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Artefill is an FDA-approved, collagen-based filler used to correct the appearance of smile lines. The product was rebranded in December 2014 and now goes by the name Bellafill. As of January 2015, the injection can also be used to treat pitted acne scars on the cheeks. 
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I had 2 syringes of artefill in my lips 3 weeks ago. I was looking to get bigger lips as i have done all the injectables and wanted something permanent. Once the swelling went down so did my lips. Have been told to give it time but at the moment not pleased that my lips didn't stay big,,, not... READ MORE

When I saw that my doctor was injecting a long lasting filler - I was both intrigued and skeptical. I was enthused with the fact that the filler was longer lasting than the others out on the market and I didn't have keep coming back every year or so. I am 43 and have wrinkles around the eyes... READ MORE

I have not written my review of Dr. Naficy before, even though he injected me over one year ago because I was just so angry I knew I was not going to be fair. Now I can do this: I have been a regular user of dermal fillers and have had several plastic surgeries for the last four years. None of... READ MORE

.24 ccs in three 0.8 cc syringes in upper cheeks to pull up bilateral sag. My physician's office injectors are well studied and experienced nurses, although Kathy is the only RN that I have inject me. I go for regular botox, but needed some filling in. I bodybuild some and am very athletic and... READ MORE

I used thus around my nasal folds and it works great. I have used tons of other fillers in this area and none last longer then 4 months! it's been at least 8 months since I had it and looks great! READ MORE

I had Artefill injections in Canada (2004,2005,2006) and had a good experience. .No problems to date. READ MORE

Basicly after trying other filler for several years I decided to try some permanent ways to inmprove my face volume. The first day i tryed i had a big swelling but was almost gone next day and completely gone after few days. The results were not bad however after all swelling was completely... READ MORE

To feel better about my looks. I went to see Dr. Mabrie because I felt I was beginning to look angry and tired.  I showed him my areas of concern and asked what he suggested.  He recommended fillers under my eyes (which I expected) and augmenting my chin (which took me by surprise)... READ MORE

I had 1/2 syringe of Artifill injected under each eye four weeks ago. Immediately after the procedure, I could see that my skin was raised under my left eye in the tear trough area. The aesthetician said that it would go away, and it is still there, same size! It is 7/8" long by 1/2"... READ MORE

I just had 8 vials of Artefill and not only do I not see much improvement, I have 4 hard lumps above my upper lip where I had injections and this is very upsetting. Can anyone help me? Thanks. READ MORE

WOW! - I have to say that my experience in Denver, Colorado at ( Plastic Surgery office ) was the complete opposite of what "T in Texas" experienced!! I am in my late 40's and have done Botox, Restylane and Juvederm for years and have spent thousands of dollars so I wanted to... READ MORE

I went to have Artefill Nose Job first with Restylan which looked great but by the time the injection site bruising and swelling went away to be comfortable in public, it was time for another injection to start the whole process over again. So that lead me to want permanent results and went with... READ MORE

After being told I would need 3 injections for $2850 to fill 2 marionette lines, and having them done, I was then told I would need 2 more for another $1900. After my lower face turned an ink colored blue for 2 weeks, and once the swelling went down....THERE WAS NO DIFFERENCE. I never went... READ MORE

I have had an amazing experience with Artefill. Unlike other products which cause severe brusing and swelling I left the doctors office looking great and feeling great! I was able to go out after appointment and meet with customers. This product is amazing and I am thrilled with the results. I... READ MORE

I had Artifill injected just above my upper lip to remove the vertical lines in 2000.. In 2002 I had my first bout with it flaring up. Since then every 2 years like clockwork, I develop granulomas and this current time, we are having a very difficult time getting it under control. Currently... READ MORE

I had a face lift 2 years ago but still needed some fullness in my cheek area and filler in and around my mouth. My experience was 100% satisfactory, no pain and the results are exactly what I was hoping for. Very professional office and my doctor was a "true artist'! Had lip... READ MORE

I decided to go through with this procedure because I had previously thought about surgical rhinoplasty and did not think that non-surgical procedures were possible. To my surprise, Artefill really made a natrual enhancement to my nose. No pain and no downtime at all! Hope that helps. :) READ MORE

It filled in my nasal folds and helped restore a smooth jaw line. Plus, it lasts longer than any other filler so I won't have to go in all the time, which is great for someone who is needle phobic! READ MORE

I don't feel old inside, so why should I look old outside! Started to go to her clinic a few years ago. My daughter was getting married and I dreaded the obligatory photos. After Juvederm, Radisse, botox, and some laser treatments I couldn't wait for the photographer! The results are... READ MORE

I was part of the clinical trial study for artefill in november 2007, had to have 2 treatments, i am in need of a little touch up. it has lasted almost 4 years and i had no problems with it. READ MORE

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