MORE

I did this after i noticed my laugh line being more pronounced and i thought it would be great to remove them, the doctor i think injected outside the actual lines so now the lines are more pronounced. I hate my results 'cause not only that but i have lumps where they injected.I am hoping... READ MORE

I had arte fill injected into the "hollows" of my face. It took 4 syringes. Once the swelling went down (a couple of days) It looks great. Glad I did it. I had 1 and a half syringes injected into the lines around my mouth. Lines are better, but still visible. READ MORE

I am a 64 year old male who underwent Artefill injections one year ago. The doctor injected two syringes, 0.8cc each. Discomfort was minor with little or no swelling or bruising. The improvement was less than I had hoped for. It reduced the depth of the folds about 50%. In hindsight, I... READ MORE

I suffered nearly a year ago from a burn trauma that caused tissue  loss around my mouth. i heard artefill was permanent and thought hey....this is for me! WRONG. I wish i had never done this. the physician did NOT take his time ( he did it in about ten minutes) and it completely threw the... READ MORE

I had ArteFill injection on my nasolibals on mid May. I don't see any improvements at all. Is it too early to see improvments or there is something wrong? I tried to go back and talk to the doctor but it is almost impossible!! when I call the office to make appointment they answer the phone and... READ MORE

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