Acne Surgery

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Acne surgery is done by a dermatologist and usually involves drainage and extraction. It's not a substitute for acne medication, but it can reduce the chance of scarring. LEARN MORE ›
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Hi everyone, I had a Surgery on my Acne on Face. However, I think the doctor left an ugly scar on my face. Is been a month now, and it makes me look like a monster, I am so depressed, what should I do ? It s been 1 month now and seems it looks very red , but no hypertrophic scar, lucky! but it... READ MORE

I did this as a means to correct some shallow acne scars from the past. had done plenty of research prior to the procedure and knew what to expect. The result was disastrous. The dr tried to ease my nerves with some small talk that helped. The procedure itself was definitely a little painful but... READ MORE

I have had approximently four doctors over the last 20 years addressing my scarring. Two dermatoligist and two plastic surgeons, my best outcome was with the plastic surgeons, both of whom were exceptional, but as I stated before the approach that Dr. Lopez recommended doing multiple procedures... READ MORE

Worst service ever. Truly horrible. The doctor actually burned my skin and acted like it was no big deal. I had a scar for two months. He also prescribed the wrong medicine. On top of that, he tried to sell his own products. I felt like he was a used car salesman. All he cared about was... READ MORE

I have actually had two areas of concern addressed by Dr. Yang - acne scars and my eyes. I first saw Dr. Yang in February of 2014. I had made an appointment with him to receive subcision for acne scars. Before performing the procedure he spent well over an hour assessing the situation and... READ MORE

I was so happy with Dr. Ngo. I was told by another Dermotologist that they could not do this procedure because it was too close to my tear duct but Dr. Ngo said no problem. When she came towards my eye with a needle, I was very scared, but she told me I would not feel any pain and she was just... READ MORE

I wanted a natural way to fix my acne scars, and subcision uses the body's own blood to rebuild collagen and lift up depressed scars. I felt comfortable with Dr. Yang. He saw what I saw and did not make me feel like I was either too demanding or too nit-picky for wanting to improve acne... READ MORE

To improve minor acne scars on my cheeks. I was told it was a safe and minor procedure that did not change your skin or the way you looked, but only improved the quality of skin. READ MORE

I had a chicken pocks when I was 26 yo and it left 3 big scars on my face. I had an acne surgery to turn these depressed acne into the flat single line scars. I've done it twice. The scars still look depressed and the edges of the scars don’t want to stay together and creates the... READ MORE

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