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Everybody’s had a zit and everybody’s wanted it zapped. Acne treatment ranges from prescription medication to surgery. And that doesn’t even begin to cover all the ways to treat acne scarsLEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Laris PA Elizabeth Walter is amazing! She got rid of all my acne in less then 2 months! & my acne was severe, I had cysts! She did such a good job getting rid of it & my scaring is hardly noticeable & im still in treatment for it and I haven't even been attending her for 1 year... READ MORE

I'm 23 years old and NEVER had acne a day in my life. After having my first daughter and getting an IUC, my face suffered from severe cystic acne that was almost painful. I had tried Differin Gel in many different strengths, chemical peels, "acne facials", Pro Activ, an just about every... READ MORE

Pros: IT FRIKIN WORKED I have what i consider VERY severe acne; but most acne sufferers would say that. I believe my acne runs in the family (great trait to pass on...not). I am one of the people who doesn't hang out with friends much because of acne. I don't get boyfriends because i am not... READ MORE

I have had skin issues since I was 16 (I am now 23) and I have literally tried everything. Over the counter products, prescription products, Proactive, laser, Accutane... tried it all. I have had two major breakouts in my life. Major meaning covering my face with cystic acne. When I was 17 I... READ MORE

I have been suffering from acne when I was 18. Those puss filled acne were all over my face. I could not attend the parties just because of those acne. I went for Ayurveda treatment for 6 months but did not find any relief. Then after I wave tried out home cures but they just weent for... READ MORE

I've had acne for about 8 years and the acne face peel finally helped to clear up my skin. Not only has the acne itself been reduced, but the scarring has also been lessened. The employees were very professional and helped me get through the process quickly and smoothly. Furthermore, they were... READ MORE

Adult acne hit me in my late 30s. A friend recommended Dr. Kellett to me when my acne was getting out of control and affecting me socially. My first appoint with Dr. Kellett was in December 2014. She made me feel at ease from the moment she walked in. She did a detail assessment and made... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Mandy;s office on Tuesday because i was getting black spots on my face due to acne. Once there, the receptionists were very welcoming and helped me filling all the paper work. They gave me two injections with antibiotics that were suppose to help me cure the black spots; and they... READ MORE

I had been suffering with adult acne and started getting cystic acne just prior to my visit. I was on a work trip when yet another cystic problem occurred and I had had enough with struggling to keep my skin clear. I tried countless products and never saw improvement. My life seemed to be... READ MORE

I was buying osmosis products from Dr Drielsma for my acne and pigmentation. They put me onto another cheaper range that they said was the same only made in Australia. It was horrible on my skin and nothing like osmosis. I now buy osmosis at another clinic. They need to be honest. I spent money... READ MORE

I was suggested to take up chemical peels for both my back and face which were severely affected by acne. I could start seeing a difference right from the second sitting. The treatment is customized for every individual as per his/her reaction to the previous sitting which is an excellent thing.... READ MORE

I struggled with acne since high school and my early college days. It was borderline cystic acne that left very bad scarring. I had reached the point of desperation after my topicals were beginning to plateau during a rough breakout. After researching about acne laser treatments that were said... READ MORE

I suffer from hyperpigmentation and acne prone skin. I originally scheduled an appointment for a chemical peel but after having a consultation with Cindy, the aesthetician I decided to try the micro-abrasion that was suggested. The procedure last about 45 minutes and Cindy was very gentle. I... READ MORE

Great skin care products and services at the spa. Also quick and painless freezing of the ugly brown spots on my face. I have referred Dr. Rueckl to my family for skin cancer on my mothers ear, wort removal on my brother and mole removal on my husband, as well to my friends and co-workers. ... READ MORE

This is not a question, but i have discovered the best treatment for acne. I am 20 years old and i have always suffered with this on my face, arms and back since i was about 14. It made me so unhappy for such a long time and i'm sharing this so it can help many more people like myself! It's... READ MORE

I was seen by Dr Sara Lohser for an acne follow up for the first time. Dr Lohser lacked bedside manner and compassion, appeared defensive, and was not sensitive to the needs of the patient. This was not a good first impression and would not recommend her as a dermatologist as her quality of care... READ MORE

My mom made an appointment here for me. Friendly atmosphere. Little wait time. BUT Dr negrete reassured my mom I did not have the type on acne that will scar but that I do need an $800 topical prescription. 1 year later, I have horrendous scars and $800 wasted on a "necessary" gel that did not... READ MORE

Dr Lim from Westside Dermatology is about what I regard as the most important thing in the medical profession - results. This focus, combined with exemplary talents in his field, are exactly what he achieves. Having had acne for all my adult life I came to Dr Lim in despair and desperation. I... READ MORE

I went to dr gold after recommendations that he is the best dermatologist in Dayton. I have been seeing derma since I was 12, and I am now 31. This was a horrible experience. I was new to Nashville so had to make appointment to get scripts etc. I asked for retin-a and hydraquinone which are easy... READ MORE

For the sake of full disclosure: I hate doctors. I generally do not trust them. However, my experience with Dr. Farnsworth was so positive, that here I am, months later, looking to find any place I can leave him a raving review. I absolutely recommend this doctor above all other derms I have... READ MORE

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