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Acne (zits, pimples, etc.) can range from mild to severe and can be treated with everything from over-the-counter medication, to prescription drugs, to specialized surgeryLEARN MORE ›
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Hi everybody. I would like to share with you me ,,acne experience" :/ I'm 29 years old. For last 2 years my skin get so so bad. I try everything. All kind of products, good few specialist. I spent fortune! And wasn't worth it! Nothing helps me. I actually had no face. It was for me very... READ MORE

I have been to Connellys Linwood office about 15 times in 3 years and have never met the doctor in person. I have met all of his PA's and his rude front desk staff. My face is all scarred from the cortisone injections/treatment I have received at this office. I would go there to get cortisone... READ MORE

I am a 26 year old female and I began taking Spironolactone to treat adult acne. I started noticing results after only 2 weeks. After 3 weeks my face was completely clear! I was extremely happy with these results and for the first time in 10+ years I felt good without make-up on. Unfortunately,... READ MORE

I had very bad breakouts on my shoulders and hyper pigmentation. So far I've gotten 2 treatments, one was a chemical peel and the other a deep back cleansing. The results have been amazing because my skin has cleared up tremendously! I'm not done with my treatment yet but it's great to see that... READ MORE

I started coming to Synergi this past fall for acne concerns. I live far away so I cannot come in on regular basis. They had me use their glycolic wash and the clarisonic. My skin has never looked better. I am so happy with how easy it has been and how nice they all are If you are struggling... READ MORE

The best $150 I have ever spent. I have had a bad acne which seems to resist to any treatment until I was prescribed Benzaclin .Thank you Dr Katz. This review I did it to highlight my experience at Dr Katz office where everyone was really nice and the knowledge of the dr. After he analyzed... READ MORE

I decided to go to the dermatologist for acne that I have been dealing with since I was a teenager. I am 28 now and I'm still dealing with it. I always acne on my face especially on my cheeks and it gets worse before my period. I usually try covering it up with makeup. I was using murad acne... READ MORE

I researched and practiced all the skin care science I could find for about over a year. After about 6 months in to all this research and practice, I started to develop severe hormonal acne for the first time in my life due to health issues. I tried every method from inexpensive to a very high... READ MORE

Dr. Kronberg is very nice and knowledgeable. She also runs on time which is a big plus, I have had issues with adult acne and she has a laser called NLite which has done wonders for me. In a few sessions my skin cleared up. It's been a year and I am just now needing a few maintenance sessions.... READ MORE

I had bad skin for years. I absolutely hated it and tried all over the counter products and many doctors. I even tried low dosage antibiotics for years. DON'T DO IT. It messed me up more. What finally helped me was an acne site. I followed the instructions EXACTLY. I took the supplements... READ MORE

I was coming out with a big bump on my face nov 4-5, i tried a well known brand cream that did nothing----i got a sample of tepezcohuite cream from asdm beverly hills, and began using, by end of day 50 percent of pimple was reduced, kept dabbing on the next day and pimple is 98 percent... READ MORE

I was very dis heart as i was suffering from sever acne & melasma problem & have tried many dermatologist.but even my skin was getting more worst, then i visit an FB page of Dr. khawar nazeer i found that like a hope, i set an appointment with Dr. Khawar Nazeer & started my treatment just after... READ MORE

I had scars from previous acne, with little to no pimples on my face. Dr Natasha Sandy, advised that I go through a set of Chemical Peel, which involved 3 peels in all. She also prescribed multiple topical products including antibiotics. One thing she kept promising was that after each peel, I... READ MORE

It seems like I have battled acne since I was 16 years old, now I am 26, so a good ten years now (confined to my jaw and chin).I remember breaking out pretty bad as a freshman in High school but then I went on birth control and while I was on it, I don't really remember having any acne. Maybe a... READ MORE

When I claim that I have suffered from acne for 15 years (I'm 22), people often thing that I'm exaggerating. And sure, there have been times when my skin has seemed pretty great (a year long romance with Acutane that ended with nearly every side affect listed), but I promise I'm telling the... READ MORE

I have gone through every medication you can think of, topical and oral. Nothing has worked. Perhaps this is because my dermatologist could really careless about my skin. He only prescribes the medicine that gives him the best kickbacks from companies. He always forgot about me and my condition... READ MORE

My skin complexion has always been one of the hardest emotional struggles in my life. It was hard enough in high school but when I got to my freshman year in college where first impressions are merely skin deep, my life went spiraling into a depressed state filled with insecurity. For years my... READ MORE

I am a very healthy eater and overall in very good shape but my entire life I suffered with embarassing acne and I could not figure out what was wrong. I am fair skinned and get very red acne so it was always so obvious. Then at 28 when I had some major stress in my life, I broke out horriby on... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I have to say first that it's so refreshing, uplifting and inspiring to hear that I am not alone in this enigma called adult acne. Mine is of the cystic nature. Not one I ever had to deal with as a teenager or even young adult. But low and behold the 30's came and so did ugly,... READ MORE

I am 28. My acne disappears when I tan. I have recently quit tanning because of the side effects and decided acne over cancer is better. So I opted for the Blu you treatment. Step one: steam facial Step two: topical treatment Step three: Blu light therapy Step four: fermentated... READ MORE

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