Mommy makeover is usually a combination surgery of breast and tummy, abdomen. It depends on what your need is. It can be breast augmentation with tummy tuck or breast augmentation with a lift and tummy tuck or a breast reduction and tummy tuck.

So it depends on what that combination surgery is. I would say recovery will take about four to six weeks. For any kind of surgery I limit myself to about eight hours of surgery just because I don't want to expose a patient to too long of a surgery for the anesthesia and the exposure, you know, to surgical time.

As the name implies, mommy makeover candidates are usually moms who have babies. Oftentimes after having children, we have deflation of the breast, excess of abdominal skin, and stretched out muscles. So any woman who wants to have fuller, better shaped breasts and a tighter abdomen, better looking abdomen, I think they're a good candidate.

I think for any surgical procedure, including mommy makeover, you want to know, first of all, whether the plastic surgeon is qualified for performing the mommy makeover. And, you know, I would ask you to look at some before and after photos, and, you know, or to discuss what your expectation is. What size do you want to be in terms of the breast after the mommy makeover? What area bothers you the most? Is it the breasts? Is it tummy? Is it arms or legs?

I think it really depends on the patients.

Your Post-Pregnancy Body Deserves Some Love — The Mommy Makeover Can Help!

Dr. Sugene Kim explains how the Mommy Makeover — a combination surgery usually involving breast and tummy procedures — can help to restore a woman's body to its previous condition before pregnancy.